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The Brave New World of Information Professionals:

Juggling Career Changes with

Robin Merrill

Elan Pharmaceuticals

SLA DPHT Meeting St. Petersburg, FL

April 8, 2008




How I got to Elan

About me: background as information specialist/manager at several
management consulting firms and other professional services companies

background in business research

little pharmaceuticals/scientific experience

MLS (Simmons College)

BA, German (Smith College)

Came to Elan October 2004:

recruited by SVP who worked at one of the strategy consulting firms and came over
with new CEO from Merrill Lynch

named Manager of Market
Competitor Intelligence within newly
formed Corporate
Strategy & Alliances, a new position

office located in little brick house in Cambridge, rest of small team in NY and SSF;
located with people from IR, marketing




About Elan

sized neuroscience
based biotechnology company headquartered in
Ireland with large R&D facility in South San Francisco

2007: $570MM revenues, 2,000 employees worldwide

4 marketed products: Tysabri (MS), Prialt (pain), 2 off
patent hospital anti

Pipeline and pre
clinical research programs in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,

Nanotechnology and contract manufacturing businesses in US and Ireland




Embedded in Corporate Strategy

My role is fully integrated into Corporate Strategy department:

participate in monthly conference calls

attend quarterly and annual offsite meetings

responsible for annual data budget, manage db subscriptions etc

based in tiny Boston office, have remote relationship with small team in NY, SSF

virtual collection

no “library”

formerly compiled weekly newsletter for team with edited therapeutic area/topic
news, company/partner financials and events listings (now use LexisNexis Publisher)

provide proactive/responsive research support for team

deal comps

pipeline products

company/competitor research and profiles

market research data

partner with Library, Communications, IR, marketing managers, scientists,
Legal, IT




Time of Turbulence

In 2004/5 Elan was in midst of turnaround, repositioning as
biopharma/nanotech company from a larger, less focused one

financial, legal, product challenges

new strategies and executive team in place

products sold off and several offices consolidated, shut down

Tysabri taken off market shortly after launch due to AE (since re

Stock price dropped 90% overnight




Impact on Information Services

Lots of data redundancies from legacy operations

Conducted company
wide global database inventory, partnering with Library,
Finance, other depts, sister company, overseas locations

Market Research dept dissolved

no longer relevant to refocused and slimmed
down company

took on information budget, slashed it to match current strategies and products

Commercial Library in San Diego was consolidated within S San Francisco
information center and office was closed, Librarian eventually left

S San Francisco R&D Library reported to 2 different depts, staff turmoil,
finally landing under my boss in June 2008




AIM Services is Born


EVP, Corp Strategy, Communications, Branding, Commercial

AIM Services

Named manager of Library in June, 2007

Manage 2 FTEs and a part
time contractor in SSF remotely from Boston

Responsible for budget

AIM enjoys top
level support and visibility




Promoting/Rebranding and Rebuilding AIM Services Continues

Team of 2 great new information specialists and part
time assistant

Increased presence on intranet, post filtered newsfeeds via LNP

Participate in weekly science group meetings

Adding more databases/subscriptions/alerts based on user feedback and
company priorities

person visits with R&D managers to assess info needs

Present at all new employee orientations in SSF, in
person & webex trainings

Focus on developing user analytics to guide decisionmaking

Processing lab notebooks and working with Legal on e

wide IP/corporate document archiving initiative

Implementing Quosa content management tool for Med Affairs, scientists, etc




Library/Cafe Redesign Underway to Bring Scientists Together in Library

wall between library &
cafe to be taken down,
space created for
quiet reading, playing
pool with scientists!




Takeaways from my Experience at Elan

Flexibility is key, “rolling with the punches”

opportunities come from challenges

Managing remotely is tricky

need for enhanced & constant communication with staff, travel, hiring challenges

Fusion of roles

both embedded and traditional

More partnering with other departments, not isolated

located with other groups

physical library as place for “knowledge sharing”

Need to keep abreast of clientele’s needs continuously, gather metrics and
change accordingly

level management support, flat hierarchy is best

I’m glad I didn’t leave when the stock sunk to $3!