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Hynek Construction offers excellent masonry repair & restoration service in Northern Illinois.

Masonry Company Glencoe

Masonry plays a significant role in the layout and design of
your project keeping it in tiptop shape is essential. While
one of the prime benefits of masonry work, tuck pointing,

brick block stone Repair masonry, arches,
retaining walls and other features

is its durability, things
can happen that can compromise the appearance.

Similarly, age takes a toll on many kinds of stonework and
can render it less attractive than it was wh
en it was brand
new. Either way, hiring a professional contractor to
conduct masonry restoration or repair can help save you

and give your home's landscaping a much
face lift at the same time.

Masonry Rebuilding: Reinvigorate Your Home's Mas
onry Work

Sometimes, your home's existing masonry work could use a bit of attention. The
temptation to tear it down and start anew can be strong, but masonry rebuilding can save
you time, money and effort. In the right hands, a masonry rebuilding project can result in a
chimneys, patio, walkway, retaining wall or other type of stonework or brickwork that
looks better than it did when it was brand new.

Since the contractor is larg
ely working with what's already there, you can save big on
materials and other expenses. For the family on a budget

or for those who want to reuse
what they've got

masonry rebuilding is a more than viable option.


You're not just hiring so
meone to lay down a few bricks

you are
hiring an artist. Whether you are in need of tuckpointing, repointing,
remortaring or any other form of masonry work, the company that you
hire should be staffed by only the most experienced professionals.

Other key

benefits of masonry rebuilding include:

Less Time

Masonry rebuilding projects typically take a
lot less time than other jobs. When time is of the essence,
having that wall, chimney or patio repaired and rebuilt
can be a real time saver.

Less Money

building is almost always more
economical than starting from scratch. A skilled
contractor can give you like
new results for a lot less

Less Waste

Why toss those old pavers, bricks or stones
in the landfill when they can be reused? Masonry
ng helps you practice recycling at home, while
providing you with stunning new features for your home
and your yard.


Tuckpointing basics. The first step is
to cut out the mortar joint,
horizontally and vertically. Select a
blade width that is slightly thinner
inch) than the joint to be cut.
Tuckpointing blades are typically
available in widths from 1/8

to 1/2

Position the saw over the
mortar joint and gently ease the
blade into the joint. Cutting with a
diamond blade requires special attention to maintain a consistent cut in the joint line.
These types of cutting tools are capable of cutting brick or block as
easily as they remove
mortar, so a steady hand is a must. Many contractors find it works best to position the saw
at a level somewhere between waist and chest height.

This provides maximum visibility, good bracing stability and reduced worker fatigue.
ally, material is removed to a depth of between 1/2 and 3/4 of an inch. In some extreme
cases, greater depths need to be reached to find sound material. Also, where brick damage
or settling has severely damaged the joint, full removal and brick replacement

may be

Use of a special shrouding and dust collection systems protect the operator as well as
prevent environmental exposure of the fines produced during the cutting process. During
tuck pointing

process, monitor the condition of the dust
collection system and empty
the dust bag when it reaches half full.

A dust bag that is too full reduces or even stops the ability of the vacuum to work properly.
A dust cloud is an indication that the bag is overloaded. To help avoid dust contamination
en emptying the bag, wear gloves and an OSHA
approved lung protection device.


Key Benefits of Topnotch Masonry Repair


Bringing in a professional contractor to repair the retaining walls, brickwalls, chimeys,
fireplaces and
other stonework in your home presents many excellent benefits, including:

Instead of tearing out all of your existing masonry work and starting from scratch,
having it mended, repaired and restored can help you save a whole lot of money

and you
still end up with a stunning
ly attractive landscape design.


Having a complete overhaul of your homes patios, decks, pathways and steps
can be a massive

and time

undertaking. Most of the time, though, restoration
and repair s
ervices can be conducted within a much shorter period of time. For busy
homeowners, that's a major plus.


As the old saying goes, "Waste not, want not." Why pitch all of the pavers,
stonework and other masonry components that make up your cu
rrent configuration? A
skilled contractor can work with what is there, reusing the best pieces to create a look that
is shiny and new.

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