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The mobileservices.intellisense.js file has definitions for working with data using the tables API, sending
push notifications using the push API, and working directly with SQL using the mssql API.

Since this is a preview release, there may be
bugs in terms of missing/inaccurate documentation or
IntelliSense not appearing correctly for some APIs.

The IntelliSense files in this release do not provide coverage for:

APIs specific to Node.js, so IntelliSense will not appear for APIs such as require(
..). We
recommend you refer to the Node.js documentation for information on these APIs.

External Node.js modules that are available by default to Mobile Services scripts, such as the
Azure Node SDK (accessed using require('azure')).

Specific details of wh
at some API arguments should look like. For example, when you call
push.wns.sendToastText01(channel, payload, options), the IntelliSense doesn’t tell you what
properties the API expects to find on the payload object. You will need to refer to the API
entation for this information.

Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.