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SAP NetWeaver™ AND
SAP NetWeaver™ is SAP’s integration and application platform.
It is an integrated set of technologies that lower your total cost
of ownership (TCO) by reducing the need for custom integra-
tion. SAP NetWeaver is fully interoperable with Microsoft .NET,
including the .NET Framework programming model and
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, which are used to build Web-
based .NET applications, smart client applications, and XML
Web services applications (For more information, go to SAP’s Microsoft .NET and SAP NetWeaver
integration strategy takes a holistic approach, one that covers
all integration layers of SAP NetWeaver – people, information,
and business processes – while relying on an application
platform that is based on open standards.
SAP® .NET Connector is a key element for interoperability
between SAP NetWeaver and Microsoft .NET on the application
platform level. It consists of an extension for Microsoft Visual
Studio .NET and a runtime environment that handles commu-
nication between the Microsoft .NET platform and SAP applica-
tions. With SAP .NET Connector, you can extend mySAP™ Busi-
ness Suite applications running on SAP NetWeaver with
applications built for the Microsoft .NET platform.
SAP Technical Brief
At SAP we know that your IT
landscape is built of multiple
systems from different ven-
dors, and we know that you
need to protect your invest-
ment in those systems. We
also know that your IT land-
scape has to be flexible and
adaptable to help your enter-
prise grow. But to achieve
this, multiple systems and
technology platforms must
fully interoperate. That’s why
we built SAP® .NET Connec-
tor, a set of tools to ensure
that your Microsoft .NET
applications and your SAP
solutions powered by SAP
NetWeaver™ work together.
Figure 1: SAP .NET Connector Architecture
With SAP NetWeaver and SAP .NET Connector you can easily
write .NET applications (Windows and Web Forms applications)
that access the business functionality of SAP applications using
either open Internet standards, including HTTP, SOAP, and
XML, or SAP’s Remote Function Call (RFC) protocol. (This is an
example of the outside-in approach.) You can also write server
applications that run in a .NET environment and are accessed
from within SAP solutions – an inside-out approach.
Designtime Environment
Runtime Environment
SAP NetWeaver offers a new dimension of openness and efficien-
cy, enabling developers to extend the value of mySAP Business
Suite applications with .NET-based applications using Microsoft
.NET Visual Studio and SAP .NET Connector. The benefits
include the following:

You can quickly and easily develop .NET applications that ac-
cess SAP business objects by using SAP’s Business Applications
Programming Interface® (BAPI) technology.

For developers using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, the SAP
.NET Connector wizard simplifies the complex task of creating
the required integration modules.

At execution time, SAP .NET Connector provides fast, secure,
and reliable communication between the .NET application
and SAP applications.
These benefits mean that more users can work with mySAP
Business Suite information and services, and you can still drive
down the effort and cost of integrating distributed business ap-
plications based on Microsoft Distributed Component Object
Model (DCOM) or Microsoft .NET.
The SAP .NET Connector extension for Microsoft Visual Studio
.NET provides wizards and tools to simplify the task of building
.NET applications that extend mySAP Business Suite
applications. For example, using the proxy class wizard, develop-
ers can access SAP business functions from a .NET application
after completing just a few simple steps. When developing a so-
lution with .NET languages like C# or Visual Basic .NET, they
can invoke the wizard, connect to an SAP application server, and
select the required function modules. The wizard then generates
the required proxy classes (.NET wrappers for SAP function
modules and BAPIs) and includes them in the Visual Studio
.NET solution.
Visual Studio .NET
.NET Application
Win Forms/
Web Forms
Web Services
SAP Extensions
for Visual
Studio .NET
.NET Proxy
Figure 2: The SAP .NET Connector Extension for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
The SAP .NET Connector extension for Microsoft Visual Studio
.NET provides several other designer components:

A table wizard for binding SAP tables and structures to
WinForms and Web Forms controls (a type of data binding)

A destination component for simple authentication at
runtime in Web Forms applications

Preconfigured connection code to establish communication
between the .NET application and SAP Web Application
Server, the application platform of SAP NetWeaver

Security authentication methods, such as single sign-on from
SAP, Kerberos, and Microsoft

Support for IntelliSense in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
At runtime, SAP .NET Connector handles communication
between SAP applications and .NET applications using the open,
standard SOAP/XML protocol or the SAP RFC protocol. Config-
uration settings determine which protocol is used at runtime.
SAP solutions based on SAP NetWeaver provide built-in support
for the SOAP/XML open communication protocol. SAP applica-
tions based on an application server prior to SAP Web Applica-
tion Server 6.20 (SAP R/3® 4.X releases) can also obtain full
Microsoft .NET interoperability by using SAP .NET Connector
together with the SAP RFC protocol.
SAP .NET Connector runtime support encompasses the

The ability to combine proxy classes generated with SAP .NET
Connector with any other .NET language, such as C#, C++,
or Visual Basic

Support for transactional RFC (TRFC) or queued RFC
(QRFC) in both client and server

Support for SAP’s Intermediate Document (IDoc) communi-
cation technology
Getting started with SAP .NET Connector is easy. The SAP .NET
Connector installation kit and comprehensive documentation,
including a programmer’s guide and a programmer’s reference,
are available on the SAP Service Marketplace
( Complete sample
applications ship with the product. Interactive SAP Tutor
training guides you through building your first application.
To learn more about how SAP NetWeaver can extend inter-
operability in your IT landscape, visit our Web site at\netweaver and the SAP Developer Network at
SAP Toolbox
Table Wizard
Data binding
SAP Proxy Class
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