EU/ME 2007 Workshop Program

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EU/ME 2007
Workshop Program
co-sponsored by:
Workshop of the
EURO Working Group
„EU/ME, the European Chapter
on Metaheuristics“
October 4–5, 2007, Stuttgart, Germany
Workshop Program
Wednesday,October 3,2007
around 18:30 Informal get-together in the “Gasthaus Garbe” close to the University
Address:Filderhauptstraße 136
Location:See the green circle on the campus map.
Scientific Program
Location:H¨orsaal 1,Schloß Hohenheim.See the red circle on the campus map.
Thursday,October 4,2007
08:00–09:00 Registration
09:00–09:15 Opening
09:15–10:00 Invited Plenary Talk 1:(Chair:Martin Josef Geiger)
– Stefan Voß:Hybridizing Metaheuristics:The road to success in
problem solving!?!
10:00–10:30 K Coffee/tea break
10:30–12:00 Session 1:(Chair:Marc Sevaux)
– Kenneth S¨orensen,Patrick Schittekat:Determining a 3PL
transport network for a large automotive company
– Loukas Dimitriou,Theodore Tsekeris:Elastic Multi-User
Stochastic Equilibrium Toll Design with Direct Search Meta-
– Miguel Ortega-Mier,Alvaro Garcia-Sanchez:Locating a treat-
ment plant and the necessary transfer centers in a reverse net-
work using Scatter Search
12:00–13:30 Lunch break
13:30–15:00 Session 2:(Chair:Kenneth S¨orensen)
– Adil Baykaso˘glu,Mustafa G¨o¸cken:Simulation based Due Date
Assignment via Gene Expression Programming
– G.Yazgı T¨ut¨unc¨u:A Visual Interactive Approach to the Open
Vehicle Routing Problem Based on a GRAMSP Metaheuristic
– Jens Czogalla,Andreas Fink:Evolutionary Computation for the
Continuous Flow-shop Scheduling Problem
15:00–15:30 K Coffee/tea break
15:30–17:30 Session 3:(Chair:Walter Habenicht)
– Amir H.Meimand Kermani,S.K.Chaharsooghi:Application
of multi-objective ant colony optimization (ACO) on the project
management process (Case study of oil and gas project)
– S.Sena Da¸s,T¨urkay Dereli:Container Loading using Hybrid
Bees Algorithm
– Wouter Souffriau,Pieter Vansteenwegen,Greet Vanden Berghe,
Dirk Van Oudheusden:A Variable Neighbourhood Descent
Metaheuristic for Planning Container Transshipments in a
Train Terminal
– Adil Baykaso˘glu,Mustafa G¨o¸cken,Lale
Ozbakır:A Data Mining
Approach to Dispatching Rule Selection in a Simulated Job Shop
In the evening For the ones who are interested in the festivities of the “Cannstatter
Volksfest”,we are planning to have a joint evening on the “Wasen” in
Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt
Friday,October 5,2007
09:00–09:45 Invited Plenary Talk 2:(Chair:Walter Habenicht)
– Andrzej Jaszkiewicz:Metaheuristics in interactive multiple ob-
jective optimization
09:45–10:15 K Coffee/tea break
10:15–11:45 Session 4:(Chair:Andreas Reinholz)
– Adil Baykaso˘glu,Tolunay G¨o¸cken:Solving Fuzzy Multi-Item
Economic Order Quantity Problems via Fuzzy Ranking Func-
tions and Particle Swarm Optimization
– M.Taylan Da¸s,L.Canan D¨ulger:Particle Swarm Optimization
(PSO) Algorithm:control of a four bar mechanism
– Peter Demeester,Patrick De Causmaecker,Greet Vanden
Berghe:A Tabu Search Algorithmfor Assigning Patients to Beds
11:45–13:15 Lunch break
13:15–15:15 Session 5:(Chair:Andreas Fink)
– Roger Z.R´ıos-Mercado:Computational Experience with a Re-
active GRASP for a Large Scale Commercial Territory Design
– Heinz Schmitz,Sebastian Niemann:First Come,First Served -
Tour Scheduling with Priorities
– Vin´ıcius Jacques Garcia,Paulo M.Fran¸ca:Considering a hybrid
SPEA2-based algorithm for multiobjective restoration in electric
power distribution networks
– Andreas Reinholz:R(apid)-B&B:Integrating accelerated objec-
tive function procedures in tree search methods like Branch &
15:15–15:45 K Coffee/tea break
15:45–16:15 Closing and best paper awards