Development Environment Setup – NetBeans Javadoc

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Information Systems 579 Fall 2003

Development Environment Setup – NetBeans Javadoc
Following is a guide for using configuring NetBeans to make the JDK documentation available:
1. Download the 1.4.2 documentation using the link on the development page on the course web site. The
file you download should be called Save this file to c:\java\netbeans3.5.1\docs.
Your directory contents should then look like the graphic shown below:

2. Start up NetBeans, and open the JavaDoc Manager (Tools -> JavaDoc Manager from the menus). You
should see the new .zip file added, as shown below:

3. If you don’t see in the Javadoc mount list, click the “Add Archive” button, surf to
c:\java\netbeans3.5.1\docs, select, and click “Mount”.
4. In the graphic above, note the “Root Offset” parameter. This parameter tells NetBeans where to find
the searchable version of the Javadoc data within the .zip file. To change this, click in the text area to
the right of and below “Root Offset”, then click on the button with three dots on it. You
should see a dialog like the one shown at left below:

Click on the open icon to show directories under “docs”. Click on the “api” directory (result at right
above), then click “OK” to close the root offset dialog, and “Close” to close the Javadoc Manager dialog.
5. To search for a Javadoc reference, open a Java program, select a method name (a good one to test is
“println”), then press Shift-F1 to see a list of classes that contain that method. Single click to display the
result in the bottom panel of the Javadoc Index Search dialog, or double-click to open the reference in
Internet Explorer.