Mars in Cancer

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Mars in Cancer

AUGUST 3 through SEPTEMBER 18 16 2011
, Mars will transit the sign of CANCER.
The transit of Mars has a general but important influence over human behavior. The sign that
Mars transits describes what makes us angry and how we respond to

aggravating situations. It
describes how we handle our energies

for either anger or accomplishment! In some signs, such
as Mars transiting Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn, it is much easier to accomplish our goals.
Transiting a Water sign, Mars in Cancer m
ay cause many people to whine and complain about
the weather, feelings of fatigue and, thus, not really accomplishing very much. Where the energy
is high, it is due to emotional zeal and enthusiasm or there is some threat to security which draws
out our Mo
ther Hen instincts.

When the weather is humid, those areas wherein Mars in Cancer will be angular during the
lunations will experience a lot of water in the atmosphere that can act as a dross upon the
physical body. Any irrational mood

and Mars in Cancer
when harshly aspected definitely
triggers irrational moods

can be explained away as being the result of adverse atmospheric
conditions. Many feel that they cannot think because their brain cells feel soggy! Fiery or spicy
foods can help to relieve the con

With Mars in Cancer, people will tend to be more emotional in their anger and their reactions.
Any adverse atmospheric condition will amplify these moods. Try not to act upon irrational
reactions. Take time to cool off before making important deci
sions. Avoid critical or
complaining people as they can sap your energies. Do not obsess upon your feelings as this can
make you moody and hypersensitive. Remember, angry people never get what they want and
your moods will only drive people away

and, in m
y opinion, you may never be able to return
to a former level of closeness once you drop an “emotional bomb” onto another.

Exercise caution during the Full Moon Periods of AUGUST 15
16 and SEPTEMBER 11
Emotions are always amplified during the Full Moon,

especially when Mars is transiting the sign
of Cancer.

Health problems can arise through emotional anger, depression and hurt feelings. This transit can
cause an imbalance in the homeopathic cell salt, Calcium Fluoride. Symptoms arising from a
in this cell salt are fatigue that rest does not cure, dry cracks between the fingers, toes
and mouth, poor memory, digestive problems and joint irritation. Cancer has a strong connection
with the lymphatic system. Congestion here can cause swellings, edem
a, sinus infections and a
myriad of other symptoms. See my article on the Lymph on this website.

Emotional Crises can occur around August 9
11 when Mars transits a T
Square with Uranus and
Pluto. AUGUST 24
25 can produce furstration and indecision as Mars
squares Saturn in Libra.
Fear = indecisiveness. Fear has a strong impact upon the Lymphatic System.

ADDENDUM: During the 2009 transit through Cancer, emotional outbursts and emotionally
driven inappropriate displays were pronounced

Serenna Williams outbu
rst during the US
Open, Joe Wilson yelling “You Lie” to the President and Kanye West’s very inappropriate
behavior at the music awards. On my website, I received many emotional demands for me to
solve problems, which I could not.

Healthwise, I observed ma
ny sinus infections. Since these are connected with the Lymph, these
are ruled by the sign of Cancer (lymph is ruled by Mutable signs, Water signs and Neptune).

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Sharon Elstein


Dec 1, 04:46 PM

Hi Lynn

our son’s Bar Mitzvah is 3/8/08. We successfully dodged the Mercury
retrograde bullet, but apparently not the Mars and Saturn retrogrades! I’m in the midst of
planning now (already did the big things like place/caterer/dj)

invitations, decorati
seating charts, hotels

all the details.

Any advice on how to negotiate the decisions during this double retro period?

Best wishes for a smooth winter.



Lynn Koiner


Dec 4, 07:57 AM

Hello Sharon

First, do not worry about Saturn R. This is only used when establishing a
business or some established structure. Saturn R would mean a lot of internal

required. The outer planets are Retrograde half of the year so do not
concern yourself with this.

Do not worry about Mars R and, if it is important, pick a good day astrologically (these
dates are posted in my monthly astrology column) to initiate some ac

When I travelled to Europe in November, Mars was Retrograde. I started my trip on
November 7 when the Moon was making great aspects. Everything went smoothly.

There was a German train strike just before I took a train from Berlin to Prag and just
er but it never affected me. Many people were stuck in Germany waiting for the strike
to end.

On the train from Slovenia to Austria, our train malfunctioned

but I got a much better
seat on the new train and the train arrived on time.

So, there were many
Mars R mishaps but they never affected me.




Aug 26, 06:11 AM

Hi Lynn, I have a retrograde Mars in Cancer in my eighth house. It was at 18 degrees 32
when I was born and in my progressed chart is is still retrograde at about 4 degrees. I’m
wondering if you know of a positive way to work with this energry? I would rea
lly like to
overcome the issues I’ve had making progress in my life, my inability to react quickly
when something happens, and my really emotional anger that usually turns to tears.




Aug 27, 04:12 AM

Hi Lynn, I am going through a bad marriage and am filing for divorce next week. Last
two years have been very tough emotionally for my wife and me both. Your advice will
be much appreciated. Both are Sun sign is Sc
orpio. Thx


Lynn Koiner


Aug 27, 08:05 AM


I am so sorry that this is happening but, with Pluto in early degrees, for many this
will actually mark a new beginning. I am not a psychic nor do I do Sun Sign readings. I
can only give full readings for individuals..sorry about that. Maybe for Scor
pio it marks
lessons in letting go

of a relationship and the anger (that we all feel with a loss).

I also receive 1500 hits a day so it is impossible to answer every querry for personal
readings on this website, only with private consultatons.

PS I wrot
e privately but you left an incorrect e
mail address. These addresses never
appear on my website nor are they ever used to my personal publicity so there is no
reason for anyone to do this.




Aug 28, 05:11 AM

Hi Lynn

My energies are getting focussed to what I love. I am feeling guilty and selfish for the
same reason. I am loosing interest in work. A humiliation at work is making me desperate
to change track
. Will a job change work fine at this time? When was the last time that
mars was in cancer?

Thanks and regards,



Lynn Koiner


Aug 28, 06:42 AM

There is proba
bly much more going on in your chart with the outer planet transits.

The last time Mars was in Cancer was March through early May 2008.




Aug 6, 05:40 PM

Happy Mars return to me today. Natally, Mars is in my 5th house. My Mars return puts it
in the 2nd. I just completed my 2nd novel and am in the process of trying to find an
agent. Hopefully something will “pop” with t
hat soon. :)

Transiting Septile Update




Lynn Koiner, PMAFA

Updates can be obtained by contacting me at

I have had so many responses to the Transiting Septile Dates that I making this an annual post

the prominent dates of transiting Septile Clusters, when many occur in the sky.

I find this a time when unique, unexpected events occur. This aspect is very,
very strong at the
time of UFO sitings and Near
Death Experiences. Now, do not expect such an event but it is an
excellent time for unusual meditation and multi
dimensional experiences.

*The strong dates have many septiles. This is unusual. Sometimes the
“left curve” events are
troublesome but sometimes there are wonderful solutions. It is excellent for the connections with
other realms.

*In looking at my research for Cult Suicides, Septiles figured quite strong with these events

and, they were all seek
ing to go to a higher realm in their own strange way.

What is so interesting about the Septile is that it is the same angle used in the construction of the
reat Pyramid

. t a lecture by obert Blaschke, I pressured him for a clearer
of the Septile, one that could be connected to my observations. He replied that it was
a SUSPENSION aspect, suspension of one’s belief and control, so that you express yourself in a
new reality.

NATAL SEPTILES: When there are too many septiles in the nata
l chart, the bizarre energy from
this aspect is very difficult to handle. Just read about the late Roy Sullivan who had 7 Septiles in
his natal chart. Roy was struck by lightening 7 times

and he finally just committed suicide.
Princess Diana had many Sep
tiles in her chart and it added to the instability in her life. Yet, I
know some individuals with many Septiles and they are actively involved with Multi
Dimensional Realities

ghosts, UFOs and NDEs. This is not always an indicator. Dannion
Brinkley only
has one Septile between Venus and Pluto. When the Septile is combined with
Quintile aspects, it can produce genius. Research on this subject can be obtained in THE
EU EK EFFECT by Nick Kollerstrom PhD and Mike O’Neill.

