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Inheritance & Survival

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering

Why can we not use
pig organs in

There is a shortage of
hearts and kidneys
for transplant

not use a pig?

Biology text book

Manufacturing Insulin

Insulin is needed to
keep diabetics alive.

Human insulin works
best with humans

It is possible to obtain
small amounts of
human insulin from
dead bodies.

Manufacturing Insulin

There are insufficient
supplies of human insulin
to meet demand.

Genetic engineers have
devised ways of taking
the human insulin gene

putting that gene into
bacteria that then make

Making insulin

The gene for insulin is
“cut” from the DNA of
a human.

This is done by using

Making insulin

Plasmids (small
circles of DNA) are
obtained from

These plasmids are
then cut open with

Making insulin

The human insulin
gene is “spliced” into
the bacterial plasmid.

The plasmid is re
introduced to the

Making insulin

The bacteria are
grown in large tanks
until there are millions
of them.

All the plasmids will
be busy making
“human” insulin

Making insulin

This insulin can then
be used by diabetics!

Genetically Modified Crops

GM crops

GM Crops

Read carefully
through the sheet
entitled “Genetic

GM Crops

Make a list of the
advantages of GM

Make a list of the
reasons people
maybe be against the
use of GM crops.