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SEG4210 project initial

By Mohammad Alqahtani

Project : Using PHP 5 and retrieving some data from a database .“Restaurants Guide”

Functions :

Since the project shall follow the MVC pattern, most of the functionalities on the project are
not working yet. However here's the list of the supposed


Listing all the restaurants on the table . (not working now)

Listing some of the restaurants on the table. (not working now)

Listing all the restaurants types. (not working now)

Search for a certain restaurant. (not working)

To run the projec
t you will need:

NetBeans 6.5

PHP5, MySql, Apache. However you should use
MAMP(for mac) or WAMP (for windows)
since MAMP was used when developing the project.

Set NetBeans to use package used (MAMP or WAMP):

Make sure that Apache server and Mysql server
are running (look at the package interface).

From Netbeans “service” window right click on mysql and choose “connect”, use the
following info:

* Server Host Name: localhost

* Server Port Number: 3306

* Administrator User Name: root

* Adm
inistrator Password: root

SEG4210 project initial

By Mohammad Alqahtani

Note that When the PHP project was created in NetBeans IDE using MAMP's resources, I
had to specify that the IDE copy the project sources to Apache's htdocs folder. That way,

when I save my files after making
changes, my sources are automatically updated in the deployed
version. It looked like :