RICK LEVINE: Rick attended my Septi
les Lectures at the MAC conference in 2005. When I
gave my findings for the Signature of a Near
Death Experience, Rick told the audience that this
was absolutely true. That afternoon Rick incorporated this information into his own discussion of

but he did so in such an astutely articulate manner that I hardly recognized his source
until he told the audience that he had just heard this in my lecture. I was so impressed. If you
ever have a chance to hear Rick discuss the Septile aspect, please do s
o. Because I allow wide
orbs for the natal Inconjunct (150 degrees), this actually extends to the Tri
Septile (154 degrees).
Anyone who has a Near
Death Experience always has an inconjunct involving a planet in the 8th
House or the ruler of the 8th House.
I observed that a Solar Arc Septile always precedes and
triggers the Near Death Experience. My first research subject, Dannion Brinkley, actually had 3
NDEs and I consider his chart the classic model. What I learned from Rick was that the natal
could actually be the Tri
Septile, the 154 degree aspect, may be more influential than
the traditional inconjunct.

NOTE: Lecture Tapes by Lynn Koiner and by Rick Levine on these subjects can be obtained


SEPTILES by Robert Wilkinson:

Robert Wilkinson has this website. Someone sent the link to me and Robert also wrote with his
link. He has excellent information on the Quintile and the Septile. Check it out!


In the past, I indicated that very powerful Septile Clusters would occur on March 21
00 . “If
you are drawn to UFO or experiences with Aliens, these are good periods for this work. There
are hits now but all personal planets.”

To my amazeme
nt, I recented an e
mail from a friend saying that, while flying in an airplane, he
spotted a UFO…“The UFO was flying roughly from the Northwest to the Southeast, across my
field of vision to the South. I would describe the UFO’s path as being roughly from

the ___
Airport (N41
04; W073
42) to the Islip/MacArthur Airport (N40
47; W073
06).” The date was
March 21 between 10

In 2003, the period around January 30 was very strong with Neptune septile Pluto, accompanied
by other personal planet septiles.
Looking back, this date was highly significant in terms of
feeling guided by a Higher Hand in everything that happened. There was a spiritual quality to the
events. The correct words flowed when I needed them.

“JUNE : round this date, Jupiter septiles C
hiron. This aspect favors connecting with like
minded people who share your spiritual beliefs. This is a period to follow one’s heart, to be
guided by intuition and not tradition. wareness of one’s own “alienness”

this can cause
some dissatisfaction wit
h the mundane world.” On this date, I took a friend to a Japanese Light
Center on Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC where anyone who walks in can get a free
Light Treatment. My friend was thrilled by this profound experience and she hopes to open such
Center in Berlin. For me, it was a time when I experienced a lot of “little miracles.” Events just
worked out miraculously. After visiting the Light Center, I found a policeman writing a parking
ticket. He suddenly, stopped, tore up the ticket and walked a

“Neptune septile Pluto is exact on December but it adds strength to the minor septiles
occurring on November 23
30 and December 2
3 (2003). This is a good period for using
psychic receptivity for problem solving. wareness of one’s own alienn

this can cause
some dissatisfaction with the mundane world.”

On December 2, a reader wrote that her cousin and her family of 8 woke at 2:30am upon hearing
a loud noise outside followed by colorful lights flashing in their hallway. The dogs were park
too. When they looked outside in the morning, there were no tracks in the snow, none anywhere
near the house. The first thoughts were that it was a UFO. I immediately checked my 2003
column and found the above statement for this time. While I gave a pe
rsonal interpretation of
this cluster period, all of the cluster dates are potent for multi
dimensional connections.

“February 9
20 2006: Mars
Neptune/Pluto, Neptune
Pluto, Sun/Jupiter
Saturn, Jupiter
(continuing through the 23rd). This is particul
arly strong because inner planets are triggering the
outer planet Septile aspects.”

On February 19, 2006, I met with friends to meditate because this was a strong Septile Period.
During this meditation, I had a life
altering experience. Since 1992, I have
had a strong urge to
understand myself through understanding a past life that I had in the 12th century. I know many
details about this lifetime but I have avoided seeking information about my family life. On
February 19, I got a powerful past
life throw b
ack in which I saw my parents as my 2 children in
that lifetime that I abandoned. This was so liberating in connection with my decision to take care
of my parents and my grandmother in this lifetime. The question that I asked in this meditation
was, “Will
I return to Mittenwald in May?” There was a resounding NO! My father would need
me to help with the farmers’ market on Saturdays

then the past life images unfolded before me.
It was, indeed, a portal in time wherein I was able to see my past more clearly
. These portals are
highly significant under Septile Clusters.

In January 007, during a long series of Septiles, I was feeling old, rejected and “snubbed.” I
asked for something to happen that would perk me up. Within minutes, Shelley Ackerman asked
me to

be on the NCGR Galactic Center panel. What was so synchronicitous about this event was
that she sent out a notice several days earlier but only just that minute did she realize that I was
not on the e
mail list. It came just at the moment that I asked for

it! Obviously, this is a good
period for Mental Magic and Telepathy

ESE CH: In the “Journal for Scientific Exploration,” the Spottiswoode research conducted
with former government “remote viewers” revealed that there was a
hour window of
increased psychic ability when the earth blocked the noise coming from the
alactic Center. To determine this on one’s own, use a Star Finder Dial or visually observe when
Orion’s Belt is directly overhead. Since the transiting Septiles facilitate psychic
ability, blocking
the Galactic Center will give you an extra edge of receptivity.

Frequently, there will be septiles between the Sun
Venus and Neptune
Pluto. These
will not be so strong due to the frequency in which they occur. As Septiles, they a
re always
useful for multi
dimensional connections and psychic support. Septiles involving the outer
planets occur less frequently and, therefore, are more significant as they last for longer periods.

There are not many strong Septile Clusters through Dec
ember 2006. The last strong cluster
occurred on November 30 2005. When an outer planet is involved, it has a stronger influence but
it needs Septile Clusters from the inner planets to be truly powerful. The last such important
clustering occurred on March
22 2002.

I am not going to analyze each aspect as I have done in the past but rather give the series of
Septile Clusters.

In 2007, there are many dates in which Septiles occur. I have only listed the strongest clusters for
this e
mail post. I am persona
lly trying to work with Septile dates for manifesting ghosts. Since
Blaschke feels that this is a “Suspension” aspect, it can lift the veil between the seen and the

Your personal observations would be appreciated. With psychic work, look for the ti
me when
Orion is overhead. Noise from the Galactic Center will be blocked and reception will be

28 2008: This is a strong cluster period with the strongest period being near the
Uranus septile on the 26th. This is strong for
synchronicities and coincidences that may
be considered as Lucky Breaks, a positive change of fortune.

WHAT HAPPENED: A friend and I went to the ARE in Virginia Beach. We were both able to
connect with out Spirit Guides and gain wisdom and insights upon ou
r current life direction. The
synchronicities for me was in meeting people with whom I had a childhood connection and to
resolve a relationship problem.


Almost every other day, you will find at least one Transiting Septile between t
wo planets,
especially the personal planets (Sun
Mars). I select dates with Outer Planets
forming a septile or clusters of personal planets.

This year I am adding septiles to Eris, a planet of transformation.

FEBRUARY 7 with Neptune
Pluto. N
eptune septile Pluto adds strength to the other septiles
occurring at this time. Psychic receptivity is strong. Synchronicity in relationships is strong. In
the past, this aspect was highly significant in terms of feeling guided by a Higher Hand in
ing that happened. There was a spiritual quality to the events.

Most important, slow moving planets can produce a Portal
Effect into other dimensions

Jupiter septile Neptune
Pluto and, on the 25th, Neptune septiles

0: Jupiter septile Chiron

Chiron is very powerful with multi

JUNE 8: Neptune septile Eris is an aspect of transformation

AROUND JULY 14 and AUGUST 26: Jupiter septile Saturn favors more physical

aturn septile Uranus at 0 Aries is very powerful


In 2011, the strongest dates with clusters involving outer planets are:

JANUARY 15 has septiles involving Venus
Saturn. This combination may be helpful with
personal creativity and i

21 has inner planet septiles, especially involving Mercury. This is an excellent
period for “channeling” and creative communications. January 9 is especially strong with
Mercury septile Chiron and Eris. This could be helpful with

creative inspiration and connections
with Higher ealms, feeling guided by that Higher Hand in one’s affairs

9 has a strong clustering with Mercury
Uranus, Chiron
Eris, Neptune
Pluto and Venus

FEBRUARY 11 has Mercury
Venus septil
e Chiron
Eris. This is a very powerful time for
telepathy, channeling, mental flashes and creativity. Any mental work

writing, decision

are favored now.

