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Renee Latoures

February 12, 2013


Article Review

A Path to Nursing Excellence:

Quality and staff recruitment gains may offset Magnet's
pricey application process


The purpose of this article was
to describe the reasons a hospital would choose to try
to attain magnet status
and the obstacles they may face in doing so.

Research Problem

Is magnet status right for every hospital?


Magnet culture is one of empowerment, shared decision
ing and accountability
(Frellick, 2011).” Key components of the Magnet System include visionary nurse leadership,
participation from workers, nurse representation in hospital management, patient outcomes
and interdisciplinary success. It is a collective ac
hievement that cannot be reached by
individuals alone. Therefore, the culture of the hospital in fostering this participation and
teamwork is crucial to its success

or failure.


The article not only outlined what magnet status is and how it i
s successfully
achieved but also why some hospitals fail to achieved this status. By outlining common pitfalls
that undermine the success of achieving magnet status the article is demonstrating both sides
of the process both success and failure. This allo
ws you to look ahead and see if you might
encounter some of these barriers to success. For example, if the culture of the hospital does not
change to embrace the Magnet culture of collaboration and excellence the designation is not
likely to be achieved be
cause the milestones to this achievement cannot be made.


The article stated the 14 main points of Magnetism however it did not elaborate
on any of them. While some are self explanatory they are only end goals and do not provide
ways to their
achievement. The article did provide references for further information regarding
these points.


The culture of the hospital is more predictive of the success of magnet status than
the size of the hospital. Choosing magnet status should be ba
sed on the vision of the hospital
board not the size of the hospital.
For hospitals that have the time, resources and internal
structure to convert to magnet status it will bring benefits to the hospital. However, many
hospitals do not have the
oney or structure to easily convert to magnet status. In
those cases simply purchasing the guidelines from Magnet and following them as closely as
possible will help the hospital establish direction in improving nursing. Or the lesser AACN
credential “


may be a more realistic option to bring needed


Frellick, M. (2011).
A Path to Nursing Excellence:
Quality and staff recruitment gains may

offset Magnet's pricey application process

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