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Few Projects:

Only basic ideas
For more details please discuss to you instructor

and their possibilities)


In this project we have looked test case minimization, prioritization and coverage analysis. Data
mining is one technique wh
ich is more suitable for this kind of problem

Few researcher using
genetic algorithm and other approaches, we can

a new hybrid approach using (mining
and ga or mining and ant based or
mining and cuckoo or
any other hybrid method)

une system.

Software Coverage

In this project we try to measure complete software on the basis of coverage. Software coverage
is an open and complete problem for industry and academics, so for this we can try to use cuckoo
search technique or cuckoo with f
ew other techniques like as a hybrid approach .In this project
basically we have look state transition coverage on the basis of requirement coverage and code
coverage on the basis of CFG. For this project we can take an input from Cambridge University

This project we can also handle through ant principle and tabu technique

and other like
intelligent water
, artificial immune system.

Test Data Generation

In this project we try to generate minimal test data for maximal coverage. We try to develop
tool named “bitstestdata tool”. This tool is not depend upon any specific example, this tool must
generic any kind of input must be acceptable by this tool. For development of this tool we try to
use few metahurestic approaches as a hybrid


artificial immune system


Computation of
uality and

Software measurement is a key factor in managing, controlling and improving the software
development processes.

Thus quantification of quality parameters and integrati
ng them into
quality models is very essential. Software quality criteria are not very easily measurable and
quantified. Many attempts have been made to exactly quantify the software quality parameters
using various models such as ISO/IEC 9126 Quality Model
, Boehm’s Model, McCall’s model,
etc. In this project we will try to make an attempt for developing a tool based on, fuzzy multi
criteria approach, Choquet integral and for ranking ahp or topsis (or may be any hybrid approach)
has been used to evolve the s
oftware quality.

oftware Test Effort (Pre and Post)

Software Testing Effort estimation is one of the most critical tasks in dealing with software
projects. Prior to any software development project, an estimate of the effort involved in it needs
to be ta
ken and this issue has acquired even more importance as optimization of costs associated
with development depends on how accurate our estimation is. Due to the complex and varied
nature of software applications and the associated uncertainty, prediction of

the cost of software
development at an early stage is a tough job. In this project, we will give a model for estimation
of software test
effort, and

then we will compare through few existing techniques and lastly we
can calculate
We will look various

AI based approach regarding effort estimation like GA,

artificial immune system

etc or hybrid approach.


& Optimization
of Software Project Cost

Test Process Model and their Effectiveness

Software release is highly dependent upon th
e quality of the product which must be met by the
product before software release. Software product quality outcome will be good if modeling of
test process is good. In Software test process model large numbers of state variables exist which
can affect the

entire software testing process. This project will try to introduce various state
variables for improving the software test process. By introducing as many state variables,
definitely we can enhance the overall quality of testing process which ultimately
will enhance the
quality of software product. This project will proposes an algorithm focus upon the use of the
state variables along with the control based system for the software testing process. For this
project candidate must have a strong math backgr
ound, in this project we will try to use depth
mathematics and few places AI based techniques

Software Release

One of the major issues in the industry is “when it is optimum to bring the software testing to an
end?” Right time to stop testing is a key
decision problem in software industry. A major decision
to make during this software testing is, to determine whether to continue testing and eventually
releasing the software, or when to stop the test and ‘release’ it. Such a decision needs to be made
optimally balance the tradeoff between the cost of development, time of development and the
reliability of the software. In this project we will try to give a new model based upon metahurestic
based techniques and compare to existing techniques.

Cloud t

It aims at efficient testing of the test case queued by the users in a cloud environment that is the
users are dispersed all across the globe. It involves a web
based portal on which the user logs in
and queues the test cases and finally analyses t
he output of the input test cases. The test cases are
of two categories namely

and QTP test cases. These test cases are first queued and then
assign to several virtual machines for the efficient execution of the test cases concurrently on
several v
irtual machines. A virtual machine has one QTP slot for execution of a QTP test case
and several

slots for the execution of

test cases.

Design and development of Techniques for measurement and prediction of software quality

Each technique
we have measure individually and more aspect!

An Agent Based Simulation tool for Lokpal

In this

we use agent based simulation to understand under what circumstances a simple
model of the Lokpal agency will be effective. We define three metrics t
hat characterize the
rightness of the decision being taken. We then discuss the results of simulating an environment
with and without a Lokpal under various scenarios. For these scenarios we look at the
performance on the three metrics as well as other mea
sures to get a sense of the Lokpals
effectivness under various conditions. We conclude with a look at how this model may be

New innovative development for Indian farmers or village people

Develop such new system or proposed new solutions,
so that our farmers or villagers can avail
properly their daily routine work

health under cloud scenario


connections people can access all the resources hosted in the Cloud almost everywhere.
In this context,

can take advantage o
f this fact, in terms of e
Health, deploying
based solutions on e
Health services
. In this regard, we develop such kind of solution and
try to validate in our circumstances.

Software failure analysis in requirement phase

Nature of requirement is dyn
amic, so there is big

to us analyzi

failure mode
using hazard tree and hybrid approach (like any, GA


Infrastructure as a Service

In cloud computing, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is the foundation of cloud service
applications. It e
nables problems like resource allocation scheduling and bearing capacity to be
further optimally solved. Therefore, a genetic optimized IaaS resource optimization evaluation
approach is presented.

You have indentified different aspect (attribute), and exp
lain quantitative calculation and
expressions of each factor finally, test it.

Some other projects ideas are welcome, but project is related to software engineering area using
other approaches.

Techniques to be look parallel: Ant colony principle, inte
lligent water drop, cuckoo search, fuzzy
approach, data mining, Genetic algorithm, Firefly,