Science of The Total Environment

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Science of The Total Environment
Volume 408, Issue 21, Pages 4923-5164 (1 October 2010)

1. Editorial Board
Page IFC
Hazard/Risk Assessment of Human Health
2. Quantification of pathogenic microorganisms and microbial indicators in
three wastewater reclamation and managed aquifer recharge facilities in
Pages 4923-4930
Caterina Levantesi, Rosanna La Mantia, Costantino M asciopinto, Uta
Böckelmann, M. Neus Ayuso-Gabella, Miquel Salgot, V alter Tandoi, Emmanuel
Van Houtte, Thomas Wintgens, Elisabeth Grohmann
Human Health Studies
3. Cell type specificity of lung cancer associated with nitric oxide
Pages 4931-4934
Yung-Po Liaw, Tih-Fen Ting, Chien-Chang Ho, Ze-Ying Chiou
4. Noise, sleep and poor health: Modeling the relationship between road
traffic noise and cardiovascular problems
Pages 4935-4942
Aslak Fyhri, Gunn Marit Aasvang
5. Studying associations between urinary metabolites of polycyclic aromatic
hydrocarbons (PAHs) and cardiovascular diseases in the United States
Pages 4943-4948
Xiaohui Xu, Robert L. Cook, Vito A. Ilacqua, Haidon g Kan, Evelyn O. Talbott,
Greg Kearney
6. Lead exposure is associated with a delay in the onset of puberty in South
African adolescent females: Findings from the Birth to Twenty cohort
Pages 4949-4954
Nisha Naicker, Shane A. Norris, Angela Mathee, Piet Becker, Linda Richter
7. Vitamin D receptor haplotypes affect lead levels during pregnancy

Pages 4955-4960
Vania B. Rezende, Jefferson H. Amaral, Silvana M. Quintana, Raquel F. Gerlach,
Fernando Barbosa Jr., Jose E. Tanus-Santos
Ecological Toxicity
8. Effect of pest controlling neem and mata-raton leaf extracts on greenhouse
gas emissions from urea-amended soil cultivated with beans: A greenhouse
Pages 4961-4968
Joaquín Méndez-Bautista, Fabián Fernández-Luqueño, Fernando López-Valdez,
Reyna Mendoza-Cristino, Joaquín A. Montes-Molina, F ederico A. Gutierrez-
Miceli, L. Dendooven
9. Production of phthalate esters by nuisance freshwater algae and
Pages 4969-4975
Bakthavachalam Babu, Jiunn-Tzong Wu
10. Brain acetylcholinesterase, malondialdehyde and reduced glutathione as
biomarkers of continuous exposure of tench, Tinca tinca, to carbofuran or
Original Research Article

Pages 4976-4983
D. Hernández-Moreno, F. Soler, M.P. Míguez, M. Pére z-López
11. Combined exposure to cyanobacterial biomass, lead and the Newcastle
virus enhances avian toxicity
Pages 4984-4992
Jiri Pikula, Hana Bandouchova, Klara Hilscherova, V eronika Paskova, Jana
Sedlackova, Ondrej Adamovsky, Zora Knotkova, Petr L any, Jiri Machat,
Blahoslav Marsalek, Ladislav Novotny, Miroslav Poha nka, Frantisek Vitula
Environmental Sources
12. Hexavalent chromium in house dust  A comparison between an area with
historic contamination from chromate production and background
locations Pages 4993-4998
Alan H. Stern, Chang Ho Yu, Kathleen Black, Lin Lin, Paul J. Lioy, Michael
Gochfeld, Zhi-Hua (Tina) Fan
13. Impact of fugitive emissions in ambient PM levels and composition: A case
study in Southeast Spain
Pages 4999-5009
M. Santacatalina, C. Reche, M.C. Minguillón, A. Esc rig, V. Sanfelix, A. Carratalá,
J.F. Nicolás, E. Yubero, J. Crespo, A. Alastuey, E. Monfort, J.V. Miró, X. Querol
14. Greenhouse gases emissions and energy use of wheat grain-based
bioethanol fuel blends
Pages 5010-5018
C.C.O. Scacchi, S. González-García, S. Caserini, L. Rigamonti
Environmental/Ecological Change
15. Long-term trends and variation of acidity, COD
and colour in coastal
rivers of Western Finland in relation to climate an d hydrology
Research Article

Pages 5019-5027
Tuomas Saarinen, Kari-Matti Vuori, Erkki Alasaarela, Bjørn Kløve
16. Sensitivity of blanket peat vegetation and hydroche mistry to local
Pages 5028-5034
Bjorn J.M. Robroek, Richard P. Smart, Joseph Holden
17. Hydrology and water quality of the headwaters of th e River Severn: Stream
acidity recovery and interactions with plantation f orestry under an
improving pollution climate
Pages 5035-5051
Colin Neal, Mark Robinson, Brian Reynolds, Margaret Neal, Philip Rowland,
Simon Grant, David Norris, Bronwen Williams, Darren Sleep, Alan Lawlor
Environmental Modeling
18. Anthropogenic
I in the atmosphere: Overview over major sources,
transport processes and deposition pattern
Pages 5052-5064
H. Reithmeier, V. Lazarev, W. Rühm, E. Nolte
19. Which offers more scope to suppress river phytoplankton blooms:
Reducing nutrient pollution or riparian shading?
Pages 5065-5077
M.G. Hutchins, A.C. Johnson, A. Deflandre-Vlandas, S. Comber, P. Posen, D.
20. Gene expression programming for total bed material load estimationa
case study
Pages 5078-5085
Nor Azazi Zakaria, H. Md. Azamathulla, Chun Kiat Ch ang, Aminuddin Ab. Ghani
Environmental Processes
21. Topographic and spatial impacts of temperature inversions on air quality
using mobile air pollution surveys
Pages 5086-5096
Julie Wallace, Denis Corr, Pavlos Kanaroglou
22. Removal and accumulation of Cu, Ni and Zn in horizontal subsurface flow
constructed wetlands: Contribution of vegetation and filling medium
Research Article

Pages 5097-5105
Alessio Galletti, Paola Verlicchi, Ezio Ranieri

23. Evaluation of the particle measurement programme (PMP) protocol to
remove the vehicles' exhaust aerosol volatile phase
Pages 5106-5116
B. Giechaskiel, R. Chirico, P.F. DeCarlo, M. Clairo tte, T. Adam, G. Martini, M.F.
Heringa, R. Richter, A.S.H. Prevot, U. Baltensperge r, C. Astorga
24. Complex nanominerals and ultrafine particles assemblages in
phosphogypsum of the fertilizer industry and implications on human
Pages 5117-5122
Luis F.O. Silva, James C. Hower, Maria Izquierdo, X avier Querol
25. Estimating nutrient releases from agriculture in China: An extended
substance flow analysis framework and a modeling tool
Pages 5123-5136
M. Chen, J. Chen, F. Sun
Biomonitoring and Surveillance
26. An evaluation of teeth of ringed seals (Phoca hispida ) from Greenland as a
matrix to monitor spatial and temporal trends of mercury and stable
Pages 5137-5146
Aurore Aubail, Rune Dietz, Frank Rigét, Benoît Simo n-Bouhet, Florence
27. Municipal landfill leachates: A significant source for new and emerging
Pages 5147-5157
Trine Eggen, Monika Moeder, Augustine Arukwe
Nanoparticles and Emerging Fields
28. Fine particle collection of an electrostatic precipitator in CO
-rich gas
conditions for oxy-fuel combustion
Pages 5158-5164
Bangwoo Han, Hak joon Kim, Yong jin Kim