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Employee Portal

Information Packet

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The Top 10 Considerations When Selecting Your Employee Intranet Platform

Selecting a partner for your employee intranet solution is a decision that will impact each of
your employees for the next several years. It is a decision that requires close attention to both
the product offering and the company delivering the solution. Y
ou want to make sure you make
the right choice the FIRST time because Re
populating a new portal and retraining your staff
after a poor experience with the first portal is a recipe for disappointment and frustration.
Don’t make that mistake!

Through our extensive
experience and
research Passageways has identified ten key
considerations that should be observed before choosing your portal solution.


Priority #1: make sure the solution streamlines your corporate communications! Simple
tools such
as announcements, calendars, sign
up events and discussion boards need to
be easy to create and maintain for all of your staff, not just IT. These tools should help
organize information from various departments including FAQs, documents, forms and
details. Your chosen solution needs to meets this basic requirement.


What is your mission and vision? How well understood is your strategic plan? Your
employee portal should allow you to keep your employees focused on the key initiatives
and allow you to
use unique functionality sets such as, performance dashboards to track
progress. Dashboards should be broken down into department and project levels. Your
portal needs to ensure your goals are well communicated and understood by your


A common
goal among our customers is to create a search
driven self service
environment. Creating and publishing de
centralized content should be encouraged.
Gone are the days of
encyclopedias and
centralized publishing.
Every department should
have the ability to
create and update
information quickly,
efficiently. This burden
should not solely fall upon


Your intranet platform should handle the countless number of documents and vendor
contracts you share regularly across the organization. Providing acc
ess to a centralized
repository with the ability to perform full text search is both convenient and efficient.
Consider the time savings that Google offers you each and every day. The same should
“40% of corporate users report that they cannot find the information
they need to do their jobs on their intranets.”
IDC Research
“Employees spend 25% of their time looking for information they
need to do their jobs”
Delphi Research Group

For more information please visit us at

be true while searching of documents and vendor information
within the organization.
Versioning of important policy and compliance documentation is another important
capability that a regulated industry workforce needs to establish.


Your intranet platform should enable users to connect their questions with topic
xperts, product specialists. Such capability requires rich and searchable employee
profiles and the ability to instant message experts immediately! This project should
dramatically improve your customer service and exception handling.


What about social to
ols? Web 2.0? Your intranet platform should provide the advances
of various tools such as the ability to maintain a profile, the ability to subscribe to
(follow) other employee profiles, and the ability to comment on documents and on
employee profiles. Act
ivity feeds are a great way to stay in touch with updates from
various team members and departments. Enterprise class social tools should allow you
to switch these social tools off when required and are for employee interaction only.
They should not link o
ut to Facebook or LinkedIn. Be sure to look for social tools to be
built within your portal solution as these are help to increase efficiency and engage
younger employees.


Your intranet platform should facilitate process automation. Expense reporting, sup
ordering and event/training sign
ups should be easily handled through your intranet. All
existing forms should be searchable and routed right on the Intranet portal itself. Such
projects make the portal project multi
dimensional and ensures rapid accep
tance by
your staff. Cumbersome processes should able to be fully integrated and streamlined
within your intranet solution


Collaboration between departments is essential in every organization. Your intranet
platform should allow you to streamline the way

your Human Resources department
connects with your Marketing department and how your Accounting department
connects with your IT department and so on. Your staff should have the ability to open
requests and track those requests through completion. It turn
s out that this is the most
appreciated change we have brought about through our solutions. Bringing
transparency and accountability for inter
department requests builds a collaborative
(and accountable) team across the enterprise.


Organizations exist to
offer products and services to their customers. Ensuring that the
information on these products and services is readily available to your staff is essential.
Inefficiencies can be eliminated thereby ensuring your customers receive the most
relevant informa
tion, immediately. Utilizing a searchable “Wiki” structure to help
capture product information is fast becoming the norm for most organizations and this
Wiki resource should reside on your intranet platform.

