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Course Syllabus

School Name:

West Scranton High School

AP Physics B


11, 12

Teacher Name:

Scott Dustman

Teacher eMail:

District Prerequisites:

An excellent

knowledge of science, algebra and basic trigonom

is required.


College Physics

Course Description:

A college level course covering topics in both classical and modern physics. The Physics
B course will provide instruction
in each of the following five content areas: Newtonian
mechanics, fluid mechanics and thermal physics, electricity and magnetism, waves and
optics, and atomic and nuclear physics. The course will also include a hands
laboratory component comparable to
introductory college
level physics laboratories.

Course Evaluation

Assessment Areas

The grading policy is as follows: Tests

45%, Quizzes

30%, Labs

15%, Classwork/Homework

The percentages above may be altered slightly
depending on the number of labs, tests or quizzes that are given
during the each quarter.

Class Rules & Procedures:

Be prepared for class! You will need your text book, note book and calculator every

Physics labs are important! You are required
to complete all labs. If you are
absent on the day of the lab you must make arrangements to perform the lab. Missed
labs must be made up within one week. Some labs require two people so if you miss a
lab you may need to get someone else from class to he
lp you complete the lab. The
“hands on experience” from the lab is important for learning how to properly observe
and record scientific data.

Homework and classwork are important! Homework allows
you to work on problems by yourself to see if you have a g
ood understanding of the
subject matter. Important!!! We will generally go over the homework in clas
s the day
it is due.

I cannot give any credit for late homework because the correct solutions will
have already been given to the class. If you are abse
nt when the homework is given
out, it is your responsibility to get the homework to me the day it is due or by
homeroom on
your first day back to school.

If you are absent when the homework is
due, it is your responsibility to get the homework to me by ho
meroom on your first day
back to school. If you miss homework or do not complete it fully, it counts as a zero. I
may assign you extra problems to do in place of missed homework due to excused
absences only.

Don’t miss class! I will not allow you to ma
ke up work at the end of the
quarter. You must make up missed tests, quizzes, labs, class work and homework in a
timely fashion immediately after it is missed. Proper classroom behavior is expected at
all times. Show respect for yourself and others at a
ll times.

Please see me or email me
with any questions, problems or concerns.

Units of Instruction


motion in one dimension, vectors and two
dimensional motion, the laws of motion, energy, momentum
and collisions, rotational motion and the

law of gravity, rotational equilibrium and rotational dynamics, solids and
fluids. Thermodynamics

thermal physics, energy in thermal processes, the laws of thermodynamics. Vibrations and

vibrations and waves, sound. Electricity and Magnetism

electrical forces and electric fields, electrical
energy and capacitance, current and resistance, direct current circuits, magnetism, induced voltages and inductance,
electromagnetic waves. Light and Optics

reflection and refraction of light, mirrors
and lenses, wave optics, optical

Modern Physics

quantum physics, atomic physics, nuclear physics, nuclear