Load Automation Systems


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Terminal Automation Solutions
Load Automation Systems
Accurate, safe and flexible loading/unloading
A crucial element in Honeywell Enraf’s terminal automation solution is loading automation. Honeywell Enraf’s
loading automation system manages and controls loading and unloading in a safe, secure and well-documented
The loading automation system meets strict requirements in terms of safety, accuracy, availability and traceability.
It provides all necessary functionality to run your operation in the most cost-effective and efficient way.
It allows compliancy with the ever-changing market requirements enabling just-in-time supply and minimized stocks
by linking carriers, suppliers and customers. It helps to keep up with todays and future business environment
increasing terminal throughput and improving terminal efficiency while reducing costs. Honeywell Enraf offers
products and solutions that help you to keep pace with market developments and trends, such as bio fuels, ATEX
137 directive, and ADR 2003.
Honeywell Enraf’s load automation solution
Honeywell Enraf’s load automation system offers you all these capabilities in a single integrated solution.
Key elements here are a powerful Load Computer and the multifunctional SmartLoad Fuel Management Software.
In addition, the integrated Honeywell Enraf concept comprises the Additive Injection System for the safe and
accurate dosing of additives to fuels. Then there is the Access Terminal, a range of instruments specifically
designed to ensurethe security at tank terminals. And since the loading/unloading procedures entail serious safety
risks, the concept also includes Honeywell Enraf’s Securiterre system for elimination of the explosion hazard.
These elements make the Honeywell Enraf solution a sophisticated and total concept that meets the demand for
reliability, flexibility and safety alike.
Honeywell Enraf load automation system forms a logical part of the overall package of our products and systems
for tank storage and intermediate storage terminals. The integrated automation concept embodies decades of
know-how and experience. You will notice this from its reliability, availability and accuracy. Its smooth integration
with other systems, speed of installation and simplicity of start-up will undoubtedly appeal to you. Particularly when
you bear in mind that these advantages are coupled with outstanding quality and customer orientation.
There are tens of thousands of Honeywell Enraf systems in operation world-wide, this enormous number is perhaps
the best possible proof that Honeywell Enraf solutions are among the world’s best. We are pleased to offer such a
solution to you.
Load Computer – the heart of the automation system
The 1010 Load Computer is a powerful and intelligent loading
system. The explosion-proof system is available in three
different models, enabling a fitting solution to be offered for any
application, customer requirement or budget.
The standalone capabilities of the 1010 secure a safe and
thereby well-registered autonomous loading operation at all
times, maximizing terminal availability.
Honeywell Enraf’s load automation system: the perfect solution
Honeywell Enraf’s load automation system is a total and integrated concept. It meets in every respect the strict
requirements applying to the loading/unloading of road tankers, rail cars, barges, aircraft, containers and drums
carrying hazardous or flammable liquids. The individual system components are described below.
SmartLoad - Fuel Management Software

SmartLoad Fuel Management Software is a proven software
solution for communication with all load systems and
components and with other field instrumentation such as level
gauges. The SmartLoad package (which is Windows-based)
also incorporates interfacing capability to other software
packages, assuring faultless integration with existing systems.
SmartLoad integrates the field into the boardroom. It allows
you to make better and faster decisions based on relevant
actual real-time information.
Additive Injection System – for accurate and safe dosing
Having been at the forefront of every major technical
development in the history of additive injection, Honeywell
Enraf has, and continues to, develop custom solutions for
every conceivable additive injection application. Honeywell
Enraf’s additive injection systems ensure the terminal operator
that high quality and safety standards are met by accurately
injecting the additive to the fuel.
Access Terminal – secure access
The 1030 Access Terminal is the solution for secure access to
oil terminals or loading stations or weight stations.
This compact instrument is standard equipped with Touch Key
technology; a tag or smart card is used to produce a number
wich grants access to the terminal or the loading station. It is
also possible to use other principles such as proximity card
readers, RFID tag readers, and biometric identification
equipment for validation purposes.
As well as being integrated in the load automation system, the
1030 Access Terminal can also operate in stand-alone mode.
Securiterre – overcoming the explosion hazard
For the safe loading or unloading of flammable liquids, the first
requirement is to ground the tanks, tanker trucks, railcars,
vessels, drums, in order to prevent any electrostatic discharge.
The Securiterre system provides a simple and safe solution for
this purpose.
The system continuously monitors the connection status of the
grounding clamp; if it is unconnected, the loading/unloading
procedure is automatically terminated.