For more information please visit us at


Your intranet platform should allow you to crea
te virtual departments and branches. It
should also allow you to create ad hoc virtual team pages for projects and committees.
These team pages can be used to document knowledge that is otherwise stuck in
everyone’s mailbox, network drive or their head. Tr
acking each employee’s contribution
to organizational information is an important aspect of intranet platform progression.

We hope you find these considerations helpful in selecting the right solution for your

Passageways consults with eac
h of our customers to ensure that each customer portal is
configured to reflect their organization’s culture. Your portal will become a part of your
corporate identity. A well delivered project leads to employee engagement and excitement.
Fun initiatives i
ncluding; naming contests, organization
wide portal “scavenger hunts” or
auctions on the portal are common strategies to ensure end
user participation with
Passageways customer portals.

The considerations outlined herein are essential in considering yo
ur employee intranet
solution provider. Ultimately, there are three main choices you have:


Build your own employee intranet using technology
platforms such as .NET, JAVA or PHP.

100% build

Project (min
12 months)


Configure a

platform or IBM Websphere
platform, often working with a local consulting firm to
build specific functionality you require to customize
these generic packages.

50% build
option, after
buying a portal
platform as a



Work with
a ready to deploy platform like

100% buy

3 months

Every organization’s needs are different so there is no single direction to recommend here.
However, one ought to carefully consider the many steps involved in delivering and sustaining a
class portal solution including: installation, configuration,
customization, training and
partnering with a provider for support over the next several years. A good partner steps in to
supplement your team as required and eliminates being at the “mercy” of your Intranet team’s
priorities. With that being said;
eways is the leading provider of Employee Intranet
solutions having delivered several hundred portals across the world. Here are some
considerations about our solution for your review:


Passageways has been serving customers with our portal solutions sinc
e 2003. Eight
years later our first ten customers, along with a number of others, continue to use our
intranet platform.

For more information please visit us at


A near 100% customer retention rate establishes how mission critical this solution
becomes when delivered well and a focus on service
has ensured solid reliability over


Since inception, Passageways has acquired two intranet companies. Despite our
advanced offering and notable references, migration was still challenging. Old habits are
hard to break and an inefficient, non
platform will set your organization back by
several years.

Great Intranet portal projects invariable start with organization buy
in and shrewd partner
selection. Such projects quickly achieve employee trust thereby leading to greater productivity
and sati
sfaction. And now you have ten important considerations to help you make a great


Passageways was founded in 2003 with the vision to "provide the platform for shaping
enterprise and industry knowledge into new successes". Today, we are an industry
provider of Collaborative Portal Solutions, including
Employee Intranet Portals
Board Portals
Community Portals
Vendor Management
Lobby Management

Learning Management
. We continue to impact organizations of all sizes across the United States, Caribbean
Islands, Russia and Canada.

We have successfully delivered over 200 portals to
credit unions
community banks
insurance companies, and CUSOs. Our customers include some of the top organizations such as
First Merchants Bank, A
merican Airlines Credit Union, Alliant FCU, City National Bank, Hudson
Valley Credit Union, and United Communities Credit Union.

Our team of over 30 people has pioneered several solutions reflecting our innovative approach
to collaboration, communication s
treamlining, process automation and knowledge
management. We lead the industry in number of clients and client service level and have won
, a testimony to our people, our solutions and our


For more information please visit us at

Employee Portal Solution:

Every Employee Portal project at a minimum needs to fulfill three needs:


Improve Communication and Connect
across the organization with
employees and resources


Help create, organize and man
age Enterprise content in a conveniently searchable
format to have information available at employees’ fingertips


Automate and streamline processes to improve overall productivity


Portals are developed with the business user in mind and help create an
information rich environment which is


by department,
branch, project and user.
Collaboration is one of the key outcomes seen by all our Customers
en they implement a Passageways Employee Portal.

With over 200 Implementations Passageways is the largest
solution provider in the Financial Services sector. Since 2003
Passageways has won numerous Industry awards solidifying us as
the most innovative tur
nkey solution providers in the industry.
This reflects our dedication to continue providing innovative
solutions for the challenges faced by the industry.

