Title I Parent Involvement Plan - Seminole County Schools

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Seminole District

Title I LEA Parent Involvement Plan/Policy

The Seminole County School District Title I program promotes the belief that all children can learn and acknowledges
that parents share the schools’ commitment to educational success for all stu
dents. We recognize that a student’s
education is a responsibility shared by school, family, and community.



1. Involve parents in the development of the LEA
plan and in the process of school review and

1. The LEA
will take the following actions to
involve parents in the joint development of its Title
I Parent Involvement Plan and to involve parents in
the process of school review and improvement
consistent with Section 1116 of the ESEA:

The LEA employs a full time

Title I Parent
Involvement Specialist and has convened a
Title I Parent Team (Team Seminole)
comprised of a representative number of
Parents and Family Involvement Liaisons
from Title I Schools, which meets


times per school year to provide input into

the development and periodic review of the
Title I Parent Involvement Plan. The LEA
provides technical assistance meetings and
trainings for Principal’s and Team
Seminole members on NCLB requirements
and the process for distribution of Title I
funds to sc

The Title I Parent Involvement Team


which consists of school
based Title
I Liaisons, participates in monthly
technical assistance meetings and NCLB
workshops facilitated by the Parent
Involvement Specialist. The Parent
Involvement Team membe
rs form school
based Parent Steering Committees (PSC)
that meet monthly with the Parent
Involvement Liaisons to provide parent
input to schools on an as needed basis.

The Parent Involvement Specialist ensures
that Title I Schools invite 3

5 parent
sentatives per school from all NCLB
subgroups to participate on the Title I
Parent Advisory Team

. The purpose
of the PAT is to empower parents to
become knowledgeable about available
Title I services and enable them to provide
periodic review and inf
ormed input. The
Parent Involvement Specialist facilitates
monthly meetings, trainings, and
workshops for PAT members.




The Parent Involvement Specialist ensures
that the roles, duties, and responsibilities
for Team Seminole, PIT, and PAT
positions are cl
early defined by providing
to team members a very specific job
description. The job descriptions are also
made available to Principals.

The Parent Involvement Specialist
conducts monthly meetings with the PIT
and PAT to provide information on Title I
vices and other relevant programs,
including accommodations for ELL and
exceptional students.

The Parent Involvement Specialist utilizes
multiple surveys and a variety of settings
for soliciting parent representative input
(e.g., telephone, written, on
ine, steering
committees, focus groups, SAC Teams,
open house and community settings).

The Title I Parent Involvement Specialist
assists schools in effectively involving
parents in the review of student
performance data via meetings with parent
tives on Team Seminole, PIT,
and PAT members.

The Parent Involveme
nt Specialist will

two meetings during

in the Spring

with Team Seminole, PIT, and PAT, to

and make recommendations for
revisions of the

current LEA Title I
Plan/Policy, a
nd the School Improvement
Plan (SIP)

A copy of the Title I Parent Involvement
Plan/Policy and SIP will be made available
to the Title I Schools for review and input
by SAC committees.

The LEA provides technical assistance to
all Title I Principals and
ensures that the
Title I School Parent Involvement Plan is
available for parental review and
commentary (e.g., online and/or written
hard copy, School Advisory Committee
(SAC) Agenda, school newsletter and/or
website, open house, or personal parent




2. Provide the coordination, technical assistance,
and other support necessary to assist participating
schools in planning and implementing effective
parent involvement activities to improve student
academic achievement and school performance.

The LEA will provide the following necessary
coordination, technical assistance, and other support
to assist Title I, Part A schools in planning and
implementing effective parental involvement
activities to improve student academic achievement
and school p

Technical assistance meetings are provided
at the beginning and ending


each school
year for all Title I Principals and PIT
Liaisons to support schools in their review
of current FCAT data and the
development, implementation, and review
of t
heir Title I Parent Involvement School

The LEA provides


assistance and collaboration with school
parent involvement

representatives (PIT & PAT)

to ensure
NCLB Section 1118 requirements for
districts and schools are
met for the School
Improvement Plan, Parent Involvement
Plan, and School Parent Compacts.

The Parent Involvement Specialist in
consultation with the PIT and PAT
members recommends district training and
professional development for principals
and associate
d staff on interpretation and
implementation of laws. Additionally, the
Parent Involvement Specialist provides
opportunities for guest speakers and family
involvement vendor presentations at
monthly PIT and PAT meetings.