22 has Mercury
Mars septile Pluto
Eris. This supports telepathy, channel
and mental flashes of intuition.

10 has a small clustering with Sun
Venus to Venus

MARCH 19 has a small clustering with Venus
Mars to Jupiter

23 is a minor cluster but Mercury is septile Jupiter
Neptune, ex
cellent for mental
creativity. This supports telepathy, channeling and mental flashes of intuition.

27 is a minor cluster involving Venus to Pluto
Eris. This period favors taking
inspired action in relating to others. Listen to your inner voice no

11 is a minor clustering with the Sun
Venus to Saturn

28 is a powerful alignment. Mars
Jupiter septile Neptune
Pluto and, on the 25th,
Neptune septiles Eris. This period favors taking inspired action in relating to others
. Listen to
your inner voice now. This could be helpful with creative inspiration and connections with
Higher ealms, feeling guided by that Higher Hand in one’s affairs. Eris favors transformational

7 and 9 is a cluster of personal pl
anets to Chiron
Neptune. This can be a creative
and inspirational time.

MAY 19
21 has a powerful alignment of the personal planets to Saturn and Jupiter septile
Chiron. Chiron is always important with multi
dimensional phenomena.

9 has a
powerful alignment with Mercury (telepathic) and Neptune
Eris, a spiritually
transformational aspect.

15 has minor inner planet septiles, especially with Jupiter

20 has minor clusters but Venus is strongly aspecting Neptune

JULY 5 has
a triple septile, specifically involving Mercury to Neptune
Eris. This is
excellent for mental creativity. This supports telepathy, channeling and mental flashes of

10 is a minor clustering but Mars is septile Neptune
Eris. Mars can
produce inspired

16 is a powerful time since Jupiter septiles Saturn on the 14th and Mars septiles Chiron
o the 16th.

2 is a minor clustering but Venus
Mars strongly aspect Neptune
Eris and Saturn.

AUGUST 15 has 4 septiles involvin
g the personal planets. This is a very powerful time for
telepathy, channeling, mental flashes and creativity. Any mental work

writing, decision

are favored now. This is a strong date because there are so many septiles.

28 is a powerfu
l time because the inner planet septiles surround the Jupiter
septile. This favors the practical application of spirituality and inspiration.

4 is very minor but Mercury septiles Jupiter
Saturn so mental inspiration is

13 is a very minor clustering but Venus septiles Chiron
Mercury also septiles Uranus. This period favors taking inspired action in relating to others.
Listen to your inner voice now.

23 is a very minor clustering but Merc
ury septiles Mars
favoring mental telepathy and creative problem solving.

25 is actually minor but there are 8 septiles occurring with the inner planets to
Jupiter through Eris. Thus, this is an important clustering! Listen t
o your inner voice now. This
could be helpful with creative inspiration and connections with Higher Realms, feeling guided by
that Higher Hand in one’s affairs. Eris favors transformational enlightenment.

16 is a minor clustering but there are

6 septiles with the inner planets.

3 is minor but Venus septiles Chiron
Pluto so this is a powerful time
for creative inspiration, conflict resolution and inspired relating.

DECEMBER 7 has Saturn septile Uranus but one December 10 the S
un and Venus link with this

31 is a minor clustering but there are 6 septiles with the inner planets.


When Venus and Uranus are involved, these can trigger intuitive flashes and creative
solutions. You ca
n experience some telepathic rapport with another.

The inner planets support intuition, mental creativity, telepathy and synchronicitous
occurrences. This is a strong period supporting psychic breakthrough, contacts with
dimensional realities and sup
ernatural experiences.

Jupiter Septiles relate to a psychic connection with multi
dimensional realities, inner
guidance and intuitive compassion and understanding through going beyond normal
consciousness. Psychological perceptions and awareness, eureka so
lutions and inspired
action. Jupiter septile Pluto favors psychological perceptions and intense inner awareness.

Chiron aspect urges us to go with intuition rather than what seems logical and

Neptune supports psychic breakthroughs,
contacts with multi
realities and supernatural experiences

Neptune septile Pluto adds strength to the other septiles occurring at this time. Psychic
receptivity is strong. Synchronicity in relationships is strong. In the past, this aspect was
ighly significant in terms of feeling guided by a Higher Hand in everything that
happened. There was a spiritual quality to the events.


This is a favorable time for multi
dimensional connections in
establishing a specific order in you
r life.

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Mar 1, 04:02 AM

Hi Lynn,

I was referred to this page by Rick Levine in an email, after he and Jeff Jawer mentioned
the ‘backgrou
nd action’ Septile transiting this past week and I’m absolutely fascinated
with the phenomena.

In my own natal chart [at least the version i’ve been given, from] there appear
to be no septiles. I was wondering if this is unusual, or if septiles
septiles are even a
recognised transit in the Liz Greene/Placidus charting methodology.

If you have any further interpretation regarding this phenomena, or would care to share
anything regarding them before the next transit please drop me a line at the giv
en email

lso i’ve noted the angle you mention ( . ), and given this times seven we come up
with 358.75

is there something missing? Is 51.4285 closer?

Best regards and thank you so much for sharing these insights with us!




Mar 10, 10:41 AM

Lynn, I just read your article on the septiles! Your amazing! I am wondering however, for
the times that you noted se
ptiles from 2002
2007 when i look back on my own
experiences during these dates. especially with those that were involving neptune, they all
seem to correspond to me realizing that deceptions or illusions were involved and that
somehow insight was given “l
ifting the veil” so to speak. I am wondering if you have had
others with similar experiences.

As far as the UFO correlation, I can tell you that I did have a friend in 2003 who saw a
UFO during the November time frame in which you describe. Specifically h
e was driving
at night from work about 2
3 am i believe, he saw a ‘white ball’ looking like a head light
(or so he thought) but when he came to a stop sign that was in a well lit area, it
disappeared. he then drove on, the light again followed him. He said

he was so disturbed
by it that he stopped and got out of the car. He approached the “ball” and it was
hoovering about 8 feet from his tailgate of the car and about 4 feet off the ground. he
didnt touch it, but ran his hands around the ball at a distance o
f less than 12 inches. We
lived in las vegas and he wasnt far from the area 51 site. HE was and stayes convinced
that the ball was a UFO of some kind. Being a non
believer in such things, he was
definately shook up by it. His siteing and experience directl
y correlates to the time frame
in which you discuss the septile that occurred during November 2003.

Would love to hear more about your interpretations, as well as others experiences with
septiles!! thanks!!! k


Mark E. Clark


Mar 29, 07:48 PM


I am so glad to find your work. I have at least four septiles in my natal chart, have had
several NDE
’s (one partic. big one), and tend to connect with people who’ve experienced
huge personal changes, as in phychic transformations.

I’m doing a chart reading for a former client with septiles by transit and otherwise, so
your information is very helpful. Ev
ents have held this reading in “suspension” for some
time, and I wonder how much of that has to do with our various septiles.

I’ve always been interested in UFO’s and other ways to contact the spiritual realm (natal
Uranus septile natal Pluto
1st house, A

Let me know if I can help you in any way in your research.


Mark E. Clark


Lynn Koiner


Mar 30, 09:08 AM

Thank you so much for writing, Mark. I collect data when the exact dates of the
phenomena occur.

Septiles operate best when accompanied by Quintiles. Too many Septiles in the chart are
very difficult for any individual to handle. They seem to be balanced
with the Quintiles.

Strong Septile energy can be seen in the lives of Princess Diana and Roy Sullivan (struck
by lightening 7 times

committed suicide in the end).

Be sure to look at obet Wilkinson’s website as he has done some very good research.

n, if you have exact dates of events, I am always interested in looking at this
data….Lynn Koiner


Micheline Cloutier



10, 09:44 PM

Hello again Lynn, this is a fantastic article as well. I knew about septiles but I had not
idea the power they had. I do have a few things I need to clarify with you about this
article so that I can understand correctly.

