Global Well Being Services and Health Benefits

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Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation


Dr Kim Margaret Hobbs

Global Well Being Services and Health Benefits


IBM Asia Pacific

July 2007

Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation


Policy , programs and practice



Research and Support Programs

Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation


Providing the framework

Corporate Policy 127
Responsibility for employee well
being and product safety

Safe and healthful workplace

Provide well
being education

Corporate Instruction HR 113
Protection of Employee Information

Uniform practice for collecting, using, disclosing, storing accessing, transferring or other
processing employee information

Implementation of IBM Guidelines for Protection of Employee Information

Fair and lawful process

Employee consent before disclosure

Maintain privacy and confidentiality

Secure sensitive information

Corporate Instruction HR 114 IBM Global Employment Standards

Nondiscrimination and harassment


Respect and dignity

Corporate Instruction HR 110
IBM Employee Well

Healthy work environment

Improved health through prevention

Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation

IBM (AP Model ) HIV/AIDS Policy

IBM is committed to provide a healthy and safe working environment for all employees. This is in accordance with IBM Corporat
e p
olicy on
Responsibility for Employee Well
Being as well as current national health regulations and requirements as they relate to HIV/AID

The company’s HIV/AIDS policy and related programs are intended to ensure that all employees have adequate awareness of the c
consequences and prevention of the disease to adequately protect themselves and others in response to the HIV epidemic.


a. Compliance

IBM will ensure that employment practices comply with local laws and regulations as well as internal IBM standards.

b. Awareness

IBM will provide all its employees sensitive, accurate information on risk reduction strategies in their personal lives, with

e objective of reducing
the stigma of HIV/AIDS, encouraging safe behaviour and improving their understanding on prevention and treatment.

c. Non

Employees living with HIV/AIDS have the same rights and obligations as all staff members and they will be protected against a
forms of unfair
discrimination based on their HIV status.

IBM, when possible, makes accommodations to allow employees with HIV/AIDS to remain on the job.

IBM does not require HIV screening as part of pre
employment or general workplace physical examinations.

d. Safe and healthy workplace

IBM is committed to provide a healthy and safe working environment.


Based on scientific and epidemiological evidence, IBM considers persons with HIV/ AIDS do not pose a risk to others in the wo
kplace while
carrying out their occupational duties at IBM.

e. Confidentiality

There is no obligation by the employee to inform the company about the clinical status in relation to HIV