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New Member

LifeTime Swim Club (LTSC) New

Welcome New Parents to LifeTime

Fitness Swim Club! We are so excited to have you join the swim
team. This informational packet was created by the LTSC
Core Group
as a guide to help you navigate
through all the things you’ll need to know to get your swimmer(s) off to a great start.

f you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any of the
parents. Contact
information is provided
on the last page of this
packet for your convenience.

Again, welcome to LTSC

we wish you and your swimmer
the best of luck.

rtant Links

LTSC Team Unify site:

Official LTSC S
wim Gear (Elsmore Swim Shop):

use Elsmore

link provided on Team Unify home page

Mobile Applications:

On Demand Parent and Meet Mobile (mobile applications for tracking meet
information real

Colorado Swim:

USA Swim:



The LTSC coaching staff wants to ensure that the first meet you attend is a great experience for you and
your swimmer. Once the coaching staff determines that

your swimmer is ready to participate in a meet,
they will coordinate the assignment of a LTSC Core parent to act as a mentor for you. The LTSC Core
parent (and their swimmer) will attend the upcoming meet with you and guide you from the beginning,
registration, through to meet completion. Having a mentor and contact point will help alleviate
any questions or concerns that may arise.

As a new LTSC member, you should receive access to the Team Unify website to register your
swimmer(s) in upcomin
swim meets

The LTSC team website is:

ut and paste the above URL to access the Lif
eTime Colorado Swim Team site.

As sw
im meet registrations approach, you will receive a
n informational e
requesting you to
, or not commit your swimmer in the upcoming
. Appendix A shows you
two examples
the informational e
mail. Follow the directions as noted in the
mail and you should be set. You can go
to the Events/Meets tab from the website to review upcoming meets at any time. Once your swimmer
is committed to a meet

events, the LTSC coaching staff will approve the events
you’ve signed up fo

Swim Checklist

Below are some of the items you should bring with you to every event:


2 goggles (just in case a strap breaks)


3 towels (you’ll want to keep your swimmer warm in
between events)


Spare swim cap


Sharpie, Pen/Pencil and Highligh
er (these
are for the parents)



$10 (for meet program)


Change of clothes for after the meet (most venues provide showers for your swimmer)





Blanket (opt)


Chairs (some venues have limited bleacher space so it is always a good idea

to have chairs


Games or cards (some
meets will have a large number of swimmers so keeping our swimmer
occupied during down time is always a good idea)

Your swimmer(s) will burn a lot of energy throughout the day so bring snacks that
will help

Below are a few suggestions:


Water, water, water






Energy bars/Gatorade



Most venues provide a concession stand but it is always a good idea to bring snacks you know your
swimmer(s) will actually eat.

Tracking Events

On the

Team Unify website under the Events/Meet tab, you can pull up meet information and view the
meet details

such as
location, warm
up times, etc.

This is usually
provided as a link within the Swim
Meet summary

Swim meets can be fast
paced so you want you
r swimmer(s) ready to go when their events are up.
When you enter a venue find the “First Call” / “Last Call” signs. These are vital pieces of information

that will help you track how the meet is progressing and when your swimmer(s) needs to head
over to

the Heating Area.

To help you and your swimmer(s) remember what events they are swimming, when
they are
swimming, and where
they are swimming
, it is a good idea to write your swimmer’s
on their arm or leg with a Sharpie. This
is something most kids look forward to … writing on themselves
without getting into trouble.

program will provide you with all the
information you’ll need. A sample program is provided
which contains:
events, heats and lanes for every swimmer registered to swim.

Appendix B shows you a sample of what you’d write on your swimmer.

Before and after each event, your swimmer should stop over and see the coach. This is a great
tool for receiving reminders

on technique before the event, and gaining valuable feedback on
things they could have done differently after their event such as starts, turns, etc.

Additional Items

We encourage you to review the official USA Swim, Colorado Swim and LTSC web sites
. UR
Ls are at the
beginning of this packet as well as links to these sites from the LTSC Team Unify home page.
There is an
abundance of information

that we must adhere to with regards to conduct, eligibility, swim
ts, rules
and regulations, etc. If at any

time you have questions regarding any information please let us know.

ppendix A

Joe & Samantha

registration deadline

for the
HRA Sprint Open (Feb 8 ~ 10, 2013)

swim meet is just around
the corner and we are asking that you login to declare whether or not you're going to the meet. If you
are going, you will need to declare by the
registration deadline, 01/12/2013

The process is simple. Click the following link

and once you have signed in, you will be brought to a
webpage on our team website that will allow you
to commit

not commit

your child to the meet. If
you have more than one child swimming you will see them listed on this page.

Here are the steps if you

Click on the Member Names [they default to Not Committed]

Then click on
the Signup Record pull
down and select

If No, just click on the [Save Changes] button to save the changes

If you have more than one child, repeat the same task as listed above

Here are the steps if you

Click on the Signup Record pull

select Yes

Once yes is selected, you will see the events your child

be eligible to swim

You will also see the best times inserted into the Entry Time field and highlighted in yellow

Check the Checkbox to the left of the name for those events yo
u would like to swim

Please take careful notice of the time standards that must be met in the right
side columns

Once you have finished, click on the Submit Button in the lower right

Repeat the process for additional swimmers

You will notice that Coach

Approval column will indicate Pending after you submit

Please pay careful attention to:


Maximum Event Entry Limitations IF PRESENT. Click on the >>View if present.