Blending Systems – for the perfect blend
Honeywell Enraf was responsible for the development of
today’s standard for load rack blending, which was pioneered
back in the 1980’s for ‘Mid Grade’ fuels in the USA. During
the 1990’s Honeywell Enraf extended its blending experience
to facilitate the blending of Ethanol at the load rack. Today,
Honeywell Enraf has the latest technology to blend custom
grades of Ethanol and Bio-Diesel blended fuels. Honeywell
Enraf has the knowledge to provide a solution for almost any
blending problem.
Honeywell’s OneWireless - the reliable solution

Provides a universal and simple solution for a more efficient
and reliable plant. , you can set up a multi-functional wireless
plant network that can grow to include additional control and
alarming instrumentation and 802.11 handheld devices, such
as Honeywell’s IntelaTrac PKS and Mobile Station.
It can be deployed on pumps, compressors, motors, turbines,
and virtually on any rotating equipment. It can be deployed to
monitor critical equipment, equipment located outside the
plant (tank farms), equipment that is prone to frequent
breakdowns and equipment that is difficult to monitor
otherwise. It can also be used for temporary installations to
do root cause analysis or to monitor equipment that was
repaired recently.
The Load Computer for any operating environment
The Load Computer makes standard provision for all measurement and control functions for the loading/unloading
of road tankers, rail tank cars and aircraft with fuel, chemicals, bitumen, asphalt, LPG, etc. Special Application Packs
have been developed for use in the specific operating areas. These offer all users a balanced combination of
hardware and application-specific software. The Load Computer’s numerous functions include flow measurement
with pulse verification to API and ISO standards, temperature measurement and volume correction. Furthermore the
Load Computer is standard equipped with digital valve control.
This enables the flow profile to be programmed to allow for the variation in flow behaviour at initiation and at close of
the load procedure. The system can of course be effortlessly combined with the other components of the Honeywell
Enraf load automation solution.
The 1010 Load Computer is capable of simultaneously controlling the load procedure on a maximum of four arms. If
more than four products need to be loaded simultaneously, two Load Computers can be connected to, at most,
eight arms. For communication with the user, this model is equipped with a large LCD display showing flow rates,
operator messages, preset values, total volumes etc.
The ruggedized truck driver proof keyboard with integrated Touch key card reader enables identification of trucks
and drivers. It is also possible to use other principles such as proximity card readers, RFID tag readers, and
biometric validation equipment for identification purposes.
When using the 1010 Load computer in conjunction with additive systems, the additive quantity and type can
automatically be printed on the bill of lading and stored into the transaction files.
The 1010 has capacity to store the last 200 transactions. The 1010 is capable to run the gantry in a safe, secure and
well-documented manner all by itself.
Optimized management with SmartLoad and SmartBook
The Windows-based SmartLoad package provides multiple functionalities for the management of product
movements. For example, it records all product transfers, automatically prints bills of lading (delivery receipts),
generates and prints reports, pre-schedules loads and deliveries, and maintains records of all personnel and
vehicles entering and exiting the terminal. All product transfer documents are shown with the ADR2003-required
data and coding.
Honeywell Enraf offers highly advanced stock accounting and reconciliation software, SmartBook, if the customer
requires combining the loading information with tank data. Honeywell Enraf’s stock accounting and reconciliation
software can be connected to associated gauging systems by using Honeywell Enraf’s highly interoperable tank
gauging software, which seamlessly integrates Honeywell Enraf and other tank gauges. In addition to Honeywell
Enraf’s SmartLoad loading automation functions, Honeywell Enraf’s SmartBook stock accounting and reconciliation
software can also be used to track the tank inventory, product formulations and modifications, as well as the stock
In combination with the load computer 1010 and the additive injection and blending systems, Honeywell Enraf’s
loading automation suite, consisting of Honeywell Enraf’s loading automation SmartLoad and / or Honeywell Enraf’s
stock accounting and reconciliation software SmartBook, is also suitable for the overall management of additive
dosing and blending. Honeywell Enraf’s loading automation suite can also interface to SCADA packages, thereby
producing standardized and easy-to-read graphical representations of the terminal installations.
Honeywell Enraf’s highly interoperable loading automation suite is designed to communicate with a wide variety of
field devices as well as business management systems allowing the integration of existing systems - we protect your
capital investments - providing accurate real-time information on every asset and aspect of the terminal, enabling
operating the terminal in the way you want.
