Web Services Description Language


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Web Services
Description Language


Shiranchal Taneja


The Web Services Description Language
(WSDL) is an XML
based language used to
describe the services a business offers and
to provide a way for individuals and other
businesses to access those services

WSDL definitions provide documentation for
distributed systems and serve as a recipe
for automating the details involved in
applications communication.

What are Web Services?

Any guess?

Web Services

Definition by Microsoft:

“A Web service is a unit of application logic
providing data and services to other
applications. Applications access Web
services via ubiquitous Web protocols and
data formats such as HTTP, XML, and SOAP,
with no need to worry about how each Web
service is implemented.”

WSDL Structure









It is the container for all the data type

(For maximum platform independence, WSDL
uses XML schema syntax to define data types)


It defines the data format of each individual
transmission in the communication

Each message can consist of one of more
parts <part>.

Parts can be compared to the parameters of a
function call in a traditional programming


A description of an action supported by the

For each operation, we define

SOAP action

Input and Output messages



WSDL defines 4 types of operations

way: The operation can receive a message
but will not return a response.

response: The operation receives a
request and returns a response.

response: The operation can send a
request and will wait for a response.

Notification: The operation sends a message
but will not wait for a response.



each operation that the port exposes.

Messages that are involved with each operation



The message format and

Protocol Details for a web service.

It allows the reuse of the abstract


Is a single endpoint defined as a
combination of a binding and a network


It is the collection of related end points or

Where is WSDL commonly used?

WSDL is the cornerstone of the Universal
Description, Discovery, and Integration
(UDDI) initiative spearheaded by Microsoft,
IBM, and Ariba.

UDDI is an XML
based registry for
businesses worldwide, which enables
businesses to list themselves and their
services on the Internet. WSDL is the
language used to do this.