Information About the Latest Framework For JAVA Application

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Information About the Latest Framework For JAVA Application
By: Jems Konary
There are a number of different frameworks available to support the workings of web applications, websites, and web
services. A couple of frameworks supporting Java Application development is also easily available, however, deciding
on which ones truly stand out and excel can be a difficult choice at times. Some of the latest framework for JAVA
Application includes the following options:
Java Server Faces  Popularly referred to as JSF, this is one of the most used and extremely well known web
frameworks. It makes development easier because the developer doesnt need to bother about HTML and JavaScript
coding. This framework offers a component-centric approach to facilitate development of Java Web user interfaces.
GWT  This particular framework from Google is based on widgets and is an open source Java software that helps
developers create AJAX applications such as Google Maps and Gmail easily. The developer need not bother about
writing complex dynamic web applications, since GWT compiler easily converts JAVA classes to web browser
compliant JavaScript.
Stripes  One of the main features of Stripes as a Java web framework is that it requires no configuration. This
powerful framework is simple to use though it offers a host of solutions to a number of common issues. It is one of the
most compact Java frameworks that are easy to follow and reduces complex programming hassles.
Spring MVC  Spring MVC is web framework software created by Spring Framework and it is based on MVC
architecture. The highlight of this software is that it can easily blend in with a host of other well-known web frameworks
such as WebWorks, Struts, Java Server Faces and Tapestry.
Struts 2  Created by Apache, Struts2 is also based on MVC architecture and it is one of the ideal frameworks for
making enterprise-ready java web applications. This framework effectively streamlines the complete process starting
from the development to the deployment stage.
Also here why java is most useful language for any web or desktop application?
Java is a product of Sun Microsystems that was created to curb the popularity Microsoft was enjoying where corporate
computing systems were concerned. Though Sun was the dominant player in the early 1990s and held a major market
share, however it did start to notice a gradual decline in the market share. This prompted them to release Java for
Windows and Solaris platforms. JVM is the main core of Java and its main advantage is its extreme portability. This
means, that the software can be hosted on any system and JVM can further run any software that is written in Java.
However, this is not the case with .Net that works on Windows primarily and may only theoretically support
development in other languages.
Though Java and .Net are used quite extensively, the choice of making a decision on which one to choose depends
on the requirements a particular organization may have. However, on close inspection there seems to be quite a
number of advantages attached to the usage of Java more than .Net. Java API are part of the public domain and the
Java source code are available in almost every J2DK distribution. In fact most of the specifications related to Java are
reviewed publicly and there are vendors who provide products that are compliant with a number of development
Another factor that contributes towards Java being a better platform is that Java has a far greater number of design
tools available than the .Net platform. .Net is also not a completely established platform, as it still poses a number of
challenges to the developers and it would take some more time for .Net to overcome. Therefore, in totality, .Net can
become the preferred option in the future but right now, it is Java that dominates
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