Documentum 6 Reviews from Early Adopters


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Documentum 6

Reviews from Early Adopters

Technology Services Group, Inc.

October 10, 2007

D6 Timeline

Release Program)

Software available June 6

RSP (Rapid Success Program) for D6

Participant Planning Jul 20

Dec 3

Standard Execution Dec 3

Apr 30

Extended Evaluation Aug 31

Sep 15


D6 Timeline

D6 Released August 31!

Upcoming Target Release Dates

D6 SP1
> before 2007 year end (12/3)

Includes Composer Eclipse IDE

TaskSpace (Transactional Content
Management solutions)
> early Q4


Documentum PREPP

Release Program)

TSG has access to pre
release version
of all Documentum 6 software

Migration Strategy

Upgrade client applications first

Repository configurations can be ported
between v5.3 and v6 repositories using
latest release of Application Builder

Windows server can run different versions
of DFC on same server (new in D6)


Documentum PREPP

Release Program)

WDK Application Install

(Webtop, DA, Web Publisher, DCM)

Requires 2 GB RAM on server per WDK

Requires access to D6 Global Registry
Content Server

New Supported Platforms

i.e. Tomcat 5.5, WebLogic 9.2, WebSphere 6.1


Documentum PREPP

Release Program)

Content Server Upgrade

Options for Upgrading

In place upgrade of all components (Database,
Operating System, Content Server)

Install D6 on new hardware with latest OS, DB,
etc. and migrate content into new D6 repository


Documentum PREPP

Release Program)

Content Server Upgrade

JMS runs on BEA, not Tomcat

Rebuild Full Text Index (Pre

5.3 SP2)

New Supported Platforms

i.e. Windows Server 2003, Solaris 9 / 10, Linux
4 / 9 / 10

i.e. Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2000 / 2005


Documentum RSP

(Rapid Success Program)

TSG is upgrading all of their Open
Source offerings to run on D6


Upgrading Custom DFC Applications

Update deployment package to include
DFC 6 jar files (No longer depends on
DMCL installation)

Java 1.5 Required by Newer Version of
Apache Tomcat


Migrating Webtop Customizations

Custom WDK folder can be migrated to
D6, however new D6 features may drive
necessary updates to customizations

D5 action pre
conditions vs. D6 presets

No streamline view in D6

Overriding entire configurations in D5 vs.
Modifying configurations in D6

D6 Right click and Hot Key support


Migrate Webtop Customizations

Compare XML Configurations


Migrate Webtop Customizations

Compare XML Configurations


Webtop Customization Example

Update any configuration node
overwritten by your customizations

Verify no changes to Java methods or
JSP pages being overridden


Snowbound Integration

Determine whether to take advantage of
any new features

Webtop Customization Example

Determine whether to take advantage of
any new features

Additional configuration tags available with

Change component scope/pre
to presets


Documentum 6

What’s Next to Evaluate?

Composer Eclipse IDP

10/1 through 11/16: Develop Documentum
application on new Composer IDE

Other New D6 Enhancements

Documentum Foundation Services

Documentum Web Services can not be created
from POJOs

How hard is it to utilize existing home grown
Documentum web services with new DFS

Full Text Index Enhancements


Forms Builder

Other New D6 Enhancements

How Can New Aspect Object Model
Architecture be integrated into existing
Documentum environments?

Task Space

Not Yet Released

Contact Info

Gretchen Sunko

Technology Services Group