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When the young woman first walked into Dr. Kenneth’s office, she was in
a lot of pain and would not smile because of the condition of her teeth. She
didn’t think that her problems could be corrected. Dr. St. Romain examined
her, then sat down with her and explained what he was going to do. When
he had finished, the patient was amazed. She never imagined that her teeth
would look so good.
“When I first met her, she never smiled,” Dr. St. Romain
said. “Now she looks great. She smiles all the time.”
This is just one example of how the Community Clinic is changing the lives
of so many hard-working people in the nine-parish area it serves. For those
who benefit from the services provided—whether medical, dental, mental
health or vision care—the clinic is
a blessing. And for the doctors and
dentists who offer care for these
patients free of charge, the program
gives them an opportunity to give
back to the community.
“I enjoy the fact that we are help
ing working people who are trying
so hard to make ends meet,” said
Dr. Linda Stewart, whose family
practice is located in Baton Rouge.
“These patients are going through
what we are all going through in
tough economic times. They are
forced to make the financial deci
sion not to have health insurance.
This program helps us get them
back on track, and that makes me
feel good.”
Dr. Stewart offers patients preventative healthcare in addition to primary care.
“Preventative healthcare is so important. There is always a better outcome if
detection is early,” she said.
“One of my patients from the clinic came to see
us, and she didn’t realize she had an ovarian tumor.
We were able to move her
rapidly through the system and take care of the problem. It was a wonderful
moment for us and for her.”
Family practitioner Dr. Michael Day also enjoys volunteering his time and
services with the Community Clinic. “When I was going through training at
Earl K. Long Hospital, I realized there were a lot of people who could neither
qualify for federal assistance nor afford insurance. There is a gap for these
hard-working people.
When I learned about this program, I wanted to be a
part of it. I know that when people are going through a difficult time, they
need a helping hand, whether medically or financially.
It makes me feel good
to help them.”
Dr. Day offers patients of the Community Clinic comprehensive primary
care. “Some of the patients are skeptical at first. They don’t know what to
expect. The patients are surprised to discover that they receive the same care
as patients who have insurance. I spend as much time with my patients from
the Community Clinic as I do with other patients. Some have kept me as their
physician when they were able to get insurance.”
When Dr. Allen Black, who prac
tices general dentistry, heard about
the program, he too, was happy
to donate his services. “When the
Dental Society asked for volunteers,
I thought this was a good way to
help those in need,” he said. “We
take care of these patients’ pain.
During regular visits we conduct
exams, x-rays, cleaning, basically
any dentistry they need. It’s a very
satisfying feeling to contribute to
their health, and they are all so
For all of the dental and medi
cal providers who so generously

volunteer their services to help
patients who cannot afford insur
ance, the Community Clinic gives
them an opportunity to do so

without having to leave the comfort of their offices.
And for many of the patients who benefit from the Community Clinic,
their quality of life has been enhanced by the many providers who are so
dedicated to their community. A testimony from one of the patients, who lost
her insurance after her divorce, stressed how grateful she was for the work
the clinic does. “The program helped me get on my feet. I could not afford
groceries, much less health insurance. Now I am proud to say that I work

for a healthcare provider who donates her work to the Community Clinic.”
She vows that, because of her experience, she will lend her caring hand
to others in need. That’s what the Community Clinic is all about—people

helping people.
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 2257
Baton Rouge, LA



Spring 2009

I, Issue I
Why is it referred to as the Virtual Clinic?
The term “Virtual” was conceived when the founders of
the Community Clinic decided to create a program to provide

healthcare services, and do so most expeditiously and most
cost effectively. Whether it is referred to as the virtual clinic
or the clinic without walls, the innovative concept is working.
The Community Clinic conducts eligibility screenings within the

nine-parish area, processes the data and assigns the patient to
one of the medical and/or dental volunteers. The volunteers
treat Community Clinic patients in their own offices, using their
own staff and equipment. They are actually able to donate their

services in their ordinary workday.
Who reimburses the dental and medical volunteers?
No one. The services they render are strictly gratuitous.
Where does the Community Clinic get its funding?
The Community Clinic is totally sustainable through grants

