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This list has been adapted from one in the book
A Framework for Understanding and Working with
Students and Adults from Poverty

by Ruby K. Payne. (Copyright 1995 by Ruby K. Payne RFT Publishing)

1. Financial

having money to
purchase goods and services

2. Emotional

ability to choose and control emotional responses

3. Mental

possessing the mental ability and acquired skills, such as reading and
writing, to function in daily life

4. Spiritual

a belief in div
ine purpose and guidance.

5. Physical

physical health and mobility

6. Support systems

having friends, family, and other backup resources to access in
times of need (external resources)

7. Role models

having adults who are appropriate m
odels, and who do not engage in
destructive behavior.

8. Knowledge of hidden rules

knowing the unspoken cues and habits of a group.