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1 Reflexion: Basics

Test your knowledge. In this section you are confronted with some question regarding the theoretical
chapters of this teaching unit. Try to answer the questions on your own before taking a look at the
standard solutions.

.1 Questions

1. mySAP ERP includes the following.

(2 correct answers)

a. SAP Basis

b. SAP Database

c. SAP NetWeaver

d. SAP R/3 Enterprise

2. Which of the following are reasons to move from R/3 to mySAP ERP.

(2 correct answers)

a. Need to consolidate multiple R/3 system

b. Increase the total cost of ownership

c. Extend the scope of the existing ERP functionality

d. Need to separate Company data by Client

3. What is the highest organizational element in SAP?

(1 correct answers)

a. Plant

b. Client

c. Company Code

d. Sales


e. Purchasing Organization

4. What is the purpose of the organizational elements in SAP?

(3 correct answers)

a. They represent a legal entity

b. They represent the application server

c. Data is entered using organizational elements

d. Data is

tracked using organizational elements

5. Which of the following describe data and transactions in the SAP system?

(1 correct answer)

a. Output is created for every transaction in the system.

b. Documents are created using master data and organizational

c. Master data can be deleted at any time.

d. Master data entered at the client level can only be used by one Company Code

6. Which of the following are correct regarding the advantages of using Master Data Records in an ERP

(3 correct an

a. Consistency

b. Reduces data redundancies

c. Data conversion is not necessary

d. Improves data integrity

7. Which of the following are subcomponents of NetWeaver?

(3 correct answers)

a. People Integration

b. Application Platform

c. Database

d. Inf
ormation Integration

e. Java Development Kit

8. The Process Integration component of NetWeaver includes which of the following SAP product?

(1 correct answer)




d. SAP Web AS

9. Which of the following statements are true about N

(2 correct answers)

a. Application Platform has a runtime environment for ABAP and J2EE

b. Process Integration allows for Multi
Channel Access

c. SAP Exchange Infrastructure is a component of Process Integration

d. SAP Enterprise Portal is based
on closed technology and standards


10. Which of the following are external technologies used with NetWeaver?

(2 correct answers)

a. Websphere by IBM

b. Exchange infrastructure by IBM

c. .net by Microsoft

d. SAP Enterprise Portal

11. Which of the followin
g are components of NetWeaver?

(4 correct answers)


b. SAP Web AS

c. SAP Solution Manager


e. SAP Enterprise Portal

f. SAP Visual Composer

12. Which of the following answers are true with respect to the SAP XI?

(3 correct answers)

a. Pro
xy generation and mapping tools

b. Integration directory with content

c. Consistent storage of master data

d. Enterprise and vendor potential for SAP