I sitll don’t unders
tand the galactic center’s importance in our lives and astrology much
yet. So, I had not idea there was white noise coming from the galactic center. How does
this affect us here on earth. I am a sag and I have my sun/moon midpoint at 1 degree in
cap in the

fifth house. I also have my solar arc venus at 28 degrees right now. I am not
sure how this will affect me.

thanks for the article again

very enlightening



Lynn Koiner


May 11, 08:24 AM

Thank you for writing. First, I do not use the Galactic Center in the chart. I do find that,
when a natal planet is conjunct this area, the individual is more sensitized and empath
and, therefore, easily stressed physically, mentally or emotionally by the Galactic Center.

The information on the “noise” coming from the C is not astrological. This information
is scientific actually. The reserach on Psi was conducted by a
scientific group who only
discovered by accident how the GC affected psychic abilities in the remote viewers from
Russia and the US.

I would not spend so much time worrying about the Galactic Center and trying to use it in
the horoscope. I do not, unless s
omeone asks about it.

The only way I sometimes use the information is for meditation and personal channeling.
No, I do not channel but I can access information for myself. I try to select a time when
“receptivity” is best…but I cannot always do this.


eline Cloutier


May 17, 11:19 PM

Hi, Lynn thanks a couple more questions….. sorry. I just need to clarify what you said
bout the septile cluster dates above.

and thanks for answering my questions about the galatic center…

per the August period you say that between 4 to 7 am is a period when the white noise is
blocked, do you mean on all the dates???

and last the current cl
uster septile from the 24 to the 38 and the also on 30 and 31st, you
say this is an important psychic alignment.

can you expand on that….i don’t quite understand that idea to well and how i would
apply to my life….

thanks again….

this is a brilliant site

i can’t wait till i go to Canada for my vacation I am going to look for your books

thanks again



Lynn Koiner


May 18, 06:41 PM

I am always glad to clarify. First, 4
7am works for all of the dates. This is a time when
Orion’s Belt is overhead. You may not be able to see it because of the Sun but it is
definitely overhead. I use a Rand McNalley Star Finder to determ
ine what stars are
overhead at any given time. This means that the earth is blocking the Galactic Center.

The period for May is actually not very strong, most clusters involving the fast moving
planets, so it is ony good for general psychic, meditative and

intuitive work. When the
slow planets are involved in the Septiles, events happen TO YOU; the psychic
experiences and insights just come to you all of a sudden.


Mark E. Clark


Dec 1, 10:37 PM

Hello again, Lynn and others,

I’d forgotten to check back, but just relocated you in my Favorites list. Thank you for
replying to my comment. I wonder this

has anyone done any research into the recent
terrorist incident in Mombai, India? Is this something possibly indicated by the
irrationality of the septile?

I will stay more in tune with your site in the future.

Thanks again,

Mark E Clark


Lynn Koiner


Dec 2, 09:46 AM

Having just returned from Europe, I have not looked at the data for Mombai. However,
years ago I collected th
e birth and deaths dates of people killed in the concentration
camps in WWII.

I was amazed to find many transits such as septiles and the 45 and 135 degree aspects
occurring in their charts at the time they were sent to the gas chambers.

I did not have t
he birth time but a 12pm chart worked fine. I obtained such records at the
camps that I visited and from the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

If one could obtain the birth dates for the people killed in Mombai, I would suspect that
these minor aspects we
re pronounced.

As you accurately state, there is a sudden, unexpected and highly irrational quality to the

a left curve for which you are unprepared.

You use the word IRRATIONAL and this is interesting since I have found that people
with many Sep
tiles had an irrational side and often unexpected catastrophes occur in their

Roy Sullivan was struck by lightening 7 times and he eventually commited
suicide and Princess Diana had many Septiles in her natal chart and her life is well
It is the Solar Arc Septile that triggers the major events, such as Near Death


Lynn Koiner


Apr 27, 06:05 PM

I just found a blogspot where Melody discusses this article. She has added her personal
insights which I feel are excellent…

Lynn Koiner




Dec 12, 02:15 AM

Dear Lynn

The Transiting Septile Updates is so very valuable. It’s a staple in my daily life. When
will the 20
10 be out?




Lynn Koiner


Dec 12, 07:07 AM

I just returned from a month in Europe. It will be a couple of wee
ks before I can get the
next clusters out…sorry but thank you for your interest…Lynn


John Davenport


Mar 21, 03:22 PM

r Lynn

Very much enjoyed reading your work.

As an astrologer, I tend to keep my work quite low key.

However, here in England I have been [ in the past ] quite prominent. I’ve lectured
extensively in London and worked alongside Nick Kollerstrom.

I thought y
ou may wish to know that as a physical/ transfiguration [trance] medium, I
have the following natal configuration.

Sun and Asc both in Scorpio, with Mercury[Scorp 12th H] Septile Pluto [Virgo in 9th]. In
mutual reception they deposit the entire horoscope,
whilst pluto quintiles the Asc. Saturn
also squares the Asc. Hope this is useful.

The Great Jupiter
Uranus Conjunction of 2010

In 1966, I went to an astrologer for the first time in my life. It was a life
altering event and I
knew that I wanted to be just like this astrologer, Catherine Grant.

uring the course of the
reading, she told me about the Great Jupiter
Uranus Conjunction. She informed me that, when it
occurs in Aries or Libra, there is always a great scientific breakt
hrough that impacts the world…
“Just watch what happens in July of 969!!” I could hardly wait as it was only 3 years away.
Indeed, at that time, in July of 1969, there was a great scientific breakthrough as man landed on
the Moon.

When I looked back into

history for the last Conjunction in Aries, this was when Lindbergh
crossed the Atlantic

anyone with a radio was listening to hear the news of his safe arrival on
the Irish coast. And, 42 years later, the world would be watching on television. These two e
were not just an American Experience but a World Experience, an achievement of the Human

When these two planets move into an alignment of 36 degrees, usually during the preceding
year, we get a glimpse as to the nature of this breakthrough. In
1968, during the 36 degree
approach, we began sending astronauts around the Moon, preceding the actual lunar landing.
This vanguard alignment will occur in early 2009. At that time, humanity will become aware of
the breakthrough about to occur. This is als
o true of the changes that will occur in our personal
lives as a result of the Jupiter
Uranus Conjunction

we will begin to sense them, the new
direction in our lives, in early 2009.

Jupiter and Uranus are aligned every 14 years but only every 42 years
does this alignment occur
in Aries or Libra. In any sign, I have found this Conjunction to represent an expansive time in
my life:


This is the year when I became a full
time professional astrologer. With the Lunar
Landing, astrology was very popular
and astrologers were in demand. It was very easy to
transition into a full
time practice in 1969.


During this period, I was studying and teaching Esoteric Astrology & Psychology. This
was an expansive period and, for me, these studies were life
ing. The new organization that I
helped initiate in 1982, AMETHYST, brought a great deal of recognition and publicity for me.


This was a major turning point in my life in terms of my diet, weight loss and
appearance. This gave me such confidence and
I was never the same again. I was a featured
speaker at an international astrological conference. Yet, an important relationship ended.
Looking back, this was an important part of my expansion process.

Think about what happened to you during these cycles i
n your own life. There were difficult
experiences but, overall, these were highly expansive periods in my life. It is a progressive cycle
so that it is much easier to do progressive things.

This article is not about historical events but about how we will
experience the Great Jupiter
Uranus Conjunction. Where this Conjunction falls in the natal horoscope shows where we feel
compelled to take a risk with our lives, to experience adventure, to explore our creative potential
and to overcome the fears in our li
ves. There is always something within the human psychology
that resists change so that there will still be a lot of psychological “arm wrestling.” That is, some
of us may not be ready to let go of the past. There will be some people, like the old dinosaurs
who are about to become extinct

people who will never change.

There will be those Creative Souls who are willing to take a leap of consciousness and a leap of
faith into a New Dimension of Being. Our world is changing and we must, with the motivation
f the Jupiter
Uranus Conjunction in both Pisces and Aries, change with it.
If you want to
understand diversity in the multi
cultural society, learn to value and respect the opinions of
others, even if you do not agree with them

In the 1st House
, the
individual is willing to take risks in self
expression, to take a risk in the
projection of the self out into the world, and to express the self in a new way. Often, this House
will attract the individual to political and activist activities, seeking to br
ing changes into the
world and to be politically active in the expression of one’s views. It is a time to stand up for
your beliefs. While this may appear to be a 9th House experience, in actuality, the core identity
will change.

