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Spri ng 2013

Pej man

Aghai i pour


Nei l Hanson

Patterson Employee
Training System

I ma g e S o u r c e: h t t p://www.mi d e a s t t i me.c o m/p a t t e r s o n
c o mp a n i e s s
o v e r we i g h t
r a t i n g
r e a f f i r me d
a t
p i p e r
j a f f r a y
p d c o/6 3 2 7/

Patterson Empl oyees are
requi red to compl ete a cer tai n
number of cl asses wi thi n the
company each year.

They currentl y have sof tware for
the purpose of regi steri ng for
cl asses and taki ng tests onl i ne,
but i t i s outdated and di f fi cult
to use.

Our goal i s to desi gn a new,
more modern system for
Patterson empl oyees usi ng
agi l e methodol ogy.


Nine different types of users based on their roles.

Switchable views among different roles (multiple roles).

Students are able to register for classes as well as drop them.

Ability to register as an Alternate if the class is full.

Multiple choice tests can be created, and subsequently taken
by students.

The tests may be timed if desired.

oth student and instructor are able to view grade reports.

Files may be uploaded to the database and accessed by

Project Overview (Functionality)

The instructor has the ability to track attendance.

Class schedules can be downloaded or sent via email as
iCalendar files. These may be imported into Outlook, Google
Calendar, etc. to show a graphical representation of the
student’s class schedule.

Students may be classified into groups based on their
Skillsets, Minors, or Teams.


authentication is used in the login process.

Project Overview (Functionality)

I ma g e s o u r c e: h t t p://mi c h a e l s y n c.n e t/2 0 1 2/0 4/0 5/t i p s
a s p
n e t
mv c
j a v a s c r i p t s e r i a l i z e r
q u e s t i o n s
a n d
a n s we r s

ASP.NET MVC3 framework

Front end : HTML

Javascri pt

j Query


Back end: C#

Database : Mi crosoft SQL
Server 2008

Database access : Enti ty
Framework ORM

i nterchange format: JSON

Wri tten usi ng Mi crosoft Vi sual
Studi o 2010

Technology Used


Database Overview

Created by MS
Visual Studio

The main challenge of this project was learning to use
ASP.NET MVC3, as none of us had any prior experience with
the framework.

Difficulties Faced

questions before we demonstrate the application?