Into the Cloud

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Into the Cloud

This time of year you might be getting tired of sending us document after document
through e
mail, fax or even good old snail mail. You also might be sick of getting e
mails from us with multiple documents that you then have to sort throug
h and either save
to your computer or print out for your files.
There are also concerns over

the security of
the documents

over e

so we password protect documents
that contain
confidential information (like social security numbers)
and that requ
ires even more steps
Well now there is a



and it’s in the cloud!

Most of you have probably heard of the cloud and understand what it is. For those that
don’t, the cloud is basically a place where y
ou can store files and data so
they can

accessed from any device with an internet connection.
of the biggest
s like Apple, Google and Amazon have all developed cloud storage services.
There are also many newer companies that focus on this area of the market and one of

most successful has been Dropbox.

Dropbox makes it very simple to share files over the internet and because of this
simplicity we are looking to use it to share files with our clients.
The first step is to
their software by going to
. You will need to set up an
account using your e
mail address before downloading.


the software has been downloaded, you will have a folder on your desktop called
“My Dropbox”

that looks just like t
he “My documents” folder you are familiar with
You can dr
ag files to this folder or
save files dir
ectly to the folder and j
ust like that

files are in the cloud and easily accessible from any other device that has Dropbox
installed. This includes c
ell phones and

that have the D
ropbox app installed.

The in
formation that you put in your D
ropbox folder can only be seen by you. However
it is very easy to s
hare individual folders within D
ropbox with anyone e
lse who has an

account. All you ne
ed to do is right click on the folder, click on the drop box icon and
click “share this folder.”
This can also be done

online at

We envision using the D
ropbox service to set up shared folders with
our clients. If you
are interested in using
ropbox to share files with us, just let us know

you have an
account and we will share a folder with you.
You will receive an e
mail notifying you
that we have shared a folder with you and
you can accept t
he invitation to share the

We will then both have access to all the files that are placed in that folder.

Security is always a concern when
it comes to your personal documents

however we feel
Dropbox is dedicated to keeping their files secure.
There will always be the risk of a
security breach but this is true whether you are using e
mail, fax or even snail mail.
Dropbox uses
encryption and has many layers of security
on their servers.
Additionally, other

companies are coming out with new

ways to add further encryp
tion to
files saved on Dropbox. In short we feel comfortable with the security of your files on