Additive Injection & Blending Systems
The diversification of automotive fuels in today’s downstream market has never been greater. This diversification is
driven by a number factors, which have all led to an increased complexity in the handling and distribution of these
products. Base product modifications include:
• Performance enhancing additives • Bio Diesel
• Dyes & Markers • Ethanol
• Lubricity enhancers • Anti Icing additives
• Detergent additives • NoX reduction additives
• Anti Static additives • Lead replacement
To maximise operational flexibility and to reduce product storage requirements, the majority of product recipes are
created at or around the load rack. Therefore Honeywell Enraf provides a wide range of additive injection and
blending solutions.
The Mini-Pak 6
The Mini-Pak 6 Injector Controller has been designed to meet
the market requirements for shared electronic packages, small
in size with the dependability of the proven Mini-Pak
technology. The PCM3 electronic control module combines all
the features and flexibility of six individual Mini-Pak modules
into one. It is the injector of choice when there are multiple
injection points on each load rack. Its compact size takes
up less room on the load rack, and with its PCM3 controller,
reduces costs by controlling up to six MonoBlock II’s with one
electronics module.
Painless Injection
With over 35 years experience and over 60,000 additive injectors installed worldwide, Honeywell Enraf is able to
offer systems expertise second to none. That knowledge base has facilitated the engineering of a range of standard
solutions for the vast majority of additive injection requirements.
These solutions have been developed to maximise the accuracy, reliability and functionality, and minimise the
technicalities and cost of implementing such a system. Although these solutions are labelled as ‘standard products’,
each of these solutions are infinitely customisable to meet the specific needs of the proposed application.
The Mini-Pak 3000
The Mini-Pak 3000 is the most advanced technology additive
injector on the market. The Mini-Pak 3000 injector panel
packages the single channel Mini-Pak controller with the
‘Virtual Leak Proof’ designed, MonoBlock II.
The MonoBlock II is the building block of all standard injector
packages and is exclusive to Honeywell Enraf. The stainless
steel block has the oval gear flow-meter housing, control valve
ports, strainer housing, check valve housing, calibration port,
and isolation valve housings, machined directly into the
manifold assembly.
The heart of the control system is the Mini-Pak controller, a
dedicated, customised micro-processor, designed exclusively
to manage chemical injection. The software in the controller is
the result of decades of additive injection control experience,
and optimises the uniquely selected hardware to produce an
extremely fast and efficient device.
The Perfect Blend
With energy costs spiralling ever upwards, and the elevation of environmental issues on the global agenda, the
majority of the worlds oil companies are now seeking to capitalise on the expansion of blended bio-fuels at the road
loading terminal. Honeywell Enraf was responsible for the development of today’s standard for load rack blending,
which was pioneered back in the 1980’s for ‘Mid Grade’ fuels in the USA. During the 1990’s Honeywell Enraf
extended its blending experience to facilitate the blending of Ethanol at the load rack. Today, Honeywell Enraf has
the latest technology to blend custom grades of Ethanol and Bio-Diesel blended fuels.
The benefits of blending products at the load rack are numerous, and include issues such as reducing the
dependency on multiple storage tanks to maintaining flexibility at the load rack by the ability to load multiple
products from each load arm.
The design of the Honeywell Enraf’s blending skids takes into consideration the biggest issues for adding an Ethanol
or Bio-Diesel blending capability to the load rack:
• The need for a small foot print blender.
• The special requirements for accurate volume measurement of Ethanol and Bio-Diesel.
• The volume growth factor when you mix Ethanol into petroleum.
• The cold flow properties of FAME products.
• The varied communication interfaces into the existing load rack.
• The flexibility of varying blend ratios.
The Honeywell Enraf MicroBlender and the Multi-Stream Blending Skid, answers all of the above issues and insures
a smooth installation, accurate blend ratios, and extended life of the equipment.
The Micro-Blender
Honeywell Enraf’s Micro-Blender incorporates the latest
intelligent blend controller for all single stream Ethanol and
Bio-Diesel blending applications. The Micro-Blender utilises the
latest advancements in microprocessor technology, to bring
unparalleled accuracy to blending system solutions. From the
same proven family of controllers as the additive injection
systems, the Micro-Blender facilitates advanced level
functionality such as remote configuration via RS Comms or
Infra Red Remote Control. User definable alarm outputs and
self calibrating functionality come as standard.
The Micro-Blender can be configured in one of four sizes,
allowing for blend ratios from 1% to 100% on standard load
rack applications. Utilising the exclusively engineered ‘slotted
V-ball actuated control valve, the Micro-Blender is capable of
achieving highly accurate linear control across the complete
blend range.