and contributions.
What parishes are served?
The nine-parish Greater Baton Rouge Area: Ascension, East
Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Livingston, Pointe Coupee,
St. Helena, West Baton Rouge and West Feliciana.
Who is eligible for services?
Eligibility is determined by both work history and earned income.
Is this an insurance program?
No it is not. It is a clinic, which renders temporary help to a
segment of the population who tends to fall through the cracks.
They earn too much to qualify for any federal or state programs,
but they don’t earn enough to afford health coverage.
How can I contact the “Virtual” clinic?
You can call the office at 769-3377 or write the Community
Clinic at Post Office Box 65373, Baton Rouge, LA 70896
Providing Healthcare
for the Uninsured,
Working Poor
It is a non-profit program which provides dental, medical, mental health and vision care services
to the uninsured, working poor in the nine-parish Greater Baton Rouge Area.
Serving Ascension, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, West Baton Rouge and West Feliciana Parishes
Yes, that’s what we think too. The Community Clinic is a testimony of a giving and caring dental and medical
community rallying together to do what it can to help those who, often times, cannot afford to get sick.
Post Office Box 65373
Baton Rouge, LA 70896
Doctors Benefit as Much as Patients from Program

Kenneth St. Romain, DDS
Linda Stewart, MD

Michael Day, MD
Allen Black, DDS
Alford Safe & Lock
Gary Alford
Bill Corvers
Matt Gates
Archana Banda, MD
Raju Vatsavai
Bryan Melancon
Dean Erwin
Matt Dornier
Jody Delaughter
Breazeale Sachse Wilson
Robert Atkinson
John Barton
David Kelly
Todd Edmonds
Capital One Bank
Pat Olinde
Lyle Matherne
Jeff Wesley
Bassam Harb
Sid Newman
Congressman Bill Cassidy
Senator Dale Erdie
Cliff Smith
Rusty Howard
Johnny Blount
Wade Barker
Pamela Hollins, MD
Lighting & Electrical Associates
Ned Chargois
Nelson Daly, DDS
Chad Abell
Eric Crozier
Terry Kirsch
Glenn Kidder, DDS

Philip Gastinel, DDS
Shea Smith
John Hammett
Tom Nash, DDS
Scott Kogler, DDS
Daniel Kogler
Harry Brown, DDS
Tony Ducote
Tony Billiot
Master Maintenance &
Norman Deumite
Our Lady of the Lake
Brad Vincent
Jason Rogers
Ray Cobb
Corey Summers
Michael McLemore
Navin & Manjari Patel
Mark Powell
Brennan Bourgeois
Mike Norris
Darryl Fairchild
Hugh Nobile
Postlethwaite Netterville

David Moore
Sage Rehab
Jay Ivy
Jason Risley
Derrick Landreneau
Rob Brouillitte
James Taylor, MD

Al Taylor
Chris Duncan
Tipton Associates
Darrin Badon
Ashley Sullivan
Bryon Hume
David Bonaventure
Roger Sullivan
Tooley Towns, DDS
Jay Hennings
Robin Alonzo
Don Rougon
Henry Olinde
Dana Ventura
Trey Berlin
Gary Littlefield
Billy Burris
John Berlin
Individual Team
Barbara Matens
Camp Matens
Randy Brown, MD
Stephen Wolf
Danny Sheets
Auction Contributors
Dr. Anthony Stephens
Airco Specialist
Benny’s Car Wash
Bowie Outfitters
Breazeale Sachse Wilson
Cajun Cycle Accessories
Christian Street Market
Circle Bowl
Coffee Call
Dr. Matt Chamberlain
Dr. Nelson Daly
Norman Deumite
Goodwood Hardware
Dr. Pam Hollins
Hollywood Casino
Hunter’s Run
Dr. Glenn Kidder
Kay Kenney
Dr. Scott Kogler
Manuel Martinez
Maxwell’s Market
Our Lady of the Lake Hospital
Manjari Patel
Dr. Nick Rauber
Dr. C. J. Richard
Salon Boheme
Dr. James Taylor
Tony’s Seafood
Event Sponsor
McDonalds Valluzzo Management
Clay Sponsors
Tipton Associates
Pull Sponsors
Louisiana Glass
Sage Rehab

