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Jeff Clark

Vancouver Investment Resource Jan 2012

Why Buy producers

Top picks Mid Tier


growth production 114% by 2014 production has been flat, good company,
low poltical risk….growth will kick in


65% by 2014, cash cost very low 50 dollar /oz due to copper

Franco Nevada
grow royalty company like Royal Gold better priced, if price of gold goes
up so will Franco

AuRico Gold 54% in two year, 80% by 2015, cash

Top Silver

Silver Wheaton very under value 80% by 2015

SilverCorp SVM beat by short sellers, going to be ok in C
hina 90% production by 2013

First Majestic Silver 300% production by 2014

y after sell off,

Do not trade b
y and take profits if up 30% or more……now is time to build core


Be patience

Tag Oil




Storage tanks divident payin
g stock

Africa Oil V.AOI

now at 1.71 wait 1.25 drilling in Kenya

East West Petroleum V.EW NOW 0.58 under .45 Romania

US Natural Gas Fund UNG 5.03 3

6 month play 5.03


Lion one V.LIO

700 gold /resource in Fiji massive bulk tonnage deposit. Yet

to drilled

Cadente Copper T.DNT

In peru massive copper, and got turn off of Peru clear take over candidate in year

High quality

Edgewater V.EDW

Gana… look very attractive

Geologix V.GIX

Getting good results, published larger and higher grade, may
be the sweetner to get

New Pacific Metals Corps V.NUX

Brought past producing mine, infrastructure in place, crashed in 2008 and got brought
out. Decided to go for bigger plant and stuff

Same chairman as Silver Corp, went down together and have reco


Sandsprings V.SSL…in Guyana geological phenomenal…. Ignored by investor, very
attractive deposit. At some point will take off

Guyana Frontier V.GYG

Silvercorp SVM

John Kaiser…..Bottom Fishing

Geologix T.GIX

Nevada Exploration Inc T.NG

new discovery technics Rod McCuman using in Nevada (US GOLD). Biggest personal
position hopes to retire, getting water samples throughout Nevada

Emc Metals Corp T.EMC

Rare earth metal, scandium for making airplane part lighter and stronger, $1,000/oz.

Makes Aluminum much stronger and keeps it light

First Point Minerals T.FPX

Very keen, on

getting nickel out, Resource es
timate coming out in month 1.50 by
june…..could be 5 dollar down the road

Verde Potash PLC T.NPK

Process revolution with potash, in


Probe Mines Limited V.PRB

PED coming out in month, could be a $6 buyout, 5 to 6 mill oz,

Dr. Berry

Start talking about

Midway Gold Corp MDW

World class project moving to production could be a $5 stock, ranking as non producer in
top group

hern Graphite NGC

Likes it a lot, 100% owned Graphite, Canada good infrastructure and stable country, new
wonder material, rare earth potential. Stock starting to get bid. Financial very sound
strong balance sheet, top 10% of mature companies.

Revett Min
erals Inc T.RVM

Best management team, turned around, world class best silver/copper mine in USA,
fighting for Rock Creek winning against environmental. Making money 15 mil/quarter,
financially stable, non diversifyed. Very high grades and take out candid

Terico Gold V.TEN

Incubator gold