Cloud computing in plain english

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Cloud computing
in plain english

Video Transcript

Computers used to work alone, inside a home or business. But
thanks to the Internet, we can now use the power of computers at a
completely different location

what we call "in the cloud".

This is Cloud Com
puting in Plain English.

To start, meet Lucy from Lucy's Lilies, a new florist. She is
concerned about how to manage flower deliveries. Right now she's
responsible for hiring drivers and keeping the vans running. But this
scenario makes her nervous.

a florist, not a mechanic

delivery is a distraction.

And she's
on a budget

maintaining her own deliveries costs a lot.

Plus, it's
hard to know how many vans she'll need. Her business suffers when
deliveries can't keep up.

Then she learned about a new k
ind of delivery company that has an
unlimited fleet of drivers and vans that she can use on an as
needed basis

and she only pay for what she uses. Now she can
depend on another company to handle the deliveries.

A few years later, her business savvy paid
off. She now has a
network of flo
rists and new problems.

She has websites, servers
and databases that all have to be maintained at headquarters. It’s a
huge expense, and a big worry. Her business is constantly running
out of storage space and fixing broken servers.

Then she learned about
cloud computing, which works a lot like her
deliveries. Instead of managing important technology on
site, she
can depend on a new kind of company to help take away the pain.

They have all the computing power she needs and it's all secure,
backed up at anot
her location and accessible through the Web

what people call "in the cloud."

This means she can depend on a cloud company's computers to
help her business run and focus her energy on fantastic flowers.

But that's not all. Cloud computing means computers
don't have to
limit her business. Because Cloud companies have nearly unlimited
storage and resources, she can grow without worry. And because
the servers are normally backed up in multiple locations, her
information is safe.

But what she really loves is o
nly paying for what she uses. If
business is slow, her computing costs can go down too.

Cloud Computing also means she can use new kinds of services that
live in the cloud and are only accessible through the web.

When she needs a new billing system, she ha
s a choice: installing
and supporting one on
site, or using a product that lives in the
cloud and works using her web browser.

From email, to word processing or photo sharing

cloud computing
also works for you and me. We can use products that live in the

cloud, are always backed up, accessible from any Internet
connection, and safe from spilled coffee.

Cloud computing means we have new choices. Businesses and
individuals can spend less time worrying about technology and
focus on what matters.

I'm Lee LeFe
ver of Common Craft, and this has been Cloud
Computing in Plain English.