Cake Palace
Coca Cola Bottling
Cortana Kiwanis
Mockler Beverage Company

T-shirt Sponsor
Price LeBlanc
Art work – Silk Screen Shop

Shoot Chair
Tooley Towns, DDS

Sheila Blount
Cortana Kiwanis
Angie Corvers
Rebecca Jones
Kay Kenney
Manjari Patel
Kayce Rodrigue
Tooley Towns,

Robert Atkinson

david J. Moore,


Matt chamberlain,
Co-Medical Director
James Taylor,
Co-Medical Director
colletta Barrett,

George Bell
William cassidy,


Nelson daly,
Norman deumite
Leo Hamilton
pamela Hollins,
Kay Kenney,

Glenn Kidder,

scott Kogler,

Manjari patel
scott Ridley
Nicholas Rauber,

c.J. Richard,
pat chester Alford

Executive Director
In order to make access to the Community Clinic more convenient for the low-income,
uninsured working residents of Livingston Parish, an eligibility screening site has been
opened in the town of Livingston.
Numerous studies confirm that not having health insurance reduces access to preven
tive, primary and specialty care and that people without insurance are more likely to
live sicker and die younger.
Eligibility is determined on work history and earned income, not on medical or dental
needs. The new screening site is located at the Livingston Town Hall, 20550 Circle
Drive. Eligibility screenings are held the first and third Tuesday of every month from
4:00pm to 6:00pm. No appointment is necessary.
From left to right:
Executive Director
Pat Alford, Dental Coordinator C.J.
Richard, DDS, Alan Day, DDS,
Medical Coordinator Jim Taylor, MD,
Livingston Mayor Derral Jones, State
Senator Dale Erdey, Police Chief Randy
Dufrene and Livingston screener

Kayce Rodrigue.
“Though very nervous about my initial office visit,

Dr. Sledge and his staff went out of their way to make me

feel comfortable. Their easy manner and professionalism
was very soothing to my anxiety. They didn’t judge me or
make me feel less than human. I know that sounds theatrical
but I had experienced just that in the past.”
- a Community Clinic patient
The Community Clinic is now offering a free discount drug
card to all participants, their families and friends. The card
can be used to discount prescription needs at various
pharmacies. To get the free card, go to
We’ve updated
our web site.

For the latest information on services

offered, screening dates, volunteers,
special events, projects and funding
opportunities, visit our new web site at

We really enjoyed our time at the event, and are glad

for the opportunity to partner with an organization that

provides such a needed service to such a worthy group of
our community.”
- Tipton & Associates
ogether we can make a difference! A financial gift, (donation, celebration or memorial) offers
an individual an opportunity to live a healthier and more productive life.
Please select one of the following giving options
My Gift of A Donation

Celebrations and Memorials
Please accept this donation in celebration or memory (circle one) of
Address they or their family can be acknowledged
Please make checks payable to the Community Clinic and mail to P. O. Box 65373, Baton Rouge, LA 70896.
Your donation is greatly appreciated and tax deductible!




“I knew what I needed to have done and I figured that no dentist would be willing to help. But
once again, I was proven wrong. On my first visit, Ms. Deanna and Dr. Kogler both made me feel
like a long lost relative. They never asked me how I got in that condition or why it had happened.
All they wanted to know was if I was ready to fix my problem and how fast did I want it done.”