Passageways has been one of the first solution providers to have social tools available within
The ability to blog, micro
blog, comment, follow and share amongst colleagues
opened up new channels of communication

and i
n 2010
has been
one of
the biggest trends for Employee Portal


Passageways has t
largest number of
well created industry specific
business applications

built and ready to
use out of the box

A key difference between
us and other competitors is the fact that our
platform is open to your developers to create
specific business appl
ications for you.

With a Modular set up our Portal allows you to choose what functionality you need and when
to truly create your own portal. As your needs grow modules can be
developed and
added on
your existing Portal.

Human Resources

For more information please visit us at

To help better categorize you n
eeds and plan your portal the PASSAGEWAYS Portal feature set
is broadly categorized along the primary 3 aspects of a Portal project



Instant Messenger

Instantly connect with colleagues and share information,
screenshots, or documents without e
mail. Our enterprise class instant messenger
allows you to nominate experts for your employees to seek help from at the click of the

Social Portal

Discover the power of the group. Employees can post status updates,
comment on posts, follow and unfollow colleagues, subscribe to employee profiles and
sections of the portal.


Know the experts in your organization. Nominate experts on produc
procedures, processes and much more within the portal. The advanced search
functionality allows employees to find experts quickly and instant messaging gets you
talking to them immediately.

Federated Search

Connect your employees to the resources th
ey need with a simple
click. The full text search capabilities help employees reach the right people, documents,
announcements, vendors and all other portal information instantly.
ndex all portal
content and connected network drives.




and share calendars across the organization or among groups for
better activity coordination. Create calendars for training and event sign up with capacity
limitations. Export events to MS outlook.

News & Announcements


Quickly publish news and announcements for all employees
or groups ensuring employees are up to date with the latest events in the organization.
Optional commenting, read receipt and expiry dates can be set on announcements.

Photo Albums, Anniversaries

and Birthdays
Create and share photo albums of events
with your employees. Never miss a birthday or anniversary with e
mail alerts and portal

RSS news Feeds

Stay updated with whats happening in the industry and other news
of interest w
ith RSS feeds in the portal.

Document Listing & Links

Create lists of related documents and hyperlinks of
documents with included access rights to ensure correct and easy availability of
documents across sections of the portal.


Do away w
ith lengthy and fragmented e
mail chains and gather thoughts
and feedback from all or groups of employees using discussion boards.

Voice your concern

Built in tool by which employees can voice their concerns in an
anonymous manner.

For more information please visit us at



Products & Services Wiki

Create a searchable directory of your Products & Services
including details on documents & procedures, promotions, FAQ's, experts & selling

related products, ability to subscribe to changes and more. Quickly compare

products on
key criteria to provide answers to your customers or train your staff.

Department Information

Departments and Branches can organize and manage their
information in one spot within the portal. Create content including documents,

dashboards, helpdesks, workflows and more.

Policies & Procedures

Provide a one stop location of organizational Policies and
Procedures for employees. The advanced search makes finding the information very
easy and the first location for employees to look.

Document Management


A storage system for your organization do
cuments including
read/write access, version control, c
in functionality
. Organize your files
by folders, add tags to files for easy searching and create links to documents in relevant
sections of the portal.

Vendor Management

Store all v
endor contacts, documents (including contracts),
receive alerts on critical dates, manage vendor relationship and due diligence checklists
in the portal.

Forms Management


Do away with paper forms. Create forms online using the
powerful yet simple creat
or or upload existing ones for business and staff needs.
Electronic routing for approvals ensures that no form is lost and the portal maintains a
record of all submitted and approved forms.

Employee Directory


Create a searchable employee directory to h
elp employees know
who's who in the organization. The customizable employee profile with expert nomination
get employees connected with the right people to help complete tasks.

WYSIWG Content Creator


Create content like department pages and new
using our easy to use content creator. This simple yet powerful tool allows users to
create great content with hyperlinks, images, media files and more.



