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SOA Platforms, Tools & Frameworks

Want to be more competitive?

Then build an agile and responsive business infrastructure with
the leader, Software AG. Our SOA platform is the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere.
And it featu
res a best
breed ESB and the

#1 governance and lifecycle management
. So as your SOA grows, you’ll find our one SOA platform offers all the capabilities you’ll


IBM's Smart SOA approach is about funneling the ‘smarts’ from over 8000 customer
engagements back into IBM’s offerings, professional services, and best practices. It’s about
helping you maximize your IT value from your SOA initiatives. It demands that the principles of
simplicity and robustness be applied, regardless of how basic or ad
vanced your project is. It
recognizes that your needs ar
e evolving along a continuum of
maturity. Although you want to
make sure that you are meeting basic needs with basic projects, you also want to make sure
you have room to grow when your needs become m
ore advanced. For example, IBM has
introduced a set of detailed IT best practices for each level of maturity in the Smart SOA
continuum. Leveraging research and experiences in working with thousands of custo
these patterns codify SOA
design, governanc
e and development best practices. IBM's Smart
SOA approach supports designing software that dissolves applications into separate “services”
that can be used independent of the applications of which they are a part, and the computing
platforms on which they

run. IBM supplies SOA products and professional services for creation,
reuse and governance of SOA services. IBM provides tools such as WebSphere Message Broker,
WebSphere Service Registry and Repository, Rational Asset Manager and IBM Tivoli Composite
plication Manager for SOA that provide SOA infrastructure needed to take advantage of
Services environment.


Layer 7 provides a comprehensive set of solutions to secure, manage and optimize the delivery
OA services inside and outside the organization by leveraging a family of XML Gateways,
Service and Policy Management products and tools.


SOA Platforms, Tools & Frameworks (cont.)

Intel® SOA

Expressway is a Service Gateway designed to simplify SOA architecture on
or in the cloud. It expedites deployments by addressing common SOA bottlenecks

accelerates, secures, i
ntegrates and routes XML, web sv
s and legacy data.


LISA is an integrated product suite for distributed, heterogeneous application architectures.
LISA facilitates truly elastic Cloud Application development and test environments. LISA
removes accessibility and capacity constraints, while reducing the impact of complexity and


The Knowledge Refinery

is a standards
based analysis and moderni
software suite, able to
extract system architecture, control & data flows, data
elements & structure, business rules & processes.

We offer a robust query
language for deriving precise knowledge for

migration strategies.


To support critical missions a
nd mandates, the U.S. Federal Government operates thousands of

systems with an ever increasing need for integration across those disparate
systems. Composite Software’s Data services, within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA),
offers an
optimized means by which to query, aggregate, and deliver data from numerous
systems for analysis, decision making, and mission operations. SOA data services benefits
include better interoperability and reuse of standards
based services which translates to

flexibility and greater productivity and provides more robust, timely, and complete information
to those who need it. As a result, federal agencies and departments meet mission requirements
more quickly and effectively.


Products and
Consulting Services

The need for more operational flexibility and increased information sharing, plus pressures to
enable more efficient processing, are creating a new level of internal IT
challenges across the
Government industry. In addition to the focus on optimizing existing processes, today’s
organizations face diverse demands

driving the need for changes in capabilities and
functionality. Organizations are thus concentrating their ef
forts on areas that can help drive
efficiencies, quickly adapt to change and achieve compliance. As organizations look for
opportunities to leverage their IT investments and unleash technology
enabled processes to
resolve pressing business issues, it becom
es clear that better ways of integrating technology are
needed. Service
oriented architecture (SOA) may be the answer.

At Bay State, we believe that
SOA can help organizations increase efficiencies by creating, for example, a more integrated
environment f
or policy administration, and agency/citizen support. SOA may also help control
costs by eliminating redundant interfaces, building on existing IT investments, and providing an
infrastructure in which users can easily access information and perform transac


CBDI is a global technology services company with world leading expertise in application
modernization and service architecture and engineering. The company has led best practice development
in service architecture and model driven development pro
viding clients in all industry sectors and
government with implemented solutions as well as documented, repeatable processes.

Our mission is to
help large organizations fundamentally change the way they respond to business needs through
innovation in modu
lar architecture and service engineering practices. We make the vision of SOA a
reality. To us, SOA offers a real opportunity to change the way business and technology work together
and represents the only credible response to modernizing the massive portf
olio of legacy applications that
consume over 70% of the typical IT budget. Implementing SOA across an enterprise is hard work, but
done properly produces significant ROI and greater business flexibility for years to come.


SOA Training & Certification

ZapThink SOA & Cloud Architecture Training & Certification: The Leading Vendor
Independent, Architect
Focused SOA & Cloud Training

ZapThink’s Licensed ZapThink Architect (LZA) SOA &
Cloud Architecture Training &
Certification Boot Camp is recognized around the world as the best single Service
Architecture and Cloud Architecture training course available anywhere.

Register now for the LZA SOA Training & Certification Boot Cam
p in Falls Church, VA from
October 5
8, 2010.
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The LZA SOA & Cloud Architecture Boot Camp is an intensive, four day “fire hose” of
information that prepares you to succeed with your SOA and Cloud efforts, whether you’re just
beginning them or are well down the road with SOA and Cloud Computing. ZapThink’s LZA
SOA training & certification has no prerequisites, and is designed for architects, but appropriate
for people with different roles and levels of expertise. This course is

valuable for anyone who
wants in
depth knowledge about how to succeed with SOA.

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