- a Community Clinic patient
The 6th Annual Shoot for a Cause was
held on October 31st, at the Hunter’s Run
Gun Club.The Community Clinic wishes
to extend a very special Thank You to the

generous sponsors, participants and volun
teers who made it the most successful fund
raiser ever.
ThE 6Th ANNuAL ShooT foR A CAuSE
gibility is based solely on work history and earned income.
Work History:
- Has to be currently employed
- Has to be working a minimum of 30 hours per week
- Has to have worked 10 of the last 12 months
Earned Income:
- Up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
East Baton Rouge Parish:
Every Monday and Tuesday, from 4:00-

at Family Road (323 East Airport)
Ascension Parish:
1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 4:00-6:00pm at
First Baptist of Gonzales (1217 S. Burnside)
Livingston Parish:
1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 4:00-6:00pm
Livingston Town Hall (20550 Circle Drive)
Information Needed
The applicant must bring the following:

2008 Income Tax Statement

Two most current check stubs

A photo ID

Proof of Residency
Please take the time to think of friends and family who might need
our services. Call them and give them an opportunity to receive the
healthcare they need. For more information, call the Community Clinic at

Number in Family
200% Annually
Community Clinic Eligibility Criteria
“Supporting the Community Clinic
is a wonderful opportunity to

provide local families who cannot
afford healthcare insurance the

medical help they need.

Providing preventive healthare
to working individuals allows them the

opportunity to live healthier and more produc
tive lives. This program fills a void in the Greater

Baton Rouge community and McDonald’s Valluzzo

Management is proud to be a suporter of the

Community Clinic.”
- Charles L. Valluzzo, CEO
Dental Volunteers
General Dentist
Michael Anderson, DDS
Richard Atkins, DDS
Lisa Bailey, DDS
Gray Bailey, DDS
Dan Bankhead, DDS
Byron Basco, DDS
Allen T. Black, DDS
Steven H. Brooksher, DDS
Cleve T. Brown, DDS
Harry Brown, DDS
Scott R. Browning, DDS
Jessica Bruni, DDS
Nelson P. Daly, DDS
Sally Bowie Daly, DDS
Alan Day, DDS
Richard W. Eckman, DDS
David Ellis, DDS
Amy Ferguson-Lawrence, DDS
Tom Foster, DDS
Farrell Fruge, DDS
Phillip Gastinel, DDS
Larry Germany, DDS
James W. Gilbert, DDS
Patrick Guidry, DDS
William A. Hadlock, DDS
James Hebert, DDS
Elizabeth Heirtzler, DDS
Jacob Henderson, DDS
Keith Holden, DDS
Damon Hughes, DDS
Kramer Irby, DDS
Shelly M. Joachim, DDS
James C. Keller, DDS
Bruce Kestler, DDS
Dustin Kidder, DDS
Glenn Kidder, DDS
Scott Kogler, DDS
Robin Levy-Bookman, DDS
Louis Mason, DDS
Michael Montalbano, Jr., DDS
Thomas C. Nash, DDS
Gregory Nassif, DDS
Hunt Odom, DDS
Larry M. Oubre, Jr., DDS
Glen Padgett, DDS
Scott M. Pecue, DDS
Kirby Perry, DDS
Ryan Perry, DDS
Mitchell Pierce, DDS
Shep Platt, DDS
Dale J. Politz, DDS
Mark Porta, Sr. DDS
John Portwood, Jr., DDS
J. Matthew Randall, DMD
Nicholas Rauber, DDS
C.J. Richard, Jr., DDS
Byron Rome, DDS
Aimee Russo-Mounger, DDS
Kenneth St. Romain Jr., DDS
Douglas Strickland, DDS
William Tuttle, DDS
Mark A. Ventress, DDS
Richard L. Wampold, DDS
Stephen Weilbacher, DDS
Bill Welch, DDS
Michael Bond, DDS
Gwen Corbett, DDS
Denis “Chip” Simon, DDS
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
Richard Akin, DDS
Brian Dyess, DDS
Walter J. Jung, DDS
Lynn Philippe, DDS
R. Leo Regan, DDS
Barry Babin, DDS
Michelle Carlton, DDS
Andre Fruge, DDS
Jim Fruge, DDS
Kevin Harris, DDS
Michael Hillar, DDS
Keith Kyler, DDS
Frank McDavitt, DDS
Vance Misuraca, DDS
Steve Sherman, DDS
Jim Sieberth, DDS
James Smith, DDS
Jay Whitley, DDS
Kathy M. Abbott, DDS
Maurice (Marty) Garrett, DDS
John K. Legleu, DDS
Ken Markle, DDS
Richard Appleton, DDS
Michael Shannon, DDS
Physician Volunteers
Allergy and Immunology
Prem Menon, MD
Vimla Menon, MD
See Physician Groups
See Physician Groups
Cardiovascular Surgery
David Depp, MD
Franklin Johnson, MD
Tom Meek, MD
Trent Massengale, MD
Ira Thorla Jr., MD
Emergency Medicine
Nelson Perret, MD

