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Virtual Word Publishing / / 954
4025 /

From: Diana Ennen

Re: Publicity

Thank you for your interest in Virtual Word Publishing. I know we could do a tremendous job in
marketing together and I’m excited to talk further about this

In working with Virtual Word Publishing, we develop a marketing that fits your company’s individual
strengths and company goals. We constantly make sure that we look for new ways to market. The
personalized touch that Virtual Word Publishing

offers enables you to reach your market better and the
quality of our services and material we prepare helps to bring more exposure.

What I do is look at all we can do to get more exposure. From helping to prepare your media and
submitting articles a
nd press releases, to looking over your website and giving you ideas on getting more
traffic, it all works towards helping you get more publicity. We also have an extensive database already
of sites that can be of great benefit in targeting this market.

I’m attaching a sample proposal of some marketing that I do. What we find is that it is normally a
combination of many things that make it successful. The first few months normally do require more in
the way of time commitments to get everything rolling a
nd to also get an understanding of your needs. In
that time we prepare the press materials, do our target research, send out press to your targeted group,
look over your website to look for any improvements that might help in the publicity, etc.

I kn
ow I can make the difference in helping you achieve maximum exposure and look forward to
discussing this with you further. I can be reached at (954) 971

Virtual Word Publishing / / 954
4025 /


Research Target Market

Determine who we

want to target and how can we best approach them

Determine what methods of marketing will be most beneficial for your particular project.

Get familiar with your site so I know how best to market it.

Compose Media Kit

(If needed)

Marketing Letter




Questions and answers for media

Recommendations from others.


A Sales Sheet

The media kit is made available online in a PDF format and also for publication to the media.

Research Places to Submit our Press Releases / Media

Kit / Articles / Etc.

Newspapers / Radio Shows / TV Stations

Article Submission Places

Targeted Market Research That We Have Determined Through Research

Submit Press Release / Articles / All Media & Correspondence

Submission of all media to media ou
tlets and also to your target market as mentioned above.

Web Copy for Articles and Press Releases

Review your marketing materials and fine tune to get better keywords and make recommendations
on making a better press release or article. This proves very

beneficial to many.

Submit press to reporters looking for content.

I’m set up with PRNewswire. I get constant listings of reporters looking for material. I will
up on this and send you those leads so we can get included in magazines, newspapers,


Virtual Word Publishing / / 954
4025 /

Cooperative Marketing.

Connect you with other sites, online connections, etc. The type of site you have would be perfect
for this. I have several companies in mind now.

Obtain Advertisers / Affiliates

Work to find advertisers and affiliates w
ho will want to advertise on your site as well as add your
syndicated link to their site.

Website Review and Recommendations

Look over your website and offer recommendations on getting more sales and exposure

Keyword Search Analysis

Google Adword
s Campaign (optional)

Review your current google campaign and see if we can fine tune it and come up with more
potential hits.

Research & Submit Places for Button /Banner Ads

Research first / then submit button / banner / for inclusion on sites that wo
uld be interested in
your product

Listing on Virtual Word Publishing’s Website, Newsletter and blog

Featured your planner and workshops on the website with your bio, media kit, etc.

Listing in Newsletter

Virtual Word Publishing / / 954
4025 /



1660 Cathedral Drive, Margate, FL 33063 (954) 971
4025 / fax (954) 971



Virtual Word Publishing, Inc. 1985



Publishing and Virtual Assistant Business

Author of numerous books on starting a Vir
tual Assistant Business

Regular contributor to articles and monthly newsletters

Publicity and book marketing

Virtual assisting coach/mentor

Speaker at Red Deer College for their VA program

classes held online

Business start
up consulting

Marketing and

promotions of my own self
published and published books

Writing, editing of promotional materials including media kits, press releases,
publicity campaigns, ads, themes for promotional events

Transcription, legal and general. Typing speed 120 wpm.

