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Mercy College

Division of Mathematics and Computer Information Science and

Division of Business

Master of Science Internet Business Systems

INBS 685 Internet Database Management Systems


Instructor: Barbaros Ozdogan

Office: Dobbs Ferry

Hours: By Appointment

Class Hours: Tuesday





Instructor Web Site URL:

Course Description:
This course focuses on the creation and implement
of data management systems to support content intensive web
based applications and
dynamically driven websites. It provides developers with the knowledge and hands
on practice required to build and maintain dynamic and interactive web applications
ing ColdFusion, an application development product.

` Course Objectives:

Set up and manage the ColdFusion development environment

Use ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) to store and output values

Define OBDC drivers to interact with database tables

queries that publish, insert, and update data dynamically

Use JavaScript to perform client
side validation

Use local, cookies, and other variables within applications

Develop fully interactive, database
driven Web applications

Course Content:

The cours
e is set up in module format. Each module contains separate objectives and
assignments. They are:

Module 1


Introduction to SQL and MS Access Database design

HTML and Introducing ColdFusion Development Environment

Module 2

Displaying Output




Publishing Database content

Module 4


Building forms with ColdFusion

Module 5


Building Search and Data drill
down Interface

Module 6

Inserting and updating data

Module 7

Maintaining Session State



Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7
Web Application Construction Kit (Paperback)




Attendance is required to all classes. Due to the seminar format of the classes,
tardiness is discouraged. If there is an issue regarding the schedule, make an
appointment with th
e instructor to discuss possible alternatives. Online work is

Important: You can get help from your programmer friends or from other books.
Once you submit the work, it will be considered as your own work. I may randomly
ask questions on the su
bmitted work and want you to explain to me how your code
functions. If you fail to explain a submitted code, your grade for that assignment
will be an “F”. There are no exceptions. This is rule applies to HTML, SQL and
ColdFusion code.

Course Methodolog

This course will consist of lectures, class discussion, weekly assignments and a final
project. Students will develop HTML/CFML files for interacting with existing databases.
You will use your existing student directory on the IBS server to view your CF

Class notes & handouts will be available on the Course web page. I will also distribute


Project: 60

Assignments: 40%