The Parent Involvement Specialist
provides “Train
Trainer” opportunities
for PIT members to enhance their abilities
to present parent involvement information
at faculty meetings and to integrate parent
involvement into in
service training for
based personnel.

The LEA reviews ea
ch Title I School’s
Parent Involvement Plan to ensure that
activities provide meaningful opportunities
for parents to gain the needed skills and/or
knowledge to become more involved in
their child’s education.

The Parent Involvement Specialist
participates in monthly regional
East Coast Technical Assistance Center
(ECTAC) family involvement team
meetings and through this process is kept
abreast of the most current research based



findings and programs for family

In addition

the Pare
Involvement Specialist currently
participates in


monthly year
professional development Parent
Involvement Leadership Initiative (PILI)
with the Florida Parent Information
Resource Center of FND (PIRC), in
collaboration with the Center for Pare
Leadership (CPL).
The m
onthly PIT, PAT,
and Team Seminole meetings serve as the
main forum for sharing

and disseminating


the Parent Involvement Specialist shares
information through informal means as
well and is avai
lable (to schools) for
consultation and assistance as requested.

Team Seminole members, PIT, and PAT
school representatives are invited to attend
Regional, District, and State sponsored
training sessions, workshops, and
conferences designed to support pa
involvement and strengthen student
academic achievement.

The LEA develops and makes available to
all Title I Schools a yearly updated list
describing all available parent involvement
workshops and trainings conducted by the
Parent Involvement Specia
list and other
Title I Teachers


The LEA ensures that all Title I Schools
submit to the Title I office each month a
Parent Involvement Activity Plan. The
Parent Involvement Plan serves as a school
/parent activities tracking form.
ly, the LEA requires sample
copies of flyers, agendas, and sign
sheets for all parent involvement activities
(e.g., Open House, FCAT Explorer Nights,
Scholastic Book Fairs, Math and Science

The Parent Involvement Specialist solicits
ations, ideas and suggestions
on parent involvement activities from PAT
members during the monthly meetings, and
provides a cumulative list to the PIT
liaisons for planning purposes.

The LEA funds opportunities for guest
speakers to provide parent involve
shops and trainings
and to purchase
scientifically researched based books and
materials on parent Involvement for

Title I





3. Build the schools’ and parents’ capacity for
strong parental involvement:

a. Shall provide assistance to par
ents of children
served by the school or local educational agency, as
appropriate, in understanding such topics as the
State’s academic content standard and State student
academic achievement standards, State and local
academic assessments, the requirement
s of this
parent, and how to monitor a child’s progress and
work with educators to improve the achievement of
their children.

b. Shall provide materials and training to help
parents to work with their children to improve their
children’s achievement, such

as literacy training and
using technology, as appropriate, to foster parental

c. Shall educate teachers, pupil services personnel,
principals, and other staff, with the assistance of
parents, in the value and utility of contributions of
nts, and in how to reach out to, communicate
with, and work with parents as equal partners,
implement and coordinate parent programs, and
build ties between parents and the school.

d. Shall, to the extent feasible and appropriate,
coordinate and integrate

parent involvement
programs and activities with Head Start, Reading
First, Early Reading First, Even Start, the Home
Instruction Programs for Preschool

Youngsters, the Parents as Teachers Program, and
public preschool and other resource centers that
urage and support parents in more fully
participating in the education of their children.

e. Shall ensure that information related to school
and parent programs, meetings, and other activities
is sent to the parents of participating children in a
format a
nd, to the extent practicable, in a language
the parent can understand.

f. May involve parents in the development of
training for teachers, principals, and other educators
to improve the effectiveness of such training.

g. May provide necessary literacy t
raining from
funds received under this part if the local
educational agency has exhausted all other
reasonably available sources of funding for such

3. The LEA with the assistance of Title I, Part A
staff will bui
ld the schools’ and parents’ capacity
for strong, effective parental involvement and
support a partnership among the school, parents,
and community to improve student academic
achievement by taking the actions and providing the
activities described below:

The Parent Involvement Specialist will provide
assistance, professional development, and
workshops for Team Seminole, Parent Involvement
Specialist, PAT, and parents of children served by
the school district or school, as appropriate, in
understanding top
ics such as the following:

The state’s academic content standards.

The state’s student academic achievement

The state and local academic assessments
including alternate assessment.

The requirements of Title I, Part A.

How to monitor their c
hild’s progress.

