CIS 451: Web Services


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CIS 451: Web Services

Dr. Ralph D. Westfall

March, 2009

Web Services Are Part of .NET

data available through the Internet

converted into and sent as XML

could be sold to users, or used as part
of other applications

reservation systems

comparison shopping

business to business (BTB) transactions

setting up appointments, etc.

What Is a Web Service?

way of providing information over the
Internet that gets data:

from applications coded in different
languages and running on different
operating systems

in a secure way

in a format that can be used by clients
running on different operating systems

What Is a Web Service?

software that:

is available over the Internet

uses XML to receive requests and send

should have:

a public interface

ways for providers to publicize it and users
to find it

A Web Service Definition

, self
contained, modular
unit of application logic

provides business functionality to other
applications through Internet connections

applications access web services via
web protocols and data formats


no need to know how web service is
implemented by the provider

Definition (continued)

web services can be mixed and
matched with other web services to

execute a larger workflow

conduct a business transaction

Web Services Examples

web services can provide data to be
used by programs

stock prices, address validation, zip code
information, sales tax rates (differ by

web services search engine


limit of 5 queries per hour

Why Web Services? Technical

platform independent

reduce cost of providing information

reduce cost of acquiring information

from local systems or over Internet

read XML data rather than from a file used
by a particular operating system

reduce development time

Why Web Services? Business

make it easier to integrate business

increased automation of existing processes

developing new processes by combining
parts from other processes

Microsoft Office Bridge

connects Office applications (Excel,
Outlook (calendar), etc. to web services

runs with VS.NET 2003

also requires Windows Server 2003, Office
Professional Edition 2003, SQL Server 2000
(with recent service pack)

Microsoft Office Business Applications

(16 min)

Amazon's Web Services

What is AWS?

Create/ sign in to an Amazon Web
Services Account

Web Services Demonstration

Web Services Components


with diagrams

XML describes information sent (


tells what can do with it

web services description language


makes it possible to use them

simple object application protocol


could help find web services

universal description, discovery, integration


Universal Description, Discovery and

provides capabilities for:

describing services

discovering businesses that provide them

integrating services into applications

UDDI Benefits

for users

find services (like using a search engine)

figure out to use them

for providers

reaching new customers (global reach)

serving customers better

expanding product offerings

UDDI Resource Links

Network World
web page

includes Microsoft UDDI Business Registry,
UDDI Search Engine, UDDI Browser, etc.

hit counters on links show very little traffic

shut down its UDDI

in January




makes it possible for objects coded in
different languages to easily send and
receive messages from each other

developed by Microsoft

makes Microsoft operating systems and
languages more compatible with Java
applications over the Internet

SOAP Request & Response

UDDI Browser page

XML request

searching EDGAR for a specific company

XML response is
formatted into HTML

Google request and response XML code

(scroll to bottom of page)

more SOAP


Web Services Description Language

based on XML

describes type, format and capabilities
of information from a web service

how to get information from it

WSDL document structure

snowboard SOAP/WSDL example

Web Service XML Examples


web service returns XML

sample code puts XML feed into web page

custom control

to look up area
codes by zip codes


(service provider)


web services offer a lot of potential

up to this point, there has been a lot

than actual usage

being implemented more as an
tool within organizations
than in a
business mode

A Visual Studio Web Service

Create Web Site>ASP.NET
WebService>[rename] OK

Set Service.asmx as the Start
Page>Run the code>[enable
debugging]>OK>click Hello World
link>click Invoke

click Hello World link to see code and more

Web Services Tutorials

Creating and Consuming .NET Web
Services in Five Easy Steps

Using Web Services with VB.NET

Build Your First Web Service with Visual

Web Reference, ASP.NET Web
Application and XML Web Service

The End

following slides were removed because
of lower value to the presentation

Google Web APIs

can use Google as web service to
provide data to .NET programs

download developer's kit and sign up

usable with Java, Perl, Ruby, C#

supposedly works with any .NET


Activity: Web Services Contest

look at
Microsoft/Amazon Web Services
Developer Contest

identify issues

amount of prize?

other awards or incentives?

judging criteria

how much programming skill required

eBay's Web Services

Developers Program

eliminated costs on 11/14/2005 to
encourage more activity

too late to submit to
eBay Developer
Challenge 2006

Find an Idea to Build