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Date of Meeting:

September 16, 2010

Time and Location:

11:15 a.m.

Minutes Prepared By:

Becky Kyzer

1. Attendance at Meeting

Col. Steve Cotter

Dr. Al Lovvorn

Dr. George Williams

Dr. Jennifer Altieri

Joelle Neulander

Dr. Julie Lipovsky

Kathleen Turner (for

Dr. Angie LeClercq)

Dr. Kathy Richardson

Dr. Keith Plemmons

Dr. Margaret Francel

Dr. Mary Lou Yeatts

Dr. Peter Mailloux

Dr. Terry Mays

Dr. Wes Jones


Sam Hines

Dr. Paul Rosenblum

Dr. Jim Hutchisson

Dr. John Carter

Dr. Kerry Lassiter

officio members & Guests

Dr. Steve Nida

Marcia Bonica

Rebecca Kyzer

Sylvia Nesmith
Registrar (absent)

Berkley Myers

2. Meeting Notes

Call to Order:


AM by Dr. Steve Nida

Old Business:

Minutes from the

2010 Graduate Council Meeting were approved

New Business:

Curriculum changes for M.Ed in Literacy Education:

Dr. Altieri presented a motion to consider modifications to
two courses in the literacy
program to better suit the student population in this program. The courses: Coaching in
Literacy Education (EDUC XXX) and Action Research in Literacy Coaching (EDUC XXX)
would replace Analysis of Literacy Research (EDUC 596) and

Supervision of School Literacy
Programs (EDUC 599). This change will ensure that the student will have the coursework
needed for certification at the Literacy Coach level. The motion to accept these changes was
made, seconded, and approved unanimously. Th
e School of Education will meet with Sylvia


Nesmith to discuss the course numbers.

New courses for M.A. in Social Science:

Dr. Terry Mays, on behalf of The Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice,
requests the addition of two courses to supp
ort both the Certificate in Leadership program
and the MASS degree. Leadership Application Course in Political Science (PSCI 555) and
Leadership Application Course in Criminal Justice (CRMJ 555) would be leadership
capstone courses offered as special topic
s courses. The courses will need to be added to the
2012 CGC Catalog. The motion to accept these changes was made, seconded, and
approved unanimously.

Add approved elective in the Information Systems Specialization of the joint M.S. in
Computer Scie
nce program:

Dr. Margaret Francel made a motion (subsequently seconded) to approve the addition of
Semantic Web Principles and Practice (CSCI 633) to the original proposed curriculum
changes from the April GC meeting. This course simply had been omitted fr
om the previous
proposal. The motion was approved unanimously.

Change course numbers and titles for EDUC 500 and EDUC 522:

Dr. George Williams asked to change the course numbers/titles to Foundations of American
Education (EDUC 500) and Critical Issues
in a Multicultural Society (EDUC 522) to reflect
Foundations of American Higher Education (EDUC 6**) and Critical Multicultural Issues in
Higher Education (6**). This change will reduce confusion and ensure that the students are
registered for the appropri
ate courses under the Student Affairs program. MASS students
will continue to take EDUC 500 as an elective. Dr. Williams will discuss course numbers
with Sylvia Nesmith. Initiated by Dr. Josey Templeton, discussion ensued that led to the
conclusion that

strictly speaking

the proposal being offered was actually a proposal for
two new courses rather than changes to existing courses. Dr. Nida suggested that the
proposal be reworked to reflect this discussion (i.e., that two new courses are being
d) before going to The Academic Board (and that syllabi also be crafted to reflect
the proposal). The motion to accept these changes was made, seconded, and approved
unanimously (with the understanding that these adjustments in wording would be
before the item goes to Academic Board).

Other Matters as Necessary:

Dr. Al Lovvorn expressed concern that he was unable to find literature regarding the
charter and bi
laws of The Graduate Council. Dr. Nida will pursue this issue.

Dr. Nida noted that
over the summer Dr. Lovvorn had raised a concern about the CGC
attendance policy as presented in the catalog and had suggested that Graduate Council
revisit the policy. Dr. Nida will place this item on a future agenda.

Dr. Steve Nida mentioned that new GR
E scoring standards will take effect in August of
2011; these changes will need to be reflected in the 2011
2012 CGC Catalog. Each program
will need to adjust any references to specific GRE scores (e.g., minimum score required for
admission, range of scor
es for provisional admission status, etc.) to reflect the revised



The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 p.m.