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Version 1.7.x

Distributed by
Redman Solutions Pty Ltd

Document Version: 2.0
Date Modified: 4/12/2008

Redman Solutions Pty Ltd 2 of 5 Moonwalk Upgrade Guide
Table of Contents
1 INTRODUCTION ................................................................................................................ 3
2 MOONWALK UPGRADE ................................................................................................... 3

Redman Solutions Pty Ltd 3 of 5 Moonwalk Upgrade Guide
1 Introduction

This upgrade guide provides basic instructions on how to upgrade Moonwalk. The instructions
provided are to upgrade from version to However, the upgrade procedure is
the same for different versions so please replace the version numbers as required.
2 Moonwalk Upgrade

The new release of Moonwalk is available to be downloaded from

These files are updated from previous ISO images - you may download and install these files
rather than the whole ISO if you have a previous ISO:
• eagle_1_7_1_4.war
• Moonwalk Columbia 1_7_1_4.exe
• Moonwalk DR Tool 1_7_1_4.exe
• Moonwalk Columbia Gateway 1_7_1_4.exe
• Moonwalk Centera Plugin 1_7_1_4.exe

Updates to the manuals
• InstallGuide_1_7_1_4.pdf
• UserGuide_1_7_1_4.pdf

Note: ALL components (Eagle, Servers, Gateways) should be upgraded to the new version.


1. Upgrade Java
a. Take a copy/backup of the Tomcat 5.0 \webapps\ and \conf\ directories.
i. By default: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.0\webapps\
ii. By default: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.0\conf\
b. Un-install Tomcat 5.0
i. Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Apache Tomcat 5.0 > Remove
ii. At the prompt “Remove all files in your Tomcat 5.0 directory?” select NO

c. Remove existing “JAVA_HOME” system environment variable
i. Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables > System
d. Un-install Java 1.4.2 (this will require a Windows restart)
i. Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Java 2 SDK, SE v1.4.2 > Remove
e. Restart Windows
f. Install Java 1.4.2_18 (j2sdk-1_4_2_18-windows-i586-p.exe)
i. At the License Agreement Panel, choose Accept and click Next
ii. At the Custom Setup Panel, set the Demos feature NOT to be installed

Redman Solutions Pty Ltd 4 of 5 Moonwalk Upgrade Guide
iii. At the Browser Registration/Association Panel, UNCHECK all options and
click Next
iv. At the Wizard Completed Panel, confirm Java 2 SDK was successfully
installed and click Finish
g. Set JAVA_HOME system environment variable to new path (default
i. Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables > System
h. Install Tomcat 5.0 to the same location as used previously
i. Run jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28.exe
ii. At the Choose Components screen, in the optional component section, select
Service. It is recommended to install the Tomcat documentation, but not the
iii. At the Java Virtual Machine screen, ensure the path is to the Java installation
directory (eg. C:\j2sdk1.4.2_18)
iv. When the install wizard has finished, confirm Apache Tomcat appears on the
services list.
v. Start Apache Tomcat service.
i. Confirm \Tomcat 5.0\webapps\ and \Tomcat 5.0\conf\ still contains Eagle files
and Tomcat security files. This will be the case if both:
i. “No” was selected at the prompt in step 1b, AND
ii. Tomcat was installed to the same location in step 1h
j. Restore Tomcat data (if necessary)
i. Stop Apache Tomcat Services
ii. Replace \Tomcat 5.0\webapps\ and Tomcat 5.0\conf\ with the directories
copied in step 1a
iii. Start Apache Tomcat Service
k. If the Moonwalk DR Tool is installed on a different machine (to that that runs
Eagle), please update the Java version used there.

2. Copy jncpv2r.dll (from Eagle directory on the supplied CD) to JAVA_HOME%\jre\bin
directory. (eg. C:\j2sdk1.4.2_18\jre\bin)

3. Place eagle_1_7_1_4.war in tomcat/webapps (it should get unpacked automatically
after a few seconds). If it doesn’t get unpacked, ensure the Apache Tomcat service is

4. Optionally, edit Eagle configuration settings.
Open tomcat/webapps/eagle_1.7.1.4/WEB-INF/web.xml in a text editor and change
settings as desired. See “Advanced Eagle Configuration Options” in the Moonwalk
QuickStart Guide.

5. Stop Apache Tomcat service

6. Transfer your previous frontend configuration to Eagle by copying the
'XMLFlatStorage' folder from 'tomcat/webapps/EagleData/' to

7. Copy your license.crt and auth files into the tomcat/webapps/eagle_1.7.1.4/WEB-
INF directory

8. Move 'tomcat/webapps/eagle_1_6_1_12' and 'tomcat/webapps/eagle_1_6_1_12.war' to
'tomcat/webapps.old' (you should only run ONE Eagle servlet at a time)

Redman Solutions Pty Ltd 5 of 5 Moonwalk Upgrade Guide
9. For Netware Sources, unzip Columbia for Netware on top of the existing installation,
then reload the mwi_clmb NLM. Be sure to update all servers.

10. If you are using Moonwalk Columbia Gateway for Centera access, upgrade both the
Columbia Gateway AND the Centera Plugin.

11. For Sources, upgrade to the new Columbia Agent by running Moonwalk Columbia

12. Un-install the previous Moonwalk DR Tool

13. Install the new Moonwalk DR Tool (Moonwalk DR Tool 1_7_1_4.exe)

14. Finally, start Apache Tomcat service