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Kosciusko County Community Foundation

Non Profit Resource Library

Materials Available for Check Out

A Framework for Understanding Poverty Audio Kit:

This is a comprehensive workshop substitute! The kit includes 8 CDs of Dr.
Payne facilitating a live

workshop series. The workbook, the book, and also the
book Understanding Learning, and the companion workbook Learning
Structures, both also written by Dr. Ruby Payne. (replacement cost; $295)

A Framework for Understanding Poverty

by Dr. Ruby Payne
. This is the most
recent update of Dr. Payne’s ground breaking original book. (5 copies available)
(replacement cost: $22)

A Framework For Understanding Poverty Workbook

by Dr. Ruby Payne.
Includes charts, graphs, resource analysis, activities,
and note taking outlines.
(replacement cost: $7) (2 copies available)

Understanding Learning

by Dr. Ruby Payne

This book includes practical
strategies to help students learn content while building vital cognitive abilities.
(Includes key background

information about how and why these strategies work.)
91 pages. (replacement cost: $7)

Learning Structures Workbook: Understanding Learning

by Dr. Ruby Payne

Includes updated visuals of mental models and student pages for building
cognitive str
uctures, the basis for all effective learning. 141 pages. Replacement


Putting the Pieces Together

by Kim D. Ellis. This workbook is additional
classroom strategies that move elementary students’ thinking from concrete to
abstract. Helps
make teaching the how and the why of learning much easier.
(replacement cost: $10)

Cookin’ In the Classroom

by Kim D. Ellis
Contains innovative ways to meet
benchmarks and standards that spark the interest of students and teachers.
Includes everyt
hing you need to set up the program. (replacement cost: $7)

Meeting Standards and Raising Test Scores (When You don’t Have Much

Time or Money
) by Ruby Payne and donna Magee This 4 DVD set includes
resource manual and power point. Proven to signif
icantly raise student
achievement. (replacement cost: $795.00)

. Living On a Tightrope: a Survival Handbook for Principals

by Ruby Payne
and William Sommers. Helps school administrators balance educational
management, relationships, power and identi

Boys in Crisis: Hear Our Cry (
DVD and book available) Helps parents and
educators understand connect with boys. Case studies and creative solutions.

Replacement costs: DVD $99. Book: $22)

Teaching On Your Feet

by Rita Pierson, Ed.D.

This 2 audio CD set contains
inspiration and insights on becoming a master teacher in 10 lessons.
(replacement cost; $30)

Bridges Out of Poverty Audio Workshop
. 7 CD set. Focuses on the needs
of social service providers and other helping professi
onals in assisting people in
poverty. Bridges focuses on workplace issues with information about mentoring
and improving work performance. (replacement cost: $40)

Getting Ahead in a Just Getting’ by World Audio Workshop
. 3 CD set. Used
to train f
acilitators for Getting ahead Workshops. (replacement cost: $115)

Until It’s Gone: Ending Poverty in Our Nation, in Our Lifetime

by Scott C
Describes the “Circles” methodology of joining the resources of
individuals, organizations, commun
ities and government to eradicate poverty.
(replacement cost: $15)

What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty: Three Sermons

by Rev David Ellis. 2 CD set. Sermons on poverty. (replacement cost: $25)

Welcome to US Schools: A DVD Guide

for Spanish Speaking Immigrant


In Spanish with English sub titles. Includes orientation on the
importance of attendance, information on grades, the school culture, and more.
Replacement cost: $20)

Under Resourced Learners: 8 Strategie
s to Boost Student Achievement

Dr. Ruby Payne. Dr. Payne’s latest book, includes real world success sto
research and program examples. (5 copies available for check out)
(replacement cost: $22)

Hidden Rules of class At Work

by Dr. Ruby Pa
yne and Don Krabill. This
book is meant to show how issues of class determine one’s ability to survive in
the workplace, and to offer the tools necessary to move to a different level of the
organization if one so desires. (replacement cost: $25)