net research for press release submissions / target market pinpointing,
Motivational expert for HBWM; PR representative for VAnetworking forum (a virtual
assisting forum): and mentor at


author of
Virtual Assistant

the Series, Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA


author Kelly Poelker (www.VA

Published Author,
Success from Home: The Word Processing Business


Adams Blake
Publishing (http://www.adams

Author of
Words From Home: Sta
rt, Run and Profit from a Home
Based Word
Processing Business (

Author of
Home Office Recovery Plan: The Disaster Preparedness Guide for Your
Home Business

author, Patty Gale


Author of Bizymoms Cookbook

author Kelly Poelker


Featured in numerous books and magazines including Business Week, Woman’s World,
Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, Margate Forum, Home Office Computing, and
books fro
m Liz Folger, Mompreneurs®, Lisa Roberts, Jan Melnik, Maria Bailey, etc.

Successfully operated a virtual assisting/word processing business since 1985.

Have been instrumental in helping Virtual Assistants and Word Processors start their
business by provid
ing personalized coaching and how to books.


Extensive writing experience having authored numerous books and articles

Exceptional marketing skills

Excellent speaker and gifted motivator


Paralegal Degree

Florida Atlantic Unive
rsity, Ft. Laud. FL


Medical /Business Courses

Columbus Technical Institute, Columbus, OH

Business Courses/ Software Classes / Online Training / Coaching with others to further my

Virtual Word Publishing / / 954
4025 /


June 15, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

Diana has

filled an important




my business ventures

since I met her a few years ago online.

She has had an enormous affect on increasing the sales of my book and in

helping me b
rand myself and promote
my businesses globally.

Definitely she is my #1 choice whenever I need publicity or promotion done for myself or
clients of mine.


Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS, CCVA

Certified Internet Marketing & Business Strategist

Virtual Word Publishing / / 954
4025 /

Diana and I have written four books together.

We have

been successfully marketing our book,
Virtual Assistant

The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA

four years. Our
marketing efforts h
ave resulted in sales from over a dozen Borders bookstores and online
bookstores such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

We have also succeeded in getting into universities and colleges including Red Deer College in
Canada and several community colleges across

the country, as well as Virtual Assistance U’s
online VA training facility. We are currently working on adding a new series book and also a

We also do speaking engagements together at Red Deer College.

Publicity and marketing is Diana's spe
cialty and she very qualified at this.

She helps write our
media releases, has given numerous radio interviews promoting our book, and continually looks
for new ways to market our book.

I recommend her highly for any publicity or marketing need.

st regards,

Kelly Poelker


Virtual Word Publishing / / 954
4025 /

To whom it may concern,

Diana Ennen is a very competent web site marketer whom I highly recommend. I have known Diana for
almost four years through professional online

business organizations, and have yet to be anything less
than awed by her level of competency and ability to go the extra mile when working with my business.
She never gives up, and always makes sure I am completely satisfied with my web site marketing.

Diana currently markets my web site, and is beginning to work on my web site. I've been very impressed with the level of effort she puts into her web site
marketing; she seems to know many different markets, and has a k
nack for matching up a site with
buyers. What most impressed me is that she not only helped attract attention to the site, but used personal
contacts and direct recommendations to send me business! It's incredibly exciting to watch her work a
site, because

it becomes her obsession to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your marketing
dollar. Her attention to detail, from researching keywords for search engine optimization to creating press
releases to finding the perfect sites for advertising, is

very impressive.

Diana is very concerned about brand, and is dedicated to making sure your reputation is kept pristine. I
have never worried that she would send my site to junk mines online or say anything to negatively affect
my company. Her upbeat and
joyful personality that attracts many, and in turn, attracts prospective buyers
to a site. She is a joy to work with, personally and professionally.

I highly recommend Diana for any marketing work you may need.

Susan Scheid

Small Biz Community, LLC
Virtual Word Publishing / / 954
4025 /

Lesley Spencer


I would HIGHLY recommend Diana Ennen. I have know Diana for almost ten years and there are few
women business owners that I respect, value and admire more. She is skilled, talented and alw
goes far beyond what is asked. She will definitely be a valued asset to your marketing project.


Lesley Spencer, MSc

Founder & President,