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First Annual Meeting

David Johnson, President and CEO

Indiana CTSI Annual Meeting

January 7
8, 2009


Indiana is a national leader in the life sciences, including a strength

in medical devices and equipment

Indiana is one of only three states (California and North Carolina, plus Puerto Rico)
to have specialized bioscience employment in three of four niche subsectors

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Equipment, and Agricultural
Feedstock and Chemicals (BIO/Battelle 2008)

Warsaw, Indiana is home to nearly half ($8 billion) of the nation’s orthopedic
device industry with over 20 major orthopedics device design, production and
manufacturing companies

Indiana is also a leader in cardiovascular and other medical devices with
companies, including Cook Group (the world’s largest private cardiovascular device
company), Boston Scientific, Roche Diagnostics, Beckman Coulter, and Hologic

Indiana has gained bioscience jobs at twice the nation’s average (BIO/Battelle)


Beckman Coulter (280)

Covance (1,000)

Dow AgroSciences (1,000)

Eli Lilly and Company (12,000)

Hologic (200)

Medco (1,300)

Roche Diagnostics (2,700)

WellPoint (4,500)


Zimmer (2,500)

DePuy (1,200)

Biomet (1,400)


Indiana University

Baxter Biopharma
Solutions (825)

Cook Group


Bristol Myers Squibb (300)

Covance (200)

Mead Johnson (1500)

Terre Haute

Eli Lilly and Company

Institute of


Boston Scientific (800)

Cook Urology (400)

UCB Group (360)


Eli Lilly and Company (800)

Purdue University

Purdue Research Park

Indiana’s life sciences leaders (and workforce)

What is

BioCrossroads is Indiana’s initiative to build on our life sciences strengths


By launching and
investing in new life
sciences enterprises


By partnering with
Indiana’s life sciences
research institutions,
organizations and state
government to build new


By expanding science
and math education in
grades K
12 and
higher learning


By marketing Indiana’s
life sciences industry

How BioCrossroads Works

WE CONNECT by creating new life sciences


Indiana Health Information Exchange, Inc. a non
corporation advancing a national model for the secure sharing of
clinical information among healthcare patients, providers and other
healthcare entities.


a new for
profit corporation that will market and
implement clinical messaging and clinical quality solutions to
communities beyond Indiana’s borders

Fairbanks Institute for Healthy Communities

an enterprise utilizing
Indiana’s vast clinical resources to gather comprehensive patient
clinical and biological information for the prediction, prevention and
treatment of disease.


advancing Indiana's strengths in drug
development and manufacturing through educational and workforce
development programs and regional collaborations.

Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention

a national
profit organization providing research and surveillance services
to sports and health organizations


How BioCrossroads Works

WE INVEST by forming venture funds to provide money for
new companies:

Indiana Future Fund I

a $73 million fund
(managed by Credit Suisse)

Indiana Seed Fund I

a $6 million “pre
venture” fund
(managed by BioCrossroads)

More investment funds coming in 2009

“I do great science but I didn’t know how to
structure a business...They were such
wonderful guides.”

Linda H. Malkas, CS
Keys Co
founder and Indiana Seed Fund

How does BioCrossroads measure success?

By putting Indiana on the national map of life
sciences, biotechnology, medical device and
health care information centers.

We start with a good map today…


9th largest life sciences employment sector in the U.S.

Metro areas with the largest total employment levels (greater than 10,000) in the BioSciences by Major

Subsector Composition, 2004.
Battelle “Growing the Nation’s Bioscience Sector: A Regional Perspective”


And now we have other national distinctions:

Indiana is a national laboratory for health care reform

“Health care modernization” will be driven by better clinical information, and
Indiana is a national leader in this field

Indiana has nationally
recognized health information assets

Regenstrief Institute

an internationally recognized clinical informatics and health
care research organization

Indiana Health Information Exchange

regional health information network,
started by BioCrossroads, is “the most advanced in the United States” (
Health Affairs
Aug. 2007)

, a newly formed spin
off from IHIE, will connect Indiana’s health information
exchange model to new communities outside the state

The NIH has recently made a Clinical and Translational Science Award to the
IU School
of Medicine

that will include a new
“health economics” platform

for enhanced health
outcomes, driven by the Regenstrief Institute and HealthCore, a health care subsidiary
of WellPoint

Indiana is a national success story for public
private partnerships

Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI)

IUSM, Purdue and Notre Dame

$25 million grant from the NIH to fund collaborative university
industry translational
research programs

Federal dollars will be supplemented by another nearly $60 million from IU and Purdue,
the State of Indiana, Eli Lilly and Co. and the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Inc.

The State of Indiana’s important and supporting role within the life sciences sector

Established 21

Century Fund through the Indiana Economic Development Corporation
(half of the 62 funded are life sciences companies)

Aligns economic development efforts with life sciences strengths (7,000 new life
sciences jobs; $700 million company investments since 2005)

Department of Workforce Development has targeted specific training programs to
advance Indiana’s biotechnology and orthopedics workforce

Indiana is a national leader in economic cluster development

Central Indiana

from West Lafayette (Purdue University) to Indianapolis to
Bloomington (Indiana University)

High concentration of both established corporate headquarters and start
up/entrepreneurial organizations

Central Indiana is home to a “$13.6 billion global life science hub” (Standard & Poor’s

Biopharmaceutical and medical device contract services

More than 50 biopharma contract development and manufacturing service providers
(CROs) are located throughout Indiana, with many medical device suppliers located
within the state as well

Warsaw, IN

Orthopedics Capital of the World

Warsaw companies account for ½ of the U.S. orthopedics industry annual revenues ($8

Headquarters for BioMet, DePuy, and Zimmer, supported by other major orthopedic
companies, including Symmetry, Paragon and more than 20 others

BioCrossroads is working on a collaboration industry with IUSM, Purdue and Notre
Dame for orthopedics research and innovation

Indiana is a national model for inter
regional collaborations

In a unique partnership, Indiana and San Diego working together to bolster
complementary strengths in biotechnology innovation: Indiana

development and manufacturing; and San Diego

biotech discovery

BioCrossroads is collaborating with CONNECT, the San Diego region's nationally
renowned organization of businesses and universities building 21

companies, as well as BIOCOM, the nation’s largest regional biotechnology
association headquartered in San Diego

BioCrossroadsLINX is working with San Diego and Indiana research institutions to
find additional areas of collaboration within biotech discovery and development

Indiana is a national destination for venture investment

In 2004, Indiana had no local VC community for life sciences investments and
attracted no national venture capital firms

Today, there are at least 18 angel, seed and venture capital funds actively looking
for deals in Indiana, including 7 now organized and based here and focused on
Indiana’s life sciences opportunities

2007 saw $136.6 million in venture capital invested in Indiana companies; a record
year and triple the amount invested in 2002

Indiana’s model for VC success is a unique, market
driven approach, bringing
together a diverse group of institutional investors focused first and foremost on

The Indiana CTSI will play a pivotal role in the success of


of our major
BioCrossroads Initiatives in 2009:

Catalyzing Indiana’s national strengths in healthcare information, health
outcomes and “healthcare modernization” (Mergetics/IHIE)

Accelerating translational research to inspire the growth of new
companies for capitalizing by our seed and venture funds (Indiana Future
Fund/Indiana Seed Fund)

Developing the research infrastructure to secure Indiana’s place as an
international center for biopharmaceutical development and
manufacturing (BioCrossroadsLINX)

Advancing collaborative, statewide innovation to support Indiana’s
unmatched capabilities in orthopedics (Orthopedics Initiative)