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1.046 εμφανίσεις The mission of inlingua Metro New York is to provide the most effective language services for clients with professional, educational, business and/or social needs to communicate across language barriers.


Metro New York Language

New York and New Jersey’s experts in language and cultural solutions


mission of

Metro New York is to provide the most effective
language services for clients with professional, educational, business
and/or social needs to communicate across language barriers. These
services consist of cost
effective language and intercultural training and
translation and interpretation services, all specifically tailored to our
clients’ needs.


Metro New York draws from the resources of

International, one of the most successful language and cultural training
organizations in the world

with over 40 years of experience and 320
language schools worldwide.

have the strength of a global organization and its proprietary materials
and provide customer
oriented services with the knowledge of the NYC
and NJ market and its needs.

95% of our administrative staff members have a language, teaching, and
training background. Staff members who manage client accounts have
product knowledge and a passion for the field, and consulting with our
clients is never a separate service with associated fees.

Our native
fluency instructors are not hired until they successfully
complete a rigorous, comprehensive pass/fail training program.

Our services include accounting reports for our clients to help them
manage and track their investment.

We have three language schools in the metropolitan area (one in New
York City and two in New Jersey) and can provide centralized services for
the area and throughout the country.

Why are we unique?



No More False Starts or Unsuccessful Attempts

Have you tried to learn a language before?

Was it an unpleasant process where you memorized vocabulary and grammatical
rules such as how to conjugate verbs?

When you finally got a chance to speak the language, was it hard to say more than
a few words or string together a sentence?

If this sounds like your experience (or you avoided learning a language altogether)

You Are Not Alone!

Many people who come to

have had unsuccessful attempts at learning a
language in the past due to outmoded, “tried and true” language learning
techniques. That’s why we developed the unique

method to help you
learn a new language

quickly, painlessly, and successfully

A Dynamic and Practical Approach

The proven

method uses a dynamic and practical approach to learning a

an approach that focuses on the functional aspects of a language, not
the dry, technical details. Rather than memorizing long lists of vocabulary words
or reverting to word
word translation, you will gain skills in practical, real
world situations and be personally coached on accuracy, fluency, and

Foreign Language Training for Business

It’s all about respect.

It’s easy to make the assumption that your employees don’t need to learn
another language to do business with foreign colleagues and clients because
English has become so prevalent. While English is widely spoken worldwide,
foreign language training for business professionals can be critical to both
individual and organizational success.

Learning the language of clients and
global partners demonstrates respect for their language and culture, and
respect is a key component in building relationships and trust. The very
prevalence of English around the world makes your gesture even more

Foreign Language Training for Social and General Purposes

Whether you want to learn a language for travel, relocation abroad, test prep,
tutoring for your child, conversation with your new in
laws or friends, or for
personal enrichment, we can help. Our classes are conversational, dynamic, and
fun. Our instructors are dedicated, kind, and very helpful.

They are always
happy to include cultural tips and etiquette in their classes.

And unlike self
teaching tools, live instruction fosters a rapport between teachers and students
that facilitates the learning process.


Translation Services for Business


Translation Service prides itself on three important premises:

Quality translations executed by professional language translators who have
specific expertise in a wide variety of industries

The commitment and capability to carry out on
time delivery

Excellent customer



has extensive expertise in all forms of language translation. The
languages we translate range from the romance languages to the more
diversified and remote languages.

Adapting to the culture (Localization)


Translation Service has an excellent reputation for language
translations that capture the culture and localization of the particular
language and material, as well as the vocabulary and syntax. Our clients
request our services time after time because of the end product that we
deliver and the feedback that they receive.

Cultural Competency for Business Professionals

Cultural competency is critical to doing business successfully in
cultural organizations.


Metro New York we understand that language and culture are
entwined, and that intercultural competency is an important skill in our
increasingly global business world.

Our cultural competency for business
programs are designed to equip professionals and leaders today with the
cultural knowledge needed to work effectively in multi cultural

Our consultants and trainers work closely with our clients and pre
program questionnaires are given to participants to ensure highly
customized training in

cultural competency for business. Participants in

cultural competency programs will gain the ability to effectively
navigate a variety of business situations with cross
cultural competency.

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