In the 12th House
, however
, you are to take the risk of exploring your true inner nature, to find
out who you really are, to confront your fears, where you fear life, intimacy and people

all of
which makes you feel a bit disconnected. Changes will occur on the inside before they c
manifest externally

and they will indeed manifest externally. This is not an inactive time. You
will find yourself more active in some place or location where no one knows your “old self,”
freeing you to explore and flower into the new self.

In the 2n
d, 6th and 10th Houses
, the individual is willing to take a risk with the career, to
follow one’s heart and seek to simplify one’s life in terms of material acquisitiveness. In the nd
House, your values will be transformed in order to give new meaning to
the life. You may feel
lost until some new activity is found that gives new meaning and new direction to the life. In
1969, the Libra Conjunction occurred in my 2nd House. I caught the expansive wave and
pursued my dream of being an astrologer. In the 6th
House, you seek changes in the habits and
systems in your life, freeing yourself from addictive patterns and learning to coordinate your
efforts with others. The meaning of coordination/_collaboration_ must be clearly defined. The
2nd and 6th Houses are He
aling Houses and some may find a special interest in the Healing Arts.
In the 10th House, there will be a transformation in your attitude toward authority so that you can
assume your own role as an authority figure. Each of these Houses show a need to achi
eve a
sense of wholeness and integration through doing what is best for the Whole, operating from
your Center of Integrity and not reacting to the critical complaints of others.

In the 3rd and 9th Houses
, the individual must take the risk to change thinkin
g patterns, to
explore new mental worlds and to transform long cherished but outmoded concepts. In order to
continue to grow, the individual must embrace new ideas, new techniques, new technologies,
even new philosophies and cultures rather than maintain t
he old order of doing, thinking and
believing. Travel and education will have a transformational impact upon the life.

In the 4th House
, we are urged to break free from old ancestral patterns in our lives, to uproot
ourselves from our environment and to ta
ke the risk of making drastic change in our foundations,
for a new way of being that supports who we are. Natal planets in the 4th House often describe
emotional shocks or traumas in the childhood that bind us to the past. The 4th House represents


fear, guilt or an undue sense of responsibility

that have been passed down
through the generations that keep us from growing and moving forward.

With the Great Conjunction occurring in this House, we need to take the risk of changing those

outmoded concepts, to liberate ourselves from the past in order to embrace the future. One of
my students was raised in a family in which all of the children were told repeatedly that, if they
want to be happy, they should never have children

and no one
ever took the risk to change this
programming and have children. With the Jupiter
Uranus conjunction in her 4th House, this
woman found herself pregnant for the first time in her life

and she was in her mid
40s! In
taking the risk to start a family, she s
hook the foundations of her entire family, changing the
traditions for everyone in her family!

The 8th House

is a House of Transformation. This House rules all things totally beyond our
control and our attitude toward such matters

how we feel about being
out of control.
Transformational events can occur, totally beyond our control, and we are challenged to flow
with whatever happens rather than engage in a futile attempt to control. Sometimes, the feeling
of powerlessness in the 3
dimensional world facilit
ates the development of empowerment
through new spiritual values and insights. This spirituality can produce healing talents

physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and even economic

through which the individual can
transform the lives of others.

In the 5
th House
, this is a cycle for creative transformation of the personality, a time to get in
touch with the inner child and to take a risk with creativity. It is a time to explore what gives you
inner joy, to find something that gives you so much pleasure th
at you
just do it
, without regard
for the approval or disapproval of others. It is a cycle for re
defining the concept of LOVE, what
makes us feel loved and appreciated. For this reason, this can be disruptive to some of our
personal relationships.

The 7th

and 11th Houses

rule our relationship with others

personal intimacy with the 7th
House and the intimacy of shared goals with the 11th House. This is a cycle to take the risk of
expanding one’s social circle beyond what is comfortable and familiar. I pers
onally spent many
years meditating in groups to expand my consciousness but this was never achieved. It was only
when I went out into the world, explored the unfamiliar, the unknown, in relationships, that my
own consciousness began to expand.

The 7th Hou

asks the individual to re
define what is really needed in terms of relationships.
Maybe you do not need as much closeness in your relationships

maybe you need something
less traditional, maybe you need to find an important aspiration that bonds you to

others. A
friend found that her new job provided a sense of community connectedness

“it was not just a
job but a place where a great diversity of people could meet and share interests.” The 7th House
is a Public House, the projection of self into a publi
c arena. Yet, all of the changes that come into
our lives will be directed by others. We must follow their lead if we are to trust, grow and

In the 11th House
, Jupiter
Uranus marks a cycle for taking a risk in connecting socially with
others, with
people who are different, unusual, but with whom there are shared goals and
aspirations. Both the 7th and 11th Houses need to connect with people with whom you can
experience something

than the relationship. In depersonalizing the relationship, we c
explore a great vision in relating to others.

I emphasize the concept of
, with one’s self and others, in interpreting the effects of the
Uranus conjunction. Resulting from the Uranus
Pluto conjunction in Virgo in the 1960s,
humanity see
med to experience a loss of intimacy as we sought to discover ourselves in career
oriented and materialistic ways. This will ultimately lead to a crisis from 2012
2014 when
Uranus and Pluto reconnect

another cycle for rebelling against government and big
that are no longer responsive to the will of the people.

With the Saturn
Neptune alignments in the late 1980s
early 1990s, there arose an
awareness that something had been lost. Spirit had been abandoned. The Jupiter
Conjunction pr
ovides an opportunity to reconnect with the creative part of ourselves, a part that
we relinquished for external security.

Relating and intimacy under the Jupiter
Uranus Conjunction will be experienced through a sense
of community, connecting with what has

been lost in a new, dynamic way. No one relationship
can satisfy its expansive needs. Initially, this Conjunction occurs in the sign of Pisces,
compassion and caring will be the keynote of its expression.

In modern times, when humanity takes a leap in con
sciousness, this is paralleled with great
advances in technology, psychological understanding of ourselves and a renewed demand for
human rights. Especially with the conjunction in Aries, there will be many technological
breakthroughs connected with one ve
ry major breakthrough. Such a major breakthrough can stun
the thinking of the masses, uprooting us from the past so that we can take a leap of
consciousness. Zero ries is the “World Point” so that this specific conjunction will have a
global impact.


An excellent reference on the Alignment Cycles of the Planets can be discovered in
ichard Tarnas’ excellent tome, COSMOS & PSYCHE. On page 480, he states, “ ll periods
involving major Uranus alignments tend to constellate these themes in concrete events,

cycle doing so with different inflections according to the second planets involved. The Jupiter
Uranus conjunction of 2010
early 2011 will take place during the peak of the T
[alignment]… this is likely to coincide with unexpected new beginnin
gs, expansive impulses and
creative breakthroughs of many kinds that will shape the larger whole

some immediately
visible to public awareness, some of a more hidden nature that fully emerge later.”

ADDENDUM: With so many people talking about the June ecli
pse, I must tell you how it has
affected my dad, Charlie. While these upcoming eclipses are hitting my chart strongly, I will just
discuss my dad’s chart.

On the day of the Great Jupiter
Uranus conjunction, it was in his 7th House trine his Sun in Sag
in t
he 3rd House. That day was Charlie Koiner Day in Silver Spring MD with a big celebration
because he and I are the subjects of a new documentary. Charlie signed posters for the film that
the film makers gave out for free.

Now the eclipse is this morning but

yesterday he attended the showing of this film at the
American Film Institute. Tickets were sold out at all of the showings. After the showing, he
came up on the stage and answered questions for the audience. After it was over, people mobbed
my dad to ask

questions and take photos.

AFI staff had to clear the mob out to get ready for the next film to be shown. Oliver Stone and
other celebrities were there

I recognize their faces but I cannot think of their names.

I actually attended the Friday night scree
ning. I was amazed because people treated us like movie
stars but then I had to realize…we are movie stars! There was a huge poster outside of the FI
theater with my dad’s picture and, inside the theater, they were playing interviews with him and I
the public showing on Tuesday night. That is, since all of the tickets were sold, AFI decided
to show the film for free. The Plaza in Silver Spring was mobbed with people
everywhere….even though it had only stopped raining 30 minutes earlier.