How to work with educators

No Child Left Behind/School Grades/AYP

A workshop overview of NCLB, FCAT,
Sunshine State Standards (SSS)
Benchmarks, academic assessments used
to measure student progress and
proficiency levels students are

expected to

FCAT for Parents
workshops designed to
familiarize parents with the Sunshine State
Standards Benchmarks and FCAT test item

FCAT for Parents
This workshop exposes
parents to vital FCAT information, such as
state laws,
test components at each level,
item format, practice items, and
preparation resources.

FCAT Explorer
Practice samples of




h. May pay reasonable and necessary expenses
associated with local parental involvement
es, including transportation and childcare
costs, to enable parents to participate in school
related meetings and training sessions.

i. May train parents to enhance the involvement of
other parents.

j. May arrange school meetings at a variety of times,
r conduct in
home conferences between teachers or
other educators, who work directly with
participating children, with parents who are unable
to attend such conferences as school, in order to
maximize parental involvement and participation.

k. May ad
opt and implement model approaches to
improving parental involvement.

l. May establish a districtwide parent advisory
council to provide advice on all matters related to
parental involvement in programs supported under
this section.

m. May develop approp
riate roles for community
based organizations and businesses in parent
involvement activities.

n. Shall provide such other reasonable support for
parental involvement activities under this section as
parents may request.


In carrying out t
he parental
involvement requirements of this part, local
educational agencies and schools, to the extent
practicable, shall provide full opportunities for the
participation of parents with limited English
proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents

migratory children, including providing information
and school reports required under section 1111 in a
format and, to the extent practicable, in a language
such parents understand.

FCAT strands.

Student Progression
Criteria for
evaluating student performance and
mastery of Sunshine State Standards (SSS).

t/Teacher Conferences
workshop provides tips and advice for
successful parent/teacher conferences.

Family and School Partnership for Student
Achievement Act
information for parents about their choices
and opportunities for involvement

in their
child’s education.

Dr. Ruby Payne’s Framework for
Understanding Poverty

a training
program designed to provide a series of
workshops using researched based
effective strategies for working with
families of poverty and utilizing successful
niques designed to improve the
academic performance of children from

The Parent Involvement Specialist will educate the
PIT and as requested, the entire school staff on how
to communicate and work with parents as equal
partners and how to coordi
nate parent programs
between parents and schools by conducting the
following professional development:

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
Parent Involvement/Engagement
Professional Development.

More Than Bake Sales
How to make
parent involvement happen.

Epstein’s Six Types of Involvement
Framework for educators to develop
more comprehensive programs for
building school

Anne Henderson, Beyond the Bake
Framework for educators to
develop more comprehensive

Parents and NCLB

A workshop
guide designed to enable parents and
faculty to better understand Title I.

Family Friendly Schools
an in
service for school personnel and front



office staff.

Parents and Teachers Helping
Students (PATHS)
How to develop
artnerships with parents.

Different Levels of Parental
Involvement (DLOPI)

A data
accountability system which measures
parent participation in relationship to
student performance.

The LEA in collaboration with the schools and
facilitated by the P
arent Involvement Specialist, will
provide materials and training opportunities to
foster parent involvement. To ensure effective
parent involvement throughout the school year, and
help parents work at home with their children to
improve their academic ach
ievement, numerous
parent workshops, and professional development
opportunities for family literacy, math, parenting
skills, and using technology, as appropriate, will be
provided such as:

Math and Parents Partnerships (MAPPS)
an English and Spanish prog
ram that
engages parents in school math.

Touch Math
A multi
sensory approach to
teaching basic mathematics in the primary
and ESE classroom.

Parent to Kids
an English and Spanish
take home reading program.

Families Building Better Readers I (FBBR)

English and Spanish program to
provide parents of at risk students in grades
3 with at home strategies they can use to
improve student literacy.

an expanded version of FBBR I
which includes a make
component in the five content areas

PASSPort to Success
an English and
Spanish program that empowers parents
with strategies to help their children
succeed in school.

a program developed to help
parents understand the impact of media so
they can make informed choice
s for their




Math and reading computer
software program.

All Pro Dads
strategies and resources for
getting fathers more involved in school


strategies, ideas, encouragement
and information to equip mothers to
sitively impact their children.

Title I Parent Involvement Conference
Annual opportunity for parents and school
personnel to attend training sessions
offering effective parenting strategies,
ideas, programs, and tools to improve
student academic achiev
ement and
strengthen parent involvement.

At the conclusion of all training sessions
participants are offered an opportunity to evaluate
the workshops as well as provide feedback
regarding their training needs.

