iOS Application Development course for Beginners

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Start building your next great game!
It is easy to use its visual, drag and drop interface. And you do
not have to remember and type instructions and codes.
Choose from a set of options and cuts development time.
Anyone who has no programming knowledge, and wishes to
create applications for the iPhone and the iPad, and have it
published on Apple’s App Store.
1 Day(s)

9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Course Overview & Introduction

Types of Apps

App Store
Steps to Publish App to App Store

Apple Developer Registration Portal

iOS Developer Member Center

Distribution and Development Certificates

Create App ID

Create Distribution Provisioning Profile

Add New App in iTunes Connect

Publishing App

Upload to App Store with Application Loader

Display Text App

Create A New App

Target Platform

Off Stage / On Stage

Create Custom Audio Sound

Music App

Create Drum Kit App

Add Image to Actor

Resizing Actor to Fit Stage Background

Importing Audio

Modifying Actor Colour Opacity

Animation App

Create Moving Car App

Add Behaviour Accelerate Towards

Business App

Create a Standard Business App

Introduction to Attributes

Create Interger Attributes

Behaviour Change Rule

Counting App

Create a Counting App

Create Index Attribute

Adding Text

Using Expression Editor

Transition App

Create a Dog Barking App

Create Boolean Attribute

Adding Play Sound, Interpolate Behaviour

Interpolate Colour Alpha

Educational App

Create a Flash Cards App

Duplicate Scenes

Unlock Actor Settings

Interlink Multiple Scenes
i OS Appl i cati on Devel opment course

for Begi nners
Sapura Unique Training Guarantee
invites participants back for unlimited refresher courses within the same
software version, no questions asked!
Sapura Genuine Offer
will match other training providers’ prices + a further 10% off all course fees if you can
prove that the content covered is similar.
Training Center
Sapura Synergy Singapore Pte Ltd | 10 Anson Road, #05-19, International Plaza, Singapore 079903 | Tel: 6735 2818 | Fax: 6735 3088