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Coordinating Multiagent
Applications on the WWW: A
Reference Architecture

An article by Paolo Ciancarini, Robert Tolksdorf, Fabio Vitali,
Davide Rossi, and Andreas Knoche

Reviewed by Odd Petter Slyngstad for DT 8107 Distributed
Systems, 13/10/2004


Original web had no support for multi
interactive apps

The authors have developed PageSpace, a
reference architecture for coordinating
multiagent apps on the WWW

Programming the WEB

Programming the WEB (2)

A) Web Servers: CGI

B) Web Clients: Applet, RealAudio

C) Middleware activity

(PageSpace can support all three)

Coordination Technology for the

Important issues:

Agent synchronization

Agent communication

Agent initiation/start

Use coordination technology to solve;
like (details provided in article)

Coord’ (2)

Contrasting Linda to PVM, Linda is better
because it provides:

Uncoupling of agents via tuplespaces

Associative addressing by tuple type

Focus on coordination only

Coordination through shared tuplespaces (both
client and server)

Next, PageSpace….

PageSpace Architecture


applications are comprised of agents

multiple user access

transparent application distribution

application interaction

dynamic and evolvable configuration of

users, applications and hosts

more PageSpace

Agent types:

User interface agents


Application agents

Gateway agents

Kernel agents

Implementation of PageSpace

Jada provides the basic coordination technology
(extends Java and Linda)

access to shared object

Laura provides service interoperability

based on
Linda, but with enhanced tuple
space into service
space concept (forms, shared by all agents).

Kernel Agents in PageSpace

yet more PageSpace

Prototype extended to support distributed
PageSpaces (scalability

loose federation)

Fault tolerance

“no effect on PageSpace”


logical location

An example of how to design an application
using PageSpace is presented (ecommerce)

Related Work and Conclusion

Other Linda
like approaches:

Bauhaus, Javaspaces


PageSpace integrates

Web technology

communication + presentation

Java technology

uniform host language


simple tool for agent activity
description and control