Add any notes that you want the Coach or Administrator to see

Your coach or team admi
nistrator will review your declaration and APPROVE or REJECT your
request and once they submit the final choices you will be able to review by signing in and clicking
on the Attend This Event button for any events listed on our team website.
Look at the Co
Approval column for the events that you have been confirmed to swim.

Thank you,

Life Time Colorado Swim Club

Life Time Colorado Swim Team

[Life Time Colorado Swim Team Event]

HRA Sprint Open

Joe & Samantha

Here is the upcoming event information:

Event Name:

HRA Sprint Open

Event Date:

Feb 8 ~ 10, 2013

Registration Deadline:

Jan 12, 2013



Visit Us Online at:

Powered By

Appendix B

The following is an example of what you’d write on your swimmer’s arm or leg (someplace that they can
read) based on the sample program.

Stroke abbreviations: FR

Freestyle, BK

Backstroke, BR

Breaststroke, BF

Butterfly, IM


t you’d write on your swimmer (based on the Meet Program)




100 FR




50 BF




50 BK




100 BR




This information easily tells you and your swimmer the stroke, event number, heat number and lane
ent. First Call/Last Call signs will be posted by event number.

Appendix C

Contact Information

LTSC email address
mail address for coordinating events such as meetings, fund
raising, team
parent communications, etc.

LTSC Facebook account:

informal parent communication

Need to create an account


Angela Baker (Core Parent)


Jodi Bochert (Core Parent)


Leslie Echelberger (Core Parent)



Melissa Effland (Core Parent)


Eric Godsman (Head Coach)


Sarah Spray (Department Head)


Tina Wurgler (Core Parent)


Appendix D

Swim Level Information and Swimmer Progression

Life Time Swim Club

Westminster, Colorado



Swimmers continue to perfect strokes while putting in more and/or longer
practices. Swimmers are introduced to more challengin
g meets, along with skills
that will help them to be more successful at these meets, such as advanced starts,
turns, and stroke development.

It is not unusual to have many of the top 8 year old swimmers in the state in this
group, along with near
silver state swimmers in the older divisions. Swimmers are
encouraged to attend 3 or more days of practice per week. This group is mainly for

swimmers (age 5
8), but is open to all ages (5 and up) for swimmers in the
beginning stages of competitive swimming.

Swimmers should be able to:

Demonstrate correct form for turns, kick
outs, flip turns, and starts
with few to no mistakes

Complete an
entire 1 hour and 15 minute practice in the colder 50
meter pool at Lifetime Fitness

Be willing to participate in at least 2 swim meets per month

Complete 8 x 50 yard freestyle on the 1:25 interval with a flip turn
and one
handed reaching finish

The coach

may also want to see the swimmer’s form on a 100 IM during practice
to see if they have the necessary skills to move up to the Silver team.

The coaching staff will move swimmers up to the next level in August/September
or March/April.

*All interval ti
mes are subject to change at the discretion of the coach.

Practices: 4:00

4:45pm, Monday



Swimmers have mastered all four strokes and continue to work on adding distance
and speed to their work outs and race strategy without br
eaking down in their
ability to maintain proper form when breathing (in fly and freestyle), excelling in
their turns, streamlines, starts, etc.

Many swimmers in this group have had success at swim meets and are beginning
to work their way up through the
swimming ranks. Practices still focus on stroke
work, starts, turns, finishes, but are run in a manner that encourages success. In
addition, practices will focus on individual strengths and weaknesses.

This group is mainly for swimmers that are mature
(age 8 and up) in their
swimming skills and have had experience with swimming in order to understand
all rules and regulations for all swimming strokes.
Swimmers are encouraged to
practice 4
5 days per week or more, and be able
to compete at least 2
4 tim
er per
month with the team.

In order to move up from the Silver to Gold, these swimmers must be able to:

Complete 8x100 meter freestyle on the 1:30 interval

Complete 5x100 meter IM on the 1:40 interval

Made 5 or more Silver State Cuts or 1 or more CSI
State Cuts

The coaching staff will move swimmers up to the next level in August/September
or March/April.

*All interval times are subject to change at the discretion of the coach.

Practice: Monday

Friday 4:30



y, this is the highest level on the Lifetime Swim team. Swimmers at this
level achieve the highest ranks in swimming, with many qualifying for CSI State
and regional (Zone/Sectionals/Junior Nationals/Senior Nationals) meets.

Swimmers in this group have d
edicated themselves to swimming and are
committed to becoming the best they can be by continuing to build on their race
strategy, understanding their strengths and weaknesses in stroke techniques, starts,
turns, break outs, breathing patterns, race strateg
y, and finishes.