I was amazed

that many of my dad’s friends, customers and neighbors attended and they were all
so surprised at how sensitive I am. They always see the independent side, never the sensitive
side….even I was amazed that they got all of this from the film. I was only hor
rified that I never
took the film makers seriously so I did not wash my hair or put on make up. But, it is a love story
about a father and daughter and this does impress others, esp. if they do not have such a good

The eclipse conjuncts my
dad’s 4th House planets in Capricorn. Now people are coming to our
acre farm 3 blocks from Whole Foods market to see us and the city farm. Some politicians were
there and I approached them about tax breaks for down
country farm land (this means in the ci
and “victory garden” plots).

Filed in


Lynn Koiner


May 10, 06:50 AM
EXACT DATES FOR ALIGNMENT: I just used the Solar Fire program
to select the Conjunction dates. I knew there was 1 in Aries
and another in Pisces…but
there are 2 conjunctions in Pisces.

DATES: June 8 2010 at 0 Aries; September 18 2010 at 28 Pisces; January 4 2011 at 27

It is the Conjunction at 0 Aries

the World Point

that will portend a great scientific

and the world will be impacted by this (this is the influence of Aries but
especially 0 Aries, a very powerful position).


Lynn Koiner


Oct 2, 08:49 AM

“ elating and intimacy under the Jupiter
Uranus Conjunction will be experienced
through a sense of community, connecting with what has been lost in a new, dynamic
way. No one relationship can satisfy its expansive needs. Initially, this

occurs in the sign of Pisces, compassion and caring are experienced on a road that is very
difficult to walk

you are quite vulnerable if you care.”

Hi Susan

It took me awhile to find this paragraph. Frankly, I cannot remember what I
was th
inking when I wrote this. The conjunction is a very good one but I may have been
referring to Pisces connecting with global needs when the Conjunction occurs in the 11th

Pisces is very empathetic and such caring about humanity can make people like
if you embark upon a humanitarian path, to feel deeply for others. As you surely know,
there are many people in great economic pain at this time.

I am glad that you pointed this paragraph out because it really does not make sense. I will
delete t
his because it is not important, at least, not as I see it now.




Jun 19, 05:47 PM

I was born in 1969 with Jupiter
Uranus conjun
ct at 1 and 2 Libra and in opposition to my
00 Aries Sun/North Node. So, obviously 1969 is a big year for me. :^)

In 1983 I remember becoming very interested in fitness, weight lifting and, with a
Saturn/Venus conjunction in Aries, skin care. So, I started

working out, walking with
more confidence and authority, my skin started clearing up and, because of all that (I
think), people in high school started treating me better.

In 1997 (actually in November 1996), I moved to NYC from Los Angeles. I also met and

moved in with the man I’m still with and we had the most amazing dog come into our
lives who’s still with us (almost and going strong!). 997 was a watershed year for me
in many respects.

With this upcoming conjunction directly on my 00 Aries Sun/North

Node (ruling my 9th
House) as well as in opposition to my Jupiter/Uranus in Libra in my 2nd, who knows
WHAT will a happen next!





Jun 20, 07:50 AM

Hello Lynn,

Thank you for the article. I am in the process of “organizing” my career as strologer
here in Germany. I am g
etting a lot of help from a few, key, important people. My point
is that, the Jupiter
Uranus conjunction occurs tightly conjunct my MC at 1 Ari 23. The
symbolism (and your comments) about it seems very appropriate for the start of a
business in a foreign c
ountry relating to Astrology. (I have been doing this 20 years, only
NOW I begin to manifest my dream HERE in Germany.)

The comments concerning being/becoming an authority figure are dead on. In addition,
the comments about what is better for the whole rea
lly ties into this, since my main
motivation for doing this really is helping people.

By the way, I natally have Uranus quindecile Jupiter, so I have seen the “saving grace”
element of this placement so often that I (shamefully) do take it for granted. I e
something spectacular during this time (that you outlined) and will be poised to seize the

Nice article, thanks!



Lynn Koiner


Jul 22, 06:36 AM

“In the st House, the individual is willing to take risks in self
expression, to take a risk
in the projection of the sel
f out into the world, and to express the self in a new way.
Often, this House will attract the individual to political and activist activities, seeking to
bring changes into the world and to be politically active in the expression of one’s views.
It is a t
ime to stand up for your beliefs. While this may appear to be a 9th House
experience, in actuality, the core identity will change.”

Look to the House position of your natal Uranus to see from where many of the changes
may be coming.




Aug 28, 11:56 PM

Whoa. I was a little kid in 1997 but it is still important. My mother left my stepfather that
year, which set off an endless

string of poverty, psychological upheaval and frequent
moves for years afterward.

I began researching this when I found out about a t
square between Uranus
Saturn and
Pluto that is exact on my birthday in 2010 (my solar return chart is just ridiculous for

year). In April 2009 I decided to switch my major focus of study to biological sciences.

I read a book that came out early this year called “The Meaning of Life” about an
ongoing project to create synthetic organisms through cells made entirely from
no genetic engineering, no reproduction, basically life from non
life. A group of
scientists started a company in Venice a while ago. Could be something. :)

Check out this: This is the founder of that
ny. He got his PhD in 1983, and became CEO of a financial company in 1997.
Goodness me how do you do this Lynn?


Lynn Koiner


Sep 1,
09:36 AM

I would focus upon the Conjunction interpretation in the 5th House trine Venus in the
9th. Yes, this can cover a wide area that really requires synthesizing your chart but, since
I cannot do this here, it is excellent for creative media, transform
workshops/conferences and, lastly, it could be some time of trip or connection with
distant places that expands consciousness.

The Aries Point is more global in some way.




Jan 1, 07:37 AM

Hi Lynn :)

read your article with interest.

I was surprised however to find part of your article copied word
word exactly on

without any reference to you. If this is fine (after all imitation is the highest form of
flattery) please ignore my comment and feel free to delete my post.

Thanks for this interesting and enlightening article:)




Lynn Koiner


Jan 1, 07:58 AM

That was very kind of you to post my name on that blog. I can see it was just someone
to post information and this is fine with me. I find my articles everywhere on the
internet and I enjoy seeing this.

I do always say that anyone can use my articles without my permission but I presume that
they will include my name.

I want to eventually
have all of my writings posted so that, when I come back in my next
incarnation, I will easily find all that I have written as Lynn Koiner.

I feel that no one can actually steal my material because sharp readers like yourself will
catch it quickly.

I am g
rateful that you took care of the problem and posted my name….Lynn


Lynn Koiner


Feb 21, 07:20 PM



0 Aries is t
he “World Point” so that an opportunity to be “out in the world/globally” may
present itself.

Some actually work at an international level and others find themselves worlding at an
International organization.

I am leaving in the morning for a conference
in Massachusetts so I have no time for more


Lynn Koiner


Apr 11, 08:01 AM

URANUS activating Cardinal T
Square in

very early degrees of the signs:

I always feel that the Jupiter
Uranus conjunction has a positive effect on individual
charts. In the 8th House, this marks a time of great personal transformation. It is only
difficult if the individual refuses to make cha
nges. It is expansive.

Early degree Cardinal afflictions always denote crises and indecision when starting
something new….“sitting on the fence” or a hesitency to take necessary action causes one
to feel one is in a crisis. It takes such a crisis to get th
em moving into the new.

So, the J
U alignment is always positive but it will be stressful due to the individual’s
innate procrastination that on a crisis to get moving.

Cardinal signs need to develop a sense of organization and to set priorities.


Lynn Koi


May 7, 08:29 AM

JULIAN: Like the Jupiter
Chiron alingment, I may not know until 2011 (when I
look back) to see what
happened. With Neptune, I was inspired psychically to a new
direction for my astrological career (Global Gatherings giving free lectures online when I
travel to Europe in November).

I cannot find the magazine now but, in January 2008, there was an excellent article in
Dell Horoscope that researched the Saturn
Uranus opposition. It is actually a rare
alignment and, when it does occur, it occurs in Virgo
Pisces, with the exception being


With the opposition occurs in Aries
Libra, it is expansive. Only the Virgo
alignment is contracting. The Aries
Libra alignment in 2010 can also be inflationary.

At the March 2010 NCGR conference, the financial astrologers all felt that

May 2011
would be the lowest point in the market. Investors need to be safe through this period,
afterwhich, the market will slowly improve.

