Reflection Framework

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Reflection Framework




14 March 2011

Reflecting upon: Using blogs to communicate with parents/ whanau.

What happened

to my own learning as a result of blogging?

I have learnt how to set up a blog!

With the help of the e
and experimentation, I know how to customise the design of
my class blog, upload photos, make links available and create polls. Consequently, I was able to
teach the children in my class how to use our blog and leave comments.

What happened to parent/
whanau communication as a result of blogging?

I have only set up my blog about a week ago. Showing children how to use it enables them to
interact with the blog but thus far there is no comments made by parents yet. Possibly this is
because they may not
be aware that it is appropriate for them to leave comments on our class

What are the implications for future blogging? Is there something I need to change?

Parents need to be made aware of Room 16’s blog.

In order to optimise parent/whanau communi
cation via blogging, sending out a letter to
parents explaining the purpose of the blog,
the web address and encouraging them to blog
would be aid this immensely. Telling children to encourage their parents to blog would also

What are the next step
s for

my blog

So far,

I have only

included Learning Focus resources (pictures, video
clips etc) on my blog.
The next step would be more examples of children’s learning such as artwork, writing, photos
of class inquiry etc. This would also help opening up more parent/whanau communication o
as parents view their children’s work

and leave comments.

How did blogging affect student’s learning?

For some, they have learned how to use a blog for the first time.

Children have been viewing Learning Focus resources via our class blog and
this has help

reinforce their understanding of our focus (Antarctica). The blog also made available
additional resources which children explored and made them even more motivated about our