Vision Recognition

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Vision Recognition

Neil Agarwal

Bailey Zhang

Zack Sorenson

Ben Schneider

What is Computer Vision?


Computational Vision

Attempts to understand visual perception and

Machine Vision

Attempts to create practical application for
computer vision

Vision Recognition & AI

Creating useful autonomous agents

Human/computer interfacing

Gesture recognition

Handwriting recognition

Passive observation & analysis

Understanding biological vision


GRACE the Robot

Converting handwritten figures
into figures usable by a computer

Current Implementation

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Types of OCR

based word recognition

based word recognition

shape recognition

Current Limitations of OCR

Underlines in text




Distortion of

Examples of OCR software

Calera Wordscan Plus 1.0

Caere Omnipage Professional 3.0

Xerox Imaging Systems AccuText 3.0

Current Implementation (cont.)


Floating, autonomous robot platform powered
by solar panels

Searches for birds using its vision system

Goes around, when its senses birds, bumps
them or shoots water at them

Floats in catfish ponds to protect the stock
which is frequently depleted by hungry birds

Successes in


Machine Vision, the name for Computer
Vision that is applied specifically to robots
or machines, is extremely relevant in

Most Computer Vision technology that
affects you is in fact Machine Vision.

Machine Vision and You

Machine Vision is being developed to control the quality
of products, detecting defects automatically

The technology is reaching a point where people can be
tracked in 3D, leading to more robust security systems.

And for your entertainment, Machine vision is being
developed to track actual movements, for more realistic
and exciting games

Other Machine Vision Fields

Agriculture, Architecture, Character
Recognition, Cultural, Forensic, Medical,
Image Processing, Reverse Engineering,
Military, Navigation, Remote Sensing,
Safety, Sports

Successes in Computer Vision

Computer Vision is broader than
Machine Vision.

There are many successes in Computer
Vision; many, many, many successes

Development/Successes in
Computer Vision Technology


General Successes

Marr’s Theory: shape info from images.

Marr’s Theory

The geometry

The reflectance of the visible surfaces

The illumination

The viewpoint

More Marr

Problems & Setbacks

Finding 3D objects in 2D images

Making raster images usable for a computer

Incomplete understanding of human vision

What’s Currently Being Done

Penn State Computer Vision Lab

Berkeley Group

Penn State

Hand gesture
recognition as
supplement to speech

Text recognition and
clarification in video.

Text Clarification

Possible example need for technology


Automatic detection of
human nudes

Image content

Image Content Analysis

Future of Vision Recognition

PC’s Recognizing Users (Microsoft Project)

When a user sits in front of the computer, it will
bring up his work, etc.

PC equipped with a camera on top

Long term: aiming for a system that can
recognize eye movements, so that software
could be controlled by eye movement

Only a couple years from reaching mass market?

Future of Vision Recognition (cont.)

Augmented Reality

Real world

Augmented world

Any Questions?