Seamless Integration
Regardless of whether the road loading facility is a single arm, mechanical top loading gantry, or multiple, six arm,
TAS controlled, electronic loading bays, the requirement for seamless integration of an additive injection or
blending system is paramount.
The design philosophy behind all Honeywell Enraf additive injection and blending systems is to ensure that every
application can be catered for. This means being able to interface with a multitude of 3rd party equipment at the
load rack. From being able to receive a flow-meter pulse from an obsolete mechanical counter, to being able to
communicate with the latest state-of-the-art Terminal Automation Systems. Honeywell Enraf’s additive and blending
solutions have the capability to interface with all current terminal equipment, and are thoroughly tested, through
partnerships, with all new developments from 3rd party manufacturers.
This seamless integration capability is further enhanced by Honeywell Enraf’s provision of all injection and blending
system peripheral equipment. This offering includes, additive off-loading pump skids, additive storage tanks,
additive boost pump pressure skids, containerised additive units and portable injection equipment.
The Multi-Stream Blender
The Multi-Stream Blender also utilises the same intelligent
control electronics and the same accurate linear control valve
as the Micro-Blender. However it is configurable in any
arrangement, both horizontal and vertical, for between 2 and
6 arms. This allows for a very small footprint and maximises
placement options for a complete load rack solution.
The Multi-Stream Blender also incorporates an additional
hydraulic power-pak. This allows for stable control of the
individual control valves, by eliminating the dependency on
fluctuating product line pressures.
The Securiterre continuously monitors the static earth path and
carries out a unique tanker identification, by verifying its
resistance and capacitance, when connected. The system as
such only becomes permissive when conditions are within
correct parameters and will always fail-safe in the event of a
short or open circuit. Local LED indicators confirm the
tanker/earth condition to the operator, whilst the internal
voltage-free contact may be interlocked with tanker-loading
systems, pumps, valves, alarms, etc.
In highly humid or brine environments or cases where trucks
are fitted with conductive tyres, the Securiterre may not verify
the vehicle’s electrical characteristics. To provide for these
extreme cases, the system has been equipped with a specially
developed magnet, which establishes a direct and safe ground
connection when used.
Secure access authorization
The Honeywell Enraf load automation concept also features secure access authorization via the Access
Terminal 1030.
This instrument is based on the rugged and safe Touch Key technology, which scans a number code from a tag
or a smart card. After positive identification, access to the terminal or loading station is granted. It is also possible
to use other principles such as proximity card readers, RFID tag readers, and biometric identification equipment for
validation purposes.
The authorization procedure can be routed either to an internal database of valid identification criteria or via an
interface to an office information computer.
The Access Terminal 1030 is available in two models: the explosion-proof 1030A and the 1030W for use in non-
hazardous areas. The 1030W also provides room to mount modems and transmitters inside the terminal enclosure.
While the Access Terminal is designed for integration in the load automation system, it is also suitable for stand-
alone applications. The 1030 has storage capacity for up to 1000 key or card numbers, which can be used to obtain
access without reference to an automation system.
This means that security is guaranteed at all times without effecting the terminal efficiency.
Hence there is no automation system required at all to manage the access to the terminal.
Effective grounding solution
Safety can be considered multi faceted at and near loading stations and tank terminals. As 5% of storage tank
accidents is caused by static electricity the proper grounding of tankers is considered of key importance in the safe
transfer of flammable liquids.
Honeywell Enraf’s Securiterre grounding system as such offers an efficient and effective solution, assuring the safe
grounding of road and rail tankers, barges, ships, containers and drums. Equipped with superior technology, the
Securiterre prevents static accumulation and ensures correct bonding and grounding procedures, thereby
eliminating the potential for operator error.
Securistore cable dispenser
For environments where strict requirements apply regarding conductivity, the Securiterre system can be supplied
with the Securistore, an ATEX certified aluminum cable reel equipped with hermetically sealed fluid contacts for
maximum conductivity. The Securistore as such comprises a 15m long automatically retracting cable that effectively
suppresses all cable effects as it is fabricated with a 5mm thick isolation shield. It has thereby been equipped with a
break-release to prevent any damage when trucks drive-off with a still clamped-on clamp.
Marine Securiterre
In addition to the normal Securiterre system, Honeywell Enraf also provides a special Securiterre applicable for ships
or barges. The Securiterre Marine as such is capable of grounding ships that are equipped with cathodic protection.
