they are a package deal

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EMR integrated Medical Transcription Services

Electronic medical

records have taken the

world by storm and are regarded as an essential and
key element in the health care world. EMR/EHR applications hav
e a huge impact and define to a large
extent the way a health care concern functions.

There is an escalating demand among medical facilities
to adopt and implement EMR/EHR applications and the incentives offered in the recently enacted
HITECH act, has inc
reased the speed towards which health care facilities gravitate towards
computerizing their medical and billing records.

The advent of the EMR

There are newer and more advanced EMR applications ent
ering the market today and there maybe a
few more making their grand entry even as you read this! So where does medical transcription come in?

to put


simply ,
they are a package deal

Though EMR/
EHR applications

packed with

a whole
range of int
uitive, user friendly and highly sophisticated

the built in voice recognition software

is usually seen as
chink in the armor. The voice recognition software takes an inordinate amount of
time to get trained and
is highly interpretative. We all
know that no two human beings can speak alike.
As the VR software has limited vocabulary and capacity of identifying spoken words it leads to a lot of
confusion and errors in the text transcript.

The drawbacks
of Voice recognition Software

“He is a

smoker” instead of former smoker and “The pain is
” instead of vanished are just
a few examples of the glaring errors the voice recognition software makes with alarming regularity.

makes the service
s of a human medical transcriber indispensable. A medical transcriptionist can identify
and understand the meaning of the dictations within the context spoken in
and can proof read and edit
the medical documents unlike the voice recognition software.

Medical transcription and outsourcing.

has become an essential com

and a household name in the first world countries like
the United States of America and United Kingdom. India is a name to recko
n with in the global
outsourcing scenario as it is cost effective, provides high quality work and a quick and efficient turn
around time. But apart from producing good quality medical transcription work, it is mandatory for a
medical transcription firm to

ensure connectivity and integration with the EMR the medical facility
subscribes to. There is an awning divide between providing medical transcribing services and
integration support.

The need of the hour is companies that are well equipped to bridge

the gap
between the two.

Medicaltranscriptions services
: Where the twains meet.

iSource is a medical transcription firm that provides exceptional and cutting edge, medical transcription
EMR integration support. iSource pr
ovides integration with whole range EMR applications such as
Allscripts, eMDs, Medent, Nova Ris and even specialty specific EMR applications such as Valant that is
designed exclusively for psychiatry professionals. The state of the art, leading edge EMR in
package is offered absolutely free of co

iSource offers end to end medical transcription and EMR integration
support, so

the primary concern of a
health care facility is its patients and not their medical records

To know mo
re about the servic
es of Medical

services call Steve at