Swimmers practice 5 days per week and attendance at major meets is required.
These swimmers should expect to attend at least 2
4 meets per month.

These swimmers are the leaders of the team and are expected to represent LTSC in
the most

positive light. They are willing to come prepared and early to all
practices, and are also encouraged to be ambassadors to the sport by taking roles
that can help to develop the sport of swimming by either taking on roles as mentor
to younger swimmers or
by volunteering their time to represent the state of
Colorado as athlete representatives to USA Swimming.

Practice Monday
Friday 5:00

7:00am (and/or Mon
Fri at the same time as Silver


Appendix E

Parent Expectations and Team Policy

Life Time Swim Club

Westminster, Colorado

1) Parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer their time to help with the
development of the team (LTSC Core Group volunteers) through swim meet
assistance, setting up, safety chairman, referee, meet
official, etc., fundraisers, end
of season banquet, or other team activities that require planning, set up and clean

2) Parents must sit in the stands/chairs at practice and are NOT allowed to stand
over the pool. Please drop off your child and refra
in from coaching your child
from the side or the chairs. Each swimmer needs to focus on one coach and should
never be distracted during practice with presumed helpful behaviors by parents.
Parents should support their children by encouraging them during r
aces, after
races, and at home after practice. Please talk with the coach before or after practice
via phone, email, text message, etc.

3) Parents need to refrain from trying to coach your child or other children during a
swim meet or at swim practice.
Allow your child to have some space away from
parental criticism when swimming.

4) Videotaping, pictures, or other distracting behaviors during practice is NOT
permitted at any time. Video and pictures are allowed at swim meets as long as
you disable your flash and do not stand in front of other coaches, safety marshals,
timers, or o
fficials during the meet. This is based on USA Swimming rules and
regulations and MUST be adhered to at all times.

5) Never approach meet management, officials, or safety marshals during a swim
meet. Communicate all suggestions and questions to LTSC sw
im coaches only.

6) Parents need to communicate in writing (30 day notice is required), of a
voluntary resignation from LTSC.

7) Parents need to show respect to all parents, coaches, swimmers/athletes,
competitors, teams, officials, directors, board me
mbers, and patrons of Life Time

Fitness at all times.

8) Parents are not to "friend" any youth (Under age 18) swimmers on Facebook or

Twitter as restricted by law. This does not include your own children. Privacy and
safety is very important for all swi
mmers and needs to be respected through best

9) Please do not attempt to engage the coaching staff in conversation while they
are on
deck during practice. This is distracting for both the coaches and
swimmers. If you need to talk with a coach
, please either call/text a coach, email a
coach, or wait and plan a meeting time with a coach after practice is over and the
kids are away from the pool. Communicate via email, text, or voicemail if you
need to set up a specific time to talk with the coac
h. Coaches are typically
available a few minutes (10
15minutes) after practice, or in between practices, if
another coach is available to get the next group started.

10) Please talk with the coaches or LTSC Core members about any suggestions or
concerns y
ou have for improvement outside of swim meets and practice times.

We encourage communication to create positive swimming experiences.

11) Parents need to avoid any negative talk about the facilities we swim in for
practice or swim meets, other parents, Li
fe Time Swim Club, competitors, coaches,
athletes, or LTSC Core members.

12) Parents must abide by all rules, expectations, regulations and policies of USA
Swimming, Colorado Swimming, Inc., and the Life Time Swim Club. Athletes and

Parents will be reprim
anded for failure to follow all of these guidelines.
Continuous violations of these expectations will result in an involuntary
resignation from the Life Time Swim Club (LTSC). We will adhere to a three
strikes and you are out rule for continued violation
. The final decision will be at
the discretion of the coaching staff and LTSC Core members based on the severity
of the violation, and will be discussed by all parties before making a final decision.
The coach and LTSC Core group will use fairness and dis
cretion when deciding on
the penalty that will be used to prevent any further violations from happening.

13) Parents must keep their accounts with USA Swimming and Life Time Fitness
in good standing. Please make payments on time each month and keep us inf
of new address, phone number, email, etc.

14) Parents forfeit any meet fees if a swimmer is pulled from a meet in which they
have already been committed and entries have been submitted to the hosting team.
In the event LTSC is unable to secure a sp
ot in a meet, funds will be placed on
hold to be used for future meet events.

15) Parents (and swimmers) may be asked to sign a waiver that is specific to the
LTSC Team Policy. This will be used to document that each swimmer/parent that
has joined the team

understands the rules and regulations of the LTSC swim team.


Parent Expectations and Team Policy

Life Time Swim Club


I have received and read the Parent Expectations and Team Policy for Life Time
Swim Club, Westminster, Colorado. I understand the expectations and policies
contained in this document and agree to comply with them. I understand that
failure to adhere to t
he expectations and policies could result in the involuntary
dismissal of my swimmer(s) from the LTSC swim team.


Parent/Legal Guardian Name


Swimmer(s) Name



Please sign and return this form to the Life Time Department Head of Aquatics,
Westminster, Colorado

Acceptance of this policy is permitted electronically to: