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Next Steps

Getting Started - 5


Congratulations! If youve been following the Getting Started Series, youre well on your way to being
a proficient Xamarin.Android developer. Weve learned a lot in this series so far:

Xamarin.Android  What it is, how it works, what the toolchain consists of, and more.
Installation and AVD Configuration  How to install Xamarin.Android and configure virtual
devices for development.
Android Applications  How Android applications are composed, what Activities and Intents
are, and how to launch new Activities.

This, the final article in the series, serves as a targeted jumping-off point to help us on our journey
and offers pointers to guides and content depending on what were trying to accomplish.

Android Activity Lifecycle

The Android Activity Lifecycle guide should be considered a must-read when writing applications that
have any real complexity. It explains, in detail, the lifecycle of activities and how to code them so that
your applications are robust, responsive, and well behaved.

Configuring your Device for Development

Running virtual devices in the emulator is all well and good, but they can vary substantially from the
functionality of a real device. Plus, who doesnt want to see their application running in their hand?
The article on Setting up a Device for Development walks through the general process of how to
configure an Android device so that youll be able to deploy applications to it and use it to debug.

User Interface Guides

Android has a very powerful UI layout and control set. Layout groups are like canvases on which you
can composite other layout groups and controls. Controls in Android are known as Widgets and
provide standard and advanced control functionality such as buttons, date pickers, etc. The User
Interface section contains a plethora of guides that walk through a number of the various layouts and


Congratulations, if you started this series at the beginning, youve made it through the entire Getting
Started with Xamarin.Android Series. This article provided a quick list of additional guides to check
out as next steps in your Android development.