Workshops are offered at school sites before,

during, after school, and on Saturdays, as well as at
community locations to accommodate the various
needs of all families. Additionally, workshops are
offered in other languages to accommodate the
needs of ELL. Childcare is provided.

The LEA will take t
he following actions to ensure
that information related to the school and parent
programs, meetings, and other activities, is sent to
the parents of participating children in a timely
manner, an understandable format, and to the extent
practicable, in a la
nguage the parents can
understand. Additionally, the LEA will ensure that
information is disseminated through various
mediums, such as;

(e.g., hard copy, student planners, on
automated phone messages, personal telephon
contact, post cards, mail,

chool marquee


4. Coordinate and integrate parental involvement
strategies under this part with parental involvement
strategies under other programs, such as the Head
Start program, Reading First program, Early
Reading First program and E
arly Intervention.

4. The LEA will, to the extent feasible and
appropriate, coordinate and integrate parent
involvement programs and activities in Title I, Part
A, with parental involvement programs and
activities with the following Departments and/or
grams: Head Start, Title I, and School
Readiness/VPK, and the Seminole Early Learning
Commission, by:

Parent Involvement Specialist will meet
with a representative of each



program/agency to provide an overview of
Title I Parent Involvement activities,
inings and workshops.

Parent Involvement Specialist is available
to present information about su
services, and disseminate age appropriate
developmental educational materials at



Parent Involvement Specialist will invi

Representative of each program/agency to
participate in Team Seminole meetings,
activities, and trainings.

Parent Involvement Specialist will


collaboration among Title
I/Special Projects, Community
Involvement, Professional Development,

Curriculum, Exceptional Student
Education, Safe and Drug Free Schools,
Families In Transition (Homeless), 21

Century Learning Centers, Voluntary Pre
K, and the ESOL departments. The focus
of the collaboration among departments is
to identify barriers t
o parent involvement
and identify strategies to overcome them.

The Parent Involvement Specialist will
communicate through e
mail and
distribution list
serves to disseminate and
elicit information from other parent
involvement programs. Additionally, the
arent Involvement Specialist will invite
other agencies and community business
partners to present their programs at the
monthly PIT and PAT meetings.

5. Conduct with the involvement of parents, an
annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness
the parental involvement policy in improving the
academic quality of the schools served under this

5. The LEA will conduct with the involvement of
parents, an annual evaluation of the content and
effectiveness of the Title I Parent Involvement
cy/Plan in improving the quality of Title I
schools. The evaluation will include identifying
barriers to greater participation by parents in
parental involvement activities (with particular
attention to parents who are economically
disadvantaged, disabled,

have limited English
proficiency, limited literacy, or (are of) any racial or
ethnic minority). The LEA will use the findings of
the evaluation to design strategies for more effective
parent involvement. If necessary, the Policy/ Plan
will be revised util
izing the following data sources:

Review of the following documents:
School FCAT results, Parent Surveys,
Parent to Kids (PTK) evaluation results,
pre and post test scores of PTK student



participants, Family Involvement
Workshop Evaluations, and Family
volvement Plan activity reports.
Feedback will also be solicited from Team
Seminole, PIT, and PAT team members.

Currently a regional team is developing
and piloting a new parent involvement
assessment (ToolKit), which is being field
tested with pilot gro
ups and will be
evaluated as a tool to further enhance the
LEA’s ability to monitor the effectiveness
of parent involvement activities. The LEA
will involve parents in the review, and
revision if necessary, of this Toolkit before
it is implemented.

The Pa
rent Involvement Specialist will
conduct a needs assessment with the PAT
at the first monthly meeting and will
up with an exit survey at the last
meeting and report results to Team
Seminole, PIT, and PAT.

The Parent Involvement Specialist
an audit checklist document to
the PIT members at the beginning of the
school year for use as a monthly guide in
meeting the current years NCLB Parent
Involvement requirements.

The Parent Involvement Specialist is
available to meet with Title I Principals

the end of the year and use an audit
checklist to evaluate parent involvement.

The Parent Involvement Specialist will
investigate and share with the PIT and
PAT members the viability of other survey
work done in the field of parent


Involve parents in the activities of the schools
served under this part.

6. To assist schools in the development,
implementation, and evaluation of their School
Title I Parent Involvement Plan, the LEA
offers multiple opportunities for parent
on as referenced in #3. In addition,
the LEA strongly encourages schools to
involve parent participation on Team Seminole
and PAT and in school level activities
designed to support and encourage a parent’s
ability to actively participate as a stakeholder
nd partner in their child’s education.