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: Backup APM for PostgreSQL v3.0 Update 1
Release Notes
Release Information

New Features

Known Issues

Faults Fixed

Release Information
For complete supported platform information refer to NetVault: Backup Supported APM and
Plugin Platforms available at

For complete BakBone product documentation, visit:

New Features
This release of the PostgreSQL APM includes the following new features. For more
information on these features refer to the NetVault: Backup APM for PostgreSQL User’s

 Support for PostgreSQL 8.x has been added.
 Support for Linux x86-64, Windows x86, Solaris (SPARC) and Solaris x86-64 has
been added.
 Option for Full database cluster or individual database/table backups.
 Plain-text SQL Script, Tar Archive, and Custom Archive backup formats.
 Protection down to the tale level.
 Global objects only backups.
 Template Database backup.
 Data only backups.
 Configuration files backup.
 Restore entire cluster, individual databases or tables.
 Rename databases during restore.
 Restore to alternate PostgreSQL database cluster.
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Known Issues
Jira ID
PostgreSQL APM and NetVault: Backup Encryption Plugin - The PostgreSQL APM is not
compatible when running on 64-bit Windows and Linux platforms for users who are running
NetVault: Backup version prior to v8.2.1.
Faults Fixed
Jira ID
In version 3.0 of the plugin, backup jobs for PostgreSQL 8.0 on Linux x86-64
would fail with the error “relation”pg_catalog.pg_roles” does not exist” This has
been resolved in v3.0 Update 1 of the plugin.

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