Jolene Johnson, MD

Family Practice
Renee Daigle, MD
Michael Day, MD
Mark Edwards, MD
Ruby Ibekwe, MD
Bill Lovell, III, MD
Billy May Jr., MD
Linda Stewart, MD
Edwin Walker, MD
Rachel Wissner, MD
See Physician Groups
General Surgery
Drake Bellanger, MD
Alec Hirsch, MD
General Surgery

– Breast Health
Mary Christian, MD
Cecilia Cuntz, MD
Ramon Aizpurua, MD
Jeffery Janies, MD
Ann LaFranca, MD
Jane Peek, MD
Carol Ridenour, MD
Clifford Schwartzenburg, MD
Edward Schwartzenburg, MD
Ellis Schwartzenburg, MD
William Cassidy, MD
Internal Medicine
Daniel Dial, MD
Pamela Y. Hollins, MD
Juan Medina, MD
Melanie McKnight, MD
Steve Zuckerman, MD
See Physician Groups
C. Lucy Borne, MD
John Couvillion, MD
Crayton Fargason, MD
Tim Johnson, MD
Angela Lewis, MD
Shaye Luckett, MD
Scott Nelson, MD
Victor Oliver, MD
Don Peavy, MD
Russell Saloom, MD
Shonda Achord, OD
The Frame Boutique
Edwin Adams, III, OD
Ascension Optical
Shenandoah Eye Clinic
Cynthia Baker, OD
Fashion Optique Optical
Joe Lamendola, OD
Lens Crafters Mall of Louisiana
Vince Rachal, OD
Ascension Optical
Joseph Roumain, OD
Orthopedic Surgery
Randall Lea, MD
Pain Management
J. Michael Burdine, MD
See Physician Groups
Alex Davis, DPM
J. Kemp Tullier, DPM
Navin Patel, MD
Mark Zielinski, MD
See Physician Groups
See Physician Groups
Physician Groups

Group Associates
Kirk M. Bailey, MD
Louis J. Barbato, MD
Charles D. Belleau, MD
Daniel L. Butler, MD
J. Gar Carter, MD
Erick D. Chapman, MD
Gehl H. Davis, MD
James M. Fenn, MD
Robert H. Hansen, Jr., MD
Amarendar R. Kasarla, MD
Michael D. McCallum, MD
Matthew M. Myers, MD
Nancy C. Neher, MD
Robin H. Patty, MD
Lisa A. Perez, MD
Martin J. Peuler, MD
Jeffrey D. Pisto, Sr., MD
Melinda M. Prevost, MD
Norman C. Ritchie, MD
Cynthia Schwartzenburg, MD
Mark C. Shoptaugh, MD
Marshall H. Sommers, MD
James E. White, MD
The Baton Rouge Clinic
Joseph Redhead, MD
Robert Earhart, MD
Courtney Murphy, MD
Jan Wampold, MD
Gary Field, MD
John Hilton, MD
Peterman Prosser, MD
Joel Silverberg, MD
Virginia Bringaze, MD
Kelly Clement, MD
James Krupala, MD
Brian Petit, MD

Ronald Boudreaux, MD
Andrew Guidroz, MD
Gary Hirsch, MD
George McClelland, MD
Internal Medicine
Joseph Albergamo, MD