Create and share dashboards amongst all employees or groups t
o share
performance vs. targ
. Choose from a wide variety of charts, graphs and gauges to
share information.

External Web View

View external website, multimedia within the portal.

Themes & Banners


Customize your portal to reflect your organization's identity.
themes, colors, quick links, navigation and more.

Layout Manager


Customize the look and feel of your content including drag and drop
complete sections, clone content and unique start page for different employee roles.

My Pages


Employees can get their

own pages for a compiled view of their calendars,
tasks and create their own view of the portal relevant to them.

For more information please visit us at




Never miss a task, announcement, vendor renewal date, ticket status change
and more with the comprehensive notification

system. Get alerts via pop
up, e
mail, start
page or customized options that include texts and instant messages.

Vendor Management

Assign relationship managers, create and assign risk
classifications to vendors, and manage critical dates to ensure comp
liant Vendor
Management. View reports on checklist completion, annual contract amounts and
employee feedback on vendor performance to manage vendors efficiently.



Create multiple HelpDesks across departments to answer employee
queries on a vast

variety of subjects ranging from HR, Payroll, Training, IT, Facilities,
Marketing, Operations and more. Seamlessly port tickets between HelpDesks to ensure
the correct team provides the solution. View reports on closed tickets, frequently raised
issues, t
imeliness of completion etc. to improve processes or people knowledge.

Expense Reporting


Create detailed expense reports and automatically submit them to
your supervisor. Support for mileage items, corporate cards and reimbursement rates are
included. R
eceive alerts when expense needs approval, have been approved or rejected.
An electronic trail always follows your expense reports. Export your data to your
accounting solution and maintain a one
stop source for your employees reporting.

Task Manager


reate workflows for routine processes with tasks in series or parallel
with assigned owners for each step, view completion status at a glance.


Ensure that all employees are working from the same source of
information on news, events, chang
es, and documents etc.

Surveys & Polls


Get feedback on topics of interest by creating and administering
surveys within the Portal for all employees or groups of employees. Share results with all
or select few depending on sensitivity of topic.

Asset R


Use the portal to reserve conference rooms, A/V equipment,
company car and other company assets.



Create and share calendars across the organization or among groups for
better activity coordination. Create calendars for training an
d event sign up with capacity
caps. Export events to MS outlook.

Document Versioning


Ensure current documents are being used throughout the
organization. Functionality includes providing read/write access, version control,
in at
document level. Organize your files by folders, add tags to files for
easy searching and create links to documents in relevant sections of the portal.



The customizable search options allow you to create localized search for
quicker and more relev
ant results. The search can be broken down by search for
Documents, Employees, Products & Services or any other criteria as needed.

For more information please visit us at

The true
differentiator is our
Client Care Division

with specialized
teams to provide exceptional
service that extends far beyond traditional software support. We
strive to provide the highest quality of support and superior response times as well as engage
our clients to continually improve the use of our products.

Implementation Team

s in working with your project team through the
installation and implementation of your portal. Their main
objective is to guide you through our implementation
process from installation to deployment and ensure your
portal is designed and populated to best

suit your
organization’s needs.

Account Executive Team

manages the overall client relationship to help monitor
expectations and projects with Passageways. Each client
has a designated Account Executive who works closely with
the client to assist with
invoicing questions, training needs,
idea sharing, best practices, and more. The Account
Executive proactively works with each client to ensure they
are using all products to their fullest potential.

Passageways Client Community

ith our goal

to be the
Collaboration platform across the
industry we are also the first to create own client
community. The community is open to all
client o
rganizations and
is a great place
for everyone to share their knowledge, ask questions
of peers and get to kno
w more about a variety of

We are also the only Portal solution provider
to have an annual conference where our Customers
can meet their peers and understand how they are
tackling the industry issues in a convivial

s. Compe

There are other vendors who provide Portal Solutions but none that have the depth of offering
as ours. A comparison of


is the best way to view the differences in both the
solution and the support that we provide.

Solution &