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An Introduction to Guangzhou High-tech
Incubation Center (GHTIC)
Wu Yuning
Association of Guangzhou science and technology
enterprise incubator
Guangzhou hi-tech incubation center
Summary of Guangzhou

southeast of China

capital of Guangdong Province,the 3
biggest city
in China

with a history of 2219 years

average temperature is 20-22 centigrend

land area: 7434 square kilometers

total population: more than 100 million

52 colleges

GDP in 2005: 511.6 billion RMB
A profile to the Guangzhou scientific incubator
Guangzhou incubator’s statistics end of 2005:
The number of incubators 18
Floor space (10thousand m
) 66.2
Number of the enterprises 1072
Work force number 17327
Total revenue (million) 8587.61
Investment done incubator (million) 1644.62
Government fund & capital (million) 1055.80
Social fund & capital (million) 455.17
Seedling fund (million) 87.50
Guangzhou High-tech Incubation Center (GHTIC

Established in 1991 in Guangzhou

Subordinated to Guangzhou Municipal Science &
Technology Bureau

Aims to cultivate S&T enterprises, to promote
technology transfer

A state-leveled hi-tech incubation center

Deputy Director Member of SCICC

Secretary General Unit of Central & Southern China
S&T Enterprises Incubation Network

President Unit of Guangzhou S&T Enterprises

Guangzhou High-tech Incubation Center (GHTIC

Registered capital 186,901,000 RMB

General assets 300 million RMB.

Incubated projects more than 1,000

Incubated S&T enterprises more than 400

Total revenue 2.9 billion RMB,

Profit and taxes 280 million RMB

Enterprises under incubation 327
Incubating Area: 108,000 square meters in all

Our Team

Altogether 51 employees, including 2 doctors,

8 postgraduates and 33 employees with college
doct ors
pos t graduat es
col l ege l evel
ot her
Functional Departments

Technology Market Department

Enterprises Development Department

Administration Office

Comprehensive Services Department

Technological Consultant

Finance and Investment

Market Investigation

Personnel Training

International Cooperation

Technological Support

Technology Agent and Broker

Property Management
Enterprise of Exclusive Ownership, Holding
Company and Shareholders

Guangzhou International Business Incubator
Guangzhou Venture Capital limited
Guangzhou Rongke Capital Venture
Management Co. Limited
Guangzhou Technological Equity Market

Guangzhou Technology Industry Service
Institution entrusted by Guangzhou Municipal
Science & Technology Bureau:
Guangzhou Technology Market Center
Main Advantages

Economic strength

Coordinated industry environment

Big market

High credit

Development strategy: Manufacturing,hi-
S&T Innovation Environment

Biomedicine platform

Comprehensive service platform of S&M-sized

Platform of investment and financing

Information management system
S&T medium platform

Deputy Director Member of SCICC

Secretary General Unit of Central&Southern China
Enterprises Incubation Network

Guangzhou S&T Enterprises Incubation Association

Guangzhou Technology Market Center

Guangzhou Software Association

Guangzhou Venture Capital Association

Guangzhou Private Enterprises Association

Other Trade Associations
Technology Transfer Network

Exchanges with overseas incubators

International training courses sponsored by MOST

Sets up China-UK Cambridge Venture Park

Introduces foreign S&T enterprises and R&D
International Cooperation

Introduce foreign S&T enterprises and R&D centers
Beautiful Guangzhou
Introduction of Cooperation between
GHTIC & French Institution /
Asia-Invest Alliance

China Technology Intermediary Business Organization
Sponsored by

OSEO Anvar

Management Center of Innovation fund for small
technology-based firms, Ministry of Science of
Technology of China.


Six Chinese and one French technology intermediary
The 2nd Chinese SMEs’ Expo

Sino-French SMEs’ Expo

Sep.12-15, 2005
Sponsored by
Chinese Side

National Development and Reform
Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce,
State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Guangdong
Provincial Government

French Side

Ministry of Commerce, Finance and Industry

Total Number of SMEs participated
: 3500
Number of French companies:

Guangzhou High-tech Incubation Center &

Marseille Innovation
Signed a Letter of Intent
Photo taken on Sino-French Incubator Signing Ceremony
Visiting Guangzhou International Business Incubator

Cooperation Case I

Guangzhou Genewindows Biotech Co.Ltd.and French CAYLA-INVIVOGEN
Signed the Contract of Chief Agent

Guangzhou Genewindows Biotech Co.Ltd.
Founded in May 2002 in Guangzhou.
Scope of business: Life sciences lab products and chemicals etc.

Scope of products: molecular biology, cell biology,
biochemistry, immunology etc.

Clients: universities, hospitals, research institutes,
pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies

Distribution network: with headquarters in Guangzhou, set up
branch offices in Hunan, Yunnan, Guangxi and Shenzhen
Introduction of CAYLA - INVIVOGEN

5 rue Jean Rodier 31400 TOULOUSE
Brief Product Description
---Plasmidic expression vectors
-SIRNA expression system

cDNAs (ORF) and promoters
Selection antibiotics(hygromycin,zeocin, blasticidin
---Antimicrobial agents
---Transfection, reagents
---Microwaveable E.coli culture media

Guangzhou Baidi Bio-technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in Aug, 2001, with registered capital 70,100,000

Shareholders: Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Guangzhou
Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institution, etc.

Company Orientation: research, development and
industrialization of gene engineering, biochemical
pharmaceuticals, vaccine, biological test reagent and functional

Production Base: cover an area of 30,800 square meters with
high standard research space of 2100 square meters
Cooperation Case II

Guangzhou Baidi Bio-technology Co., Ltd. and French
SYNPROSIS Negotiate with Cooperation on Vaccine

Introduction of SYNPROSIS Company:

Specialized in research on protein synthesis and

French guest visiting Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Build Bridge of Communication and
Collaboration between French and Chinese
Guangzhou hi-tech incubation center

87578719 86-20-87502939


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