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Documentation Comments



Line Comments:

These are what we have been using and will
continue to use.


// The compiler ignores everything after the double

// slashes. These are single line comments.

Documentation Comments:

These are comments that can be read and processed
by a program named “javadoc,” which comes with the
Java SDK.


Creates formatted HTML files that document the
source code.

If there are documentation comments in the source
code, JavaDoc knows to put them in the HTML files!

To add documentation comments:

Use a forward slash and two stars to start:


Use a star and a forward slash to end:




* This is an example of a documentation comment.


Use documentation comments before:

Class Headers to describe what the class does.

Method Headers to describe what the method does.



* This class calculates the area of a Rectangle.


public class Rectangle




You can also add documentation comments
about a method’s parameters and its return

Use the following format for parameters:



Ex: @param intPNum1 This is the first number to be

Use the following format for return values:

@return Description

Ex: @return This returns the sum of two numbers.



*The sumNumbers method returns the sum of two numbers.

*@param intPNum1 This is the first number to be added.

*@param intPNum2 This is the second number to be added.

*@return This returns the total of intPNum1 and intPNum2.


public static int sumNumbers(int intPNum1, int intPNum2)


int intTotal;

intTotal = intPNum1+ intPNum2;

return intTotal;


To run javadoc, you can do it from the
command prompt on a source file:

Ex: javadoc Rectangle.java

To run javadoc on a project with multiple

click on the project name in Netbeans.

Select “Generate Javadoc.”

The JavaDoc will be created in the “dist”
folder of the java project.