In addition to the standard Securiterre safety functionalities, this system also has a power relay for the safe
discharge of large initial currents. It thereby features a heavy-duty grounding clamp.
Simplicity through transparency
With Honeywell Enraf you can rely on a partner who has over 50 years experience and know-how at its command
in support of your needs. You will notice this not only from the advanced product and system technology.
Besides first class products, Honeywell Enraf also guarantees optimised communication interfacing with other
instrumentation or systems, speed of installation and simplicity of maintenance.
Open communication
The Honeywell Enraf load automation concept is by its very nature an open system. Interfacing between the various
system components but also interfacing to third-part systems is simplicity itself. For instance, the central Load
Computer features standard flow and temperature input relays as well as input relays for overfill prevention, vapour
return systems, grounding and emergency shutdown facilities. On the output side there are connections for valve
control, additive injection and pumps. A separate alarm output relay enables alarm signals to be directly transmitted.
Simplicity of installation and operation
The individual system components of the Honeywell Enraf load automation concept have been developed with
simplicity of installation in mind. In spite of their robust design, these components are easy to install.
In order to ensure speedy commissioning, the Load Computer is equipped with a powerful diagnostic function which
enables each input and output relay to be individually tested and activated. This enables testing of interface
functioning and cable connections to be carried out prior to commissioning, allowing fast and fault free startup of
the loading facility, it allows you to operate your terminal directly after the commissioning phase.
W&M compliance
In order to ensure mutual reconcilability of the load volumes, the systems are designed to comply with international
W&M rules and standards. To that end, the instruments have NMi type-certification to OIML R117.
We know how to turn this system into a solution for your application
Not one application is the same, especially when installed base has to be taken in consideration and existing
equipment has to be integrated. Our long-term experience in tank gauging and inventory management provides the
Consultants are at your service for any advice and to discuss the technical requirements for your system.
Why should you compromise when our solution no longer forces you to do so?
Following installation and commissioning of your systems, we remain at your service to help you operate and
optimize your system through its entire lifetime. That’s what we call life cycle management and customer
We at Honeywell Enraf are committed to excellence
• Site survey
• Consulting
• Functional design
• Product selection
At time
of installation
• Hardware and
Software supply
• (Supervision on)

• Specific application
• System configuration
and integration
• Commissioning
• Acceptance testing
• Training
• Systems optimization
• Remote and on site
service programs:
• License support
• Extended warranty
• Helpdesk
• Emergency support
Honeywell Enraf provides integrated solutions that delivers value from conception to implementation for all types of
distribution and bulk terminals, such as refinery off-sites, biofuel storage and distribution, petrochemical storage and
loading facilities, and marine, rail and truck loading terminals. Honeywell Enraf’s solutions are totally integrated and
scalable, so whether you are building a new facility, or expanding or upgrading an existing one, Honeywell Enraf can
help reduce overall project risk, accelerate prod uction schedules and improve your business performance through
solutions that drive safety, reliability and efficiency.
Honeywell Enraf’s terminal solutions support product movement in and out of the terminal via pipeline, drums,
barrels, tanker truck, tanker ship, barge, aircraft or rail car ensuring safety interlocks against tank overfill, and
protection from fire and gas incidents. Honeywell has specific control schemes to handle each load or any
combination. Unloading and loading flow rates are regulated and optimized for safety and speed. Accurate and
traceable custody transfer is also enabled by reconciling stock with the flow metering and tank gauging instruments.
Honeywell Enraf also offers modular truck and rail car skid-mounted solutions that provide faster startup as they are
business ready as soon as the meters are proved at the site.
Inventory and Movement Management Honeywell Enraf tank gauging systems provide effective stock reconciliation
and remote monitoring of raw tank data such as product level, temperature, density, water level and also calculated
data for each tank whether it is receiving, delivering or idle. Safety interlocks and delivery strategies are in place to
avoid product contamination or environmental issues.
Honeywell Enraf provides online hourly stock reconciliation reports on product received, current stock, and delivered
quantities for each tank and each movement transaction.
Honeywell Enraf’s terminal management software is configurable and flexible. The modular and scalable software
supports a comprehensive range of terminal, fleet, product andownership configurations. Honeywell Enraf has
worked closely with dozens of terminal operators over many years to make this one of the most functional terminal
management packages available. The applications can be configured to individual terminal processes without
requiring changes to the core software, and may be scaled to suit any size terminal.
Honeywell Enraf is part of Honeywell Process Solutions.
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