Guidance on tendering for G-Cloud Framework ii

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Guidance on tendering for G
Cloud Framework ii

The following detail provides some

on how to apply and
respond to

the G
Cloud Framework.

for detailed guidance please contact Government Procurement Services

, and keep an eye on their G
cloud blog at

If you would like to apply to tender on the G
loud Framework ii, you first need to register on the GPS
eSourcing portal at

Click on the link “
Register for GPS

” which will

a pop
up window

(check your browser blocker)

which looks like
the form show

here on the right.

You may need to search for and acquire a Dun &
Bradstreet (DUNS) Number for you
r business in order to

the form, and ther
e are instructions to help
you with this.

Once the form has been completed and
sent you will then be sent user name and password
details. At this point you are then registered on the
eGPS portal

but there will be no RFPs or tenders showi
ng when you log

You must then send an email to

requesting interest in


Framework ii

Once you have received confirmation of this request you can then log into the eGPS portal and you will
see the G
Cloud RFP loaded.

Click on the link and follow the instructions to download the zip file of
attachments which contains the ITT, the G
Cloud Fr
amework contract and other response
documentation, spreadsheets and guidance.

Any issues up to this point then contact the G
cloud team

The ITT provid
s all

the detail of how to respond and what all the Schedules and attachments mean.

you need to query any of the documentation or have questions related to your response then the best
course of action is to submit a clarification question

through the
GPS portal
, and these will be answered
by the G


You can also use this mechanism to ask questions about the Framework contract

There are deadlines for clarification questions related to the Framework contract as well as
the tender

response itself. The final deadline for submission of your tender is 11

July 2012.

If you have any questions related to Microsoft Office365, Azure or CRM Online Service and how they
interact with your service then please contact your Microsoft Partner
Account Manager who can liaise
with the team responsible for the Microsoft response to G

However, there are few points


If your services are related to consultancy, i.e. cloud deployment, migrations, assessments, project
management etc.,
then these can be submitted
as part of your Lot 4 Specialist Cloud

If you are providing a SaaS style service
(Lot 3),
which uses Azure

to support

an app or service which calls
upon Azure compute services, then it is important to only
submit details of the service or app th

relates to the service you are providing. You do not need to provide detail regarding Azure itself, as
Microsoft will be providing that detail.

In some cases, Azure will be completely hidden from view in the
or service you provide, and therefore you only need to consider the details of the app or service you
provide and the associated pricing.

However, i
n some cases the Azure services may be purchased
separately from the app or service you provide, in which


do ensure you only provide the price for
your element of the app or service, as the customer will procure the Azure services separately from us.

This last principle also applies to CRM Online and the Office 365 cloud platforms.

In other words, the
ustomer may purchase
apps and service from you, and purchase
CRM Online or Office 365 separately
In which case

provide the pricing for the additional apps or service elements you

Microsoft is currently working with the G
team and the Pan Government Accreditation Service
(PGAS), as part of Tranche 1, to get our Office 365, Azure and CRM Online services accredited to IL2.
However, if you are providing a SaaS style service that use Microsoft services, you will still need to g
end to end
service accredited.

If you are looking to gain accreditation then let your Microsoft
contact know as we will be a dependency in ensuring your service is accredited, and therefore will need
to keep you appraised of our progress.