Manage, Enhance & Support Enterprise Apps!

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Attention ISVs and Enterprise
Application Developers!
SOTI MobiControl’s easy to use SDK for iOS
enhances enterprise applications on iPhones and
iPads with advanced management capabilities
including Real-Time Remote Control! This allows
ISVs and Enterprise Application Developers
to remotely support their Deployment and
enhance their applications with critical mobile
device management security features provided
by MobiControl.
Manage, Enhance & Support
Enterprise Apps!
Remote Control
Remotely view user’s application activity for real time
help-desk support, system information and training.
File Explorer
Edit, Copy and Paste into the devices application’s file
system directory OTA.
Two Way Chat
Hassle Free communication between the help desk
technician and device user.
Jailbreak Detection
Detect and alert the administrator if the device has
been jail-broken.
Send Messages
Allow administrators to push messages in real time
OTA to the device.
Obtain Device Information
View information such as Device name, battery level,
OS version, etc.
Location Services
Locate and report device coordinates globally in
real time.
Advanced Features:
Software Development Kit for iOS
Free for ISVs and Enterprise Application Developers.
Build SOTI’s industry leading MDM solution into an existing
Enterprise application’s UI for enhanced capabilities and
support of iOS devices.
Remote support of “in house” Enterprise signed applications
for reducing downtime and improved efficiencies.
Support for iOS 5 devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Both corporate and personally -owned Apple iOS devices
are best secured, tracked, configured, and supported OTA
(over the air).
Membership into SOTI’s MDM partner program which will
allow the ISVs to generate additional revenue stream
SOTI MobiControl
SDK for iOS
Enhanced Enterprise Application
with Remote Support
for iOS Devices
Software Development Kit for iOS
SOTI Inc. develops industry-leading technology that solves the unique challenges
of Managing, Supporting, Securing and Tracking remote mobile and desktop com-
puting devices. Organizations across all market verticals rely on SOTI products to
achieve their ROI targets by increasing productivity, minimizing downtime and
reducing labor costs.
Today, over 80,000 customers and 300 local support partners in over 120 countries
employ SOTI’s technology to manage hundreds of thousands of mission-critical
mobile devices.
Contact Us
For more information or to schedule a live
demonstration, please email us at:
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