Oracle Application Express Architecture


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Oracle Application Express


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Architectural Overview

Integrated within the database 9iR2, 10g, 11g, XE

Meta data driven

Uses APEX Listener, Embedded Gateway or

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Page Processing

Each request opens / closes Database session

Doesn’t keep a Database session open for each user

Page Request / Submission processing adds minimal overhead

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Tenant SaaS

Single Oracle Database for multiple applications

Provides virtual private databases

service or IT managed provisioning

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Oracle APEX Deployment Options

Deployable on any Oracle Database accessed using only a Web browser

Cloud / Hosted

On Premise

In Datacenter

On Premise

Departmental Server

Personal Database

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Oracle APEX and Amazon Cloud

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Oracle APEX and Amazon Cloud

Why APEX makes sense for the Cloud

Very few moving parts

Simple to manage

Browser based development / deployment / runtime

No client
side dependencies

Tenant SaaS provides multiple “workspaces”

Applications easy to migrate to other deployments

Database Backups also backup application source

Oracle AMI includes APEX
(may require upgrade)

Webservice Support

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Building Integrated Applications

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Integrating APEX & BI Publisher

Declarative PDF reporting services

Create professional “high
fidelity” reports

Range of document formats

Ability to define multiple queries

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Oracle APEX Listener

Available Soon

The Oracle Application Express Listener is a Java based mod_plsql replacement for all Oracle APEX
releases. The java based listener will support file system caching, FOP transformations to PDF and
improved file upload with Oracle APEX 4.0. The APEX listener will support popular versions of Apache,
Web Logic, Tomcat and OC4J. The Java based listener is also extensible.