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SVN (Subversion) Tutorial:

Part 1: Installation

Hey all,

For CS 668, I want everyone to install SVN into Netbeans =).

Here’s a little introduction explaining what SVN is. SVN is a little program that
connects your Netbeans to a s

in our case

our storage is

I uploaded a java project to for testing. Your job is
to use Netbeans and connect to that java program through the internet, using SVN. Once
you guys successfully connected to the java code onlin
e, then we can share our codes!!!

Of course, being


to share codes is very useful because we won’t have to wait
for each other to finish their parts, meet up, then compare codes. We can all make
changes to our codes much faster by updating our codes
through SVN, so everyone can
see the changes immediately.

Ok, here we start!

Step 1: Check out the codes on codeGoogl
e right now. This is where we want to
connect to.

Go to
our server’s

Step 2: Click o
n Source
and sign in.

Goto: Browse
> svn
> src
> JavaApplication5

This is where I uploaded my testing project. Now your goal is to use SVN to link

> codeGoogle.

Step 3: Start to set up SVN.

Load up Netbeans.

to: Team
> Subversion
> Checkout

Repository URL: https://group

Username: blahblah (

take whatever in front of

Password: …… go back to your web browser and follow the next slides.

Your SVN

password link should pop up. Click on it and you should see a code.

Paste this password into netbeans

and click next

Click on Browse… for Repository Folder

Click on our testing project

from codeGoogle
: JavaApplication5 and click OK.

Click on Browse and select where you want to save your folder locally in.

Good, now you’ve just connected to codeGoogle (Server) from your computer


Step 4: Check your newly connected/downloaded project.

Click on Open Project, and Ja
vaApplication5 should appear on the left of your project

Part 2: How to use SVN

to down
load other programmer’s files (U
pdate) and to upload your part of the codes to
codeGoogle (Commit).

Step 1:


s take note what

we have before we start. The codes we have in our Netbeans should
be the same in codeGoogle.

Step 2: Use SVN to update codeGoogle

Make changes to your program locally in Netbeans. Then use SVN to update
codeGoogle’s version of our pro

Goto: Source Package
> Subversion
> Commit…

Then a window should pop up with a list of files that are recommended to upload. Just

for now, and it should upload your changed files now.

Step 3: Check codeGoogl
e to see if you uploaded your files successfully.

Goto codeGoogle and it should be updated now!!!

Step 4:
To d
ownload (Update) other programmer’s files

Goto: Source Package
> Subversion

Now everyone should be able to share programming files

with each others.