Kevin Babin, MD
Allison Barbin, MD
David Carmouche, MD
Kenny Cole, MD
Todd Cooley, MD
Jewel Crockett, MD
David Fontenot, MD
Kurt Graves, MD
Louis Hargus, MD
Roger Hecker, MD
Maureen Jones, MD
Roy Kadair, MD
Richard Lieux, MD
William Moore, MD
Mike Rolfsen, MD
Douglas Say, MD
Vincent Tumminello, MD
Edmund Vinci, MD
David West, MD
Gerard Dynes, MD
William Gladney, MD
Linda LeBourgeois, MD
Brian Murphy, MD
Mark Hodges, MD
Michael McCarthy, MD
Ronald Ceruti, MD
Elena Cucurull, MD
John Marshall, MD
Hector Mena, MD

Stephen Pollet, MD
Wesley Desselle, MD
Glen Schwartzberg, MD
Baton Rouge

Cardiology Center
Fred Petty, MD
Baton Rouge Family

Medical Center
David Carver, MD
Brad Gaspard, MD
Louis Minsky, MD
Robert St. Amant, MD
Kenyatta Shamlin, MD
Tasha Shamlin, MD
James Taylor, MD
Baton Rouge

Orthopedic Clinic
Brent Bankston, MD
Mark Field, MD
Bryan Griffith, MD
Michael Robichaux Jr., MD
Baton Rouge

Urology Group
James Morris, MD
Mark Posner, MD
Stephen Vick, MD
Coles & Ruiz, LLP
Chet C. Coles, MD
Marcia Gremillion, MD
Please join the
Community Clinic
in thanking the following participating
volunteers. Their caring generosity enables the uninsured, working poor

an opportunity to live healthier and more productive lives.
John Lovretich, MD
James F. Ruiz, MD
Steven Sotile, MD
Gay E. Winters, MD
CVT Surgical Center
B. Eugene Berry, MD
Walter L. Bringaze III, MD
Michael Conners III, MD
James E. Craven IV, MD
P. Michael Davis Jr., MD
C. Swayze Rigby, MD
Carlton H Sheely II, MD
R. Scott Thurston, MD
Family Health Center
Derek Anderson, MD
Robert Chasuk, MD
Edward Gino, MD
Anne Robinson, MD
Brian Schulte, MD

Prasad Alapati, MD
William A. Anderson, III, MD
Robert Be, MD
Charles C. Bergreen, MD
Greg Fusilier, MD
Ronald A. Leo, MD
W. Kirk Mullins, MD
Andrew C. Nelson, MD
Benton Oubre, MD
Mahes Rao, MD
Michael Ruth, MD
Douglas Walsh, MD

Lake Primary

Care Physicians
Matt Chamberlain, MD
Curtis Chastain, MD
Michael Duplechain, MD
Brian Gremillion, MD
Brad Meek, MD
Mitch Montelaro, MD

Anesthesiology Group
Eric L. Abraham, MD
Dewitt M. Bateman, MD
V. Dale Coffman, Jr., MD
Lloyd Klibert, MD
Timothy Maher, MD
Blaine A. Thomas, MD
Robert Witcher, Jr, MD
Ali Zarbalian, MD
Louisiana Internal

Medicine Associates
Nicholas Campo, MD
Jeffrey Kahn, MD
Louisiana Urology, LLC

Kenneth Blue, MD

Richard Carter, MD
Robert Grissom, MD
David Hastings, MD
Andrew Hollier, MD
Robert Taylor, MD
Harold Wexler, MD
William Wall, MD
Medical Oncology, LLC
Michael Castine, MD
Patrick Stagg, MD
Siva Yadlapati, MD
The Neuromedical Center
Adult Neurology
Joseph A. Acosta, MD
Carolyn C. Baker, MD
Gerald Calegan, MD
Kevin J. Callerame, MD
Steven Cavalier, MD
Charles E. Eberly, MD
Rodney E. Hillis, MD
Jon D. Olson, MD
L. Allen Proctor, MD
Oscar L. Rogers, III, MD
John Bolter, Ph.D
Paul M. Dammers, Ph.D.
Gary B. Lum, MD
Victor McCoy, MD
Curtis R. Partington, MD
Neurological Surgery
Glenn B. Anderson, MD
John R. Clifford, MD
Luke A. Corsten, MD
Thomas B. Flynn, MD
Allen S. Joseph, MD
Fraser E. Landreneau, MD
Horace L. Mitchell, MD
Kelly Scrantz, MD
Scott Soleau, MD
Paul J. Waguespack, MD
Physical Medicine,
Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine
Shawn Dunn, MD
Martin A. Langston, MD
John E. Nyboer, MD
Scott D. Nyboer, MD
Jyoti Pham, MD
Ochsner Clinic