STEVE: Sorry, Steve, the Aries Point is not famous but it can boost recognition and even
augment fame, if this is

the direction that you are heading.

During past Jupiter
Uranus alignments, I did get a booster rocket attached to my
endeavors. Thus, 2010 is a good timing year for ambitions.

It does portend something international or global. Interestingly, I am startin
g my Global
Gatherings in November.

One woman is getting a job in international telecommunications…it all depends upon the
progrssed happening in the chart.


Lynn Koiner


May 23, 10:47 AM

DARON: The Jupiter
Uranus conjunction occurs from 28 Pisces thrugh 0 Aries in 2010.
Unless you have a planet that would be aspected at this time, the Conjunction influence
will be delaye

possibly until 2011 when it crosses your Moon, indicating a new
beginning cycle.

For everyone, the Conjunction influences the House in which it occurs and it is not truly
activated until Uranus aspects a natal planet.

For many, Saturn in Libra will al
so be an activator and it is essential, before any positive
change can occur, that all work with coordinating your efforts effectively with others.

If you are not organized and cooperative, others can get in your way.

TINA: Read what I wrote about the Jupi
Uranus conjunction in the 12th House.

Changes will be internal and changes can occur by traveling to a distant place where
people do not know the OLD YOU

so that you can better change.

Uranus aspects early degree planets indicating that you will be
gin something totally new
and you need to once again teach yourself about the new responsibilities.




May 31, 01:02 PM

Hi Lyn
n and others posting and reading,

The Uranus/Jupiter conjunction occurs in my chart in my 10th house, however, my 11th
house begins at ’ 0” ries. My natal Uranus is at 4’ 4” Virgo in my fourth house, natal
Sun is at 9’06” Scorpio in the sixth house, nat
al moon is at 9’ 9” Taurus in the twelfth
house, natal Vertex is at ’ 8” Scorpio in my sixth house. emini rising at ’ 9”.
What would be the best way to interpret the conjunction in this position?


Lynn Koiner


Jun 2, 09:29 AM

HEATHER: This is a good question. I would read the Conjunction in the 10th House but,
in 2011, you will feel the energies shift into groups, associations and

people with whom
you share a common vision, collectives.

None of the planets that you list have anything to do with this Conjunction since they will
not be aspected by transiting Uranus.

The strongst trigger will occur when Uranus aspects a natal planet.
For everyone, it will
at least cross Eris (see my article on this website) within the next couple of years.

This will portend a collective event.

However, the energies will always start in 2010 with the conjunction.




Jun 13, 07:14 PM

Dear Lynn,

I really enjoy reading your insightful readings.

I am a Pisces, born Mar 6 1984, (libra rising, moon in taurus)

I am at a point in my life
where I am questioning everything that is around me, including
whether if I am in the right vocation.

I am currently looking for work so that I can pay for school and I just can’t get hired. I
thought the Jupiter
Uranus conjunction in Aries was going to b
ring me many
oppertunities in money making, however it didn’t;all i’ve gotten are rejections. Jupiter
and Uranus conjunted in my 6th house(pisces and aries are equally in my 6th house).
lso, even though it’s supposed to be lucky year for pisceans with Jup
iter in Pisces, I
haven’t had any improved luck.

Is there any hope for me?


Lynn Koiner


Jun 14, 06:04 AM

P: This is actually a good question because it is important to note that this Conjunction
does not grant all wishes.

The Conjunction lasts all year but it does not really kick in until Uranus aspects a natal

The Conjunction will not just give you

a job. It may help create a new direction in terms
of work. You may need to be open to different possibilities.

This economy is very bad for many people so getting a job will not be easy until new
tactics are used.


Lynn Koiner


Jun 19, 06:48 AM


First, I have been traveling every year to Praha since the Velvet Revolution. I
used to stay with my “Czech Brother,” Pavel Turnovsky,

but now I stay with my other
Czech Family, Zdenek Bohuslav. I will be in Praha in the middle of November this year.
Please get in touch with Zdenek or Jindra Johanisova so that we can meet for coffee and a

The J
U Conjunction will occur or be in eff
ect from its first conjunction now through its
final conjunction in January 2011. If it is aspecting a planet in late degrees of a sign, then
it portends a great ENDING CYCLE, a time to shut the door to some aspect of the past
and move forward into a new d
irection. The new direction is determined by the next
planet that Uranus aspects in your chart. This may not occur until 2011 for many.

If the Conjunction is aspecting a planet in early degrees, then it portends something
totally new coming into your life.

This could be stressful simply because it is so new to

Because Uranus is in 0 Aries for such a short time, most people with planets here will not
feel its effect strongly until 2011.

Right now, I feel that so many new plans are unfolding but I am s
ure that most will not
occur until 2011, since my Jupiter is a 1 degree Libra.

In Europe in November 2010, I will be broadcasting Global Gatherings whereby I will
interview astrologers and healers in Europe, broadcast them on the internet and then post
m on my website. This will all be for free to everyone.

In Praha, I will interview Zdenek.

The Conjunction is trining my Venus at 29 degrees. Indeed, I do feel that some part of
my life is ending but it is only because I am growing into a new direction. En
dings are
really good. We do not want to stay in high school forever…it is time to move on to


Lynn Koiner


Aug 6, 08:53 AM

LORI: I am not sure I can answer this without looking at the entire chart but Mars at 29
degrees marks an Ending Cycle. This is not an unpleasant event.

Ending Mars people often prefer to get things started for others and then let others take
over for the

long haul.

Uranus is trine my 29 degree Cancer Venus. I am seeing so much of my old life
ending and a new one beginning. The beginning does not seem to be triggered until the




Aug 12, 10:30 PM

Hi Lynn, this is fantastic info, and you have a great site. I have natal Saturn at 28 degrees
Pisces and obviously the conjunction will happen there in Sept. And on Sept.
10th Uranus
is exactly sextiling my natal Moon. I was wondering if that aspect to my natal Moon
might link the big June conjunction with September one?

Best Wishes,



Lynn Koiner


Aug 18, 02:17 PM

The June conjunction will manifest again in the spring 2010 when Uranus returns to 0

For those of us with planets in late degrees, the upcoming conjunctions will start in

Saturn at late degrees distrusts authority so a change or liberation could occur between
September 2010 and January 2011.




Aug 28, 06:39 AM

Really good stuff as long as in my quest I have surfed the whole net and this is a most
prominent article.

I feel most impacted by this conjunction, I have Sun at 29º Cancer in 9th house so the
next Uranus/Jupiter conjunction will
be trining my natal Sun from the th, and then I’ve
got a natal stellium at first degrees Leo with Mercury, Venus and Saturn, so Uranus will
be there for a while.

But by now little if nothing has happened, I don’t know exactly what to expect or when,
as lo
ng as I am trying to figure it out and don’t know where to be pro
active exactly, I
suppose this conjunction should materialize and don’t be only “mental”, perhaps it has
been delayed by the Cardinal Climax in summer.

I quote your words: “For those of us w
ith planets in late degrees, the upcoming
conjunctions will start in September”. Hope so, thanks.


Lynn Koiner


Aug 28, 08:20 AM

Y: s I have said in the earlier posts (maybe too many to read…need to delete),
the Conjunction in the late degrees really has not manifested

look to September
through January (2011).

It was activated for my dad in June
July when Uranus was at 0 Aries tr
ine his Sun

was the subject of a documentary, a film that has now gone international (Corner Plot).
More may happen when it hits 0 Aries again in March 2011.

The Houses in your chart look more exciting (5
9) as they help expand the personality in
a dr
amatic and creative way, often through a conference or seminar.


Catherine Dumas


Sep 4, 06:14 PM


My birth was 9/19/1961 at 9:0
6 PM, Ft. Myers FL. My Sun is at 27 degrees Virgo which
means that from Sept to Jan the Great Conjunction will be opposing my natal sun. The
Conjunction occurs in my 11th House. Can I expect this to be this to be a more negative
experience because it is an

opposition? It will also be trining natal Jupiter (also
retrograde). Natal Jupiter is the ending planet of a stellium (Saturn,Moon, Jupiter) in
Capricorn which is trine natal Sun. I am too much an amateur to be able to anticipate
much except that somethin
g is going to happen. The past few years of my life have been
filled with chaos, loss & isolation so I am hoping the turning point for change is near.