Baton Rouge
Chad Braden, MD
Michael Durel, MD
Robert Hart, MD
Keith Holmes, MD
Neha Shah, MD
David Sledge, MD
Pathology Associates

of Southern Louisiana
Shannon Cooper, MD
Pathology Group

of Louisiana
David Boudreaux, MD
Deborah Cavalier, MD
Alan Hulett, MD
Robert Koscick, MD
Beverly Ogden, MD
Peggy Polk, MD
Glenn Robicheaux, MD
John Simmons, MD
Wayne Stromeyer, MD
Radiology Associates
Dwayne Anderson, MD
Michael Bruce, MD
Ted Collins, MD
Keith Gibson, MD
Robert Hayden, MD
Ryan Majoria, MD
Daniel McNeill, MD
Scott Schuber, MD
Gerard Tassin, MD
David Walker, MD
Roger West, MD
Mark Wofford, MD
Renal Associates
Raynold Corona, MD
Mitchell Hebert, MD
Robert Kenney, MD
Robert Landry, MD
C. Peter Luscy, MD
Daniel Marsh, MD
William Murrill, MD
Michael Roppolo, MD
Jones Samuel, MD
James Yegge, MD
St. Elizabeth Physicians
Cary Aguillard, MD
John Fraiche,MD
Michael Hirsch, MD
John Knapp, MD
Rao Narra, MD
Glenn Schexnayder, MD

Stanocola Medical Center
N. James Doll, MD
Iqbal Ahmad, MD
Harris Lappin, MD
Harry Burglass, MD
Lori Byrd, MD
Mary Dodson, MD
William Poche, MD
Michelle Ball, LDN
Ear, Nose, & Throat
Stan Montelaro, MD
General Surgery
Michael Dupre, MD
Ramon Aizpurua, MD
John McIntyre, MD
Internal Medicine
Lalit Barai, MD
C. Verne Brian, OD
Frederick Larriviere, OD
Baron Williamson, MD
Hieu Vuong, MD
Primary Care
Salwa Girgis, MD
Michael Guarisco, MD
Mario Moreno, MD
Cecil Bankston, MD
Vascular Clinic
Jon Schellack, MD
Paul Perkowski, MD
Zachary Family Practice
Kemp Amacker, MD
Wayne Gravois, MD
Michelle Crosse, MD
ParaMedical Volunteers
Home Health
Health Care Options
Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation Centers
Moreau Physical Therapy
Kelly Paulk Ray, Ph.D
Sleep Lab
Gulf Coast Sleep Center
Social Work
Betty Armstrong, LCSW
Darryl Ducote, MSW
Stacey Kidder, MSW
Vascular Lab
Vascular Lab – Proactive Medical

Imaging Center

Baton Rouge General

Medical Center
Imaging Center of Louisiana
Lake Imaging Center
Lake Surgery Center
Lane Regional Medical Center
Louisiana Endoscopy
Ochsner Medical Center
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medi
cal Center
St. Elizabeth Hospital
Surgical Specialty Centre
Woman’s Hospital
Other Contributors
Baton Rouge Radiology Group
Diagnostic Radiology Consultants
Pathology Lab Consultants
Southern Medical Corporation
“I am now ready to show my face to the world and challenge the future. Without this program, I
would never have been able to afford all of these services or get a decent job which would offer me
insurance to have the work done. I have a new confidence in myself and am now actively pursuing
a long held dream which I would never have reached for previously. Self confidence is an asset
that I was severely lacking in and needed in abundance. It is my greatest wish that you all know
how much I thank you for helping me find mine.”
- a Community Clinic patient