Lynn Koiner


Sep 6, 07:41 AM

CATHERINE: First, thank you for the insightful private post. And, your comments about
Vampires gave me some new insights.

econd, Catherine, because I receive 1500 hits each day, I cannot give personal readings
but I do answer questions that pertain to the articles.

The Jupiter
Uranus conjunction is strongest for those with late degree planets, such as
yourself, from September

0 0 through early March 0 …when it leaves Pisces for

At 26 Virgo 52, your Sun will be aspected exactly in November
December 2010.

What may interest my readers is that the Conjunction opposes your Sun

but this is
never a bad aspect. When there
is an aspect to late degree planets, it always marks an
Ending Cycle but endings, especially the Virgo traits of menial tasks and service
(servitude) to others, is an important growth aspect.

The 5th House rules Creative Self

cultivated by new

goals and new
relationships (11th House).

You have most of your planets in late degrees so ending cycles are very clear but
beginnings are not so clear as the only Beginning Planet is Chiron.

Here is the interpretation of Beginning Chiron (3 degrees in
Pisces) from my Manual….

BE INNIN CHI ON: The lesson here is to learn to go with one’s intuition and to
follow your heart in approaching new situations.

I always say that Chiron represents all of us “aliens” on the planet

those of us who feel
a strange
r in a strange land who should have gone to Arcturus, not to this place! With a
Beginning Chiron, these people need to learn to be the first ones to stand up and admit
their alienness. “ liens” are aware that we are evolving godlings on this planet, not tr
of the earth. Yes, you can feel comfortable on this planet, as I do, but you sense that you
are “in the world but not of it.” This can make them feel uncomfortable with being
different, with this awareness of who they really are.

With the Beginning Ch
iron, I use the analogy of an auditorium filled with people. Then,
someone says, “OK, will the real liens please stand up.” People will look around at each
other, looking to see who will stand up first…it is the Beginning Chiron who needs to be
the first
to stand up and be counted. They are always alone at first until, finally, others
begin to stand up, admitting that they too are the godlings, not earthlings.

Remember, Chiron represents where we need to give to others what we need for
ourselves. I know tw
o friends with a Beginning Chiron in the 4th House. In their own
way, they have always felt different and not like their family. One is a man who will take
in anyone who needs to feel that they belong. Cousins, nephews and friends have stayed
at his house
when they were having problems with their families. Another does not take
people in but she always makes an effort to make people feel welcome, that they belong,
when they come into her home or her office.


Lori L Lautt


Sep 7, 05:21 PM

Thank you for time. I had written & you answered..“LO I: I am not sure I can answer
this without looking at the entire chart but Mars at 29 degrees
marks an Ending Cycle.
This is not an unpleasant event. “

My birth info is June 6 1958 3:18 a.m. in Grants Pass Oregon.

I am kind of riding along without an idea of where to direct efforts. I realize Mercury is
retro right now so maybe I should of waited
to write!! lol

Thanks Again, Lori


Isabella Bourne


Sep 13, 05:20 AM

Dear Lynn

I stumbled on your www and find it fascinating. I have

used astrology and its symbolism
all my life to help self and others. My astrology is Aquarius Sun at 2, Aries Rising at 24,
Moon in Pisces at 23 opposite Virgo Saturn at 18. The Jupiter Uranus conjunction falls in
my natal 12 house on Progressed Sun at 2

Aries, progressed Mercury at 29 Pisces and
progressed MC at 28 Pisces (Born January 22 1950 at 12.45 pm in Buenos Aires).

Would it be possible for you to give more information on 12th house and this emphasis
on the progressed planets? I am feeling all at
sea (!) Saturn currently transiting 6th house
trine Sun and conjunct Mars/South Node at 8/9 Libra. Many health issues and I am
feeling very fragile and rather wobbly. A strange state to find myself in at the age of 60!

Would value any feedback that would a
lso contribute to the further understanding of self
and others on this theme.

Many thanks



Lynn Koiner


Sep 13, 07:12 AM

BELLA: I cannot say too much more about the 12th House, although it is stronger for
distant places or places where people do not know you. So, it can be good for travel.

However, the feeling lost probably comes from the progressed Mercury at 29 Pisces


is a the “end of one’s rope” degree ( 9 degrees), like a boil getting ready to pop and then
the release occurs as the progressed Mercury enters Aries, a more dynamic and outspoken

This will eventually improve more as the P MC enters Aries. Look to
the progressed and
natal position of Mars for the new direction in your life.




Sep 15, 10:51 AM

Hi Lynn

my sun is pisces 29 deg
rees and my ascendant is sag and my moon is sag also ( dob 20
march 1971 at 1.55am London UK)

How does this uranus jupiter conjunction affect me?


Love your site. xx




Sep 15, 09:13 PM

Hi Lynn,

Thankyou so much for your insight on this subject and astrology in general. I love that
there is so much to discover, forever learning. I’m wondering if you’d be able to shed
some light

on the effect this will have in my chart…

I have Jupiter and Uranus natally conjunct in Sag 11th house(born 1983) which is trine
9 degree orb) this current J
U conjunction occurring in my 3rd house. Also i just
noticed that they are currently square my

late Sag Neptune!

I understand the fact that it’s transitting through my 3rd house means that there will be a
transformation in ways of thinking and new ideas etc, but i’m having trouble finding
information about what this means in relation to my natal pl

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Aqua with Aqua rising


Lynn Koiner


Sep 16, 07:14 AM

SARA and ERIKA: Any transit over planets in the late degrees denote a letting go or
ending cycle in your life…but letting go for something new, to move into a new location,
a new job or a new environment.

When one is born at the time of a natal conjunctio
n, there is a powerful resonnance that
will trigger you into action for change.

Transformation in thinking can involve letting go of control issues because they have
become to confining.

Look to the natal House position of Uranus to get a little more insi
ght into the nature of
the changes.




Sep 20, 10:47 PM

My son has natal saturn 27degrees 12 in pisces or 29 degrees + in pisces

by progression.
Looks like his 9th house cusp 0th. Natally it’s in his th and by progression 9th.?

He is struggling one last time to make his take off but if not then
plans to chuck it by months end. I feel he may be in for a big cha
nge of some kind like
his pisces father passing. Could you comment on that 29th degree in this case. He is
tauras, gemini rising. Aries moon. Is hard worker with full 12th house. Mercury, mars,
sun and NN. tnks.




Sep 21, 06:40 AM

HI! Sunday Sept. 19 the Sun in Virgo (27 degrees) oppossed the Jupiter
conjunction (28 Pisces).

My Saturn is in Virgo (27,16 degrees, near the end

of 1st house), and Sunday morning I
came up with a business idea which is huge (Jupiter), innovative, hi
tech, people
orientated (Uranus), creative (Sun).

So I have to ask you, is it necessarily a BAD idea (since it involves my Saturn?). Should i
invest i
n it, or I’ll end up in jail(lol)?

Another thing that worries my is that transiting Neptune inconjuncts my Saturn, and also,
the Jup
Uranus conj. loosely squares my natal Neptune (sag. 19,54 degrees, 4th house)

I am a Virgo, Virgo rising, 1st house virgo s
tellium (Sun
Saturn), my
Midheaven is in Gemini, my Uranus in Scorpio in the 3rd, my Venus in the 11th.

Saturn forms no hard aspects natally.

The Jup
Uranus conj. falls in the end of my 7th house, some 6 degrees away from the
cusp of my 8t
h. It also loosely trines my MH (7 degrees orb)

Your help would really mean a lot right now. I hope you didn’t find my post too tiring.
Thank you!


Lynn Koiner


Sep 21, 07:50 AM

CHARL: 29 degrees is an Ending degree, a time when we finish up something and move
on. This could be a task or a project or a scholastic endeavor. This effect will continue
through Spring 2011.

When it is about
an unpleasant situation, then it is time to let go and move on.

The Jupiter
Uranus conjunction is always expansive and beneficial for us.

I am a 12th House person myself and we are always late bloomers in life.

The Ending Saturn eventually does better bein
g their own boss or working independently
from an employer. They completely distrust authority.

LILY & CHARL: The only way to answer these specific questions

the success of an
idea or the success of a project

is to have a horary chart calculated. This
is a chart for
the date
place that you ask a question. This chart operates independently from your

it has nothing to do with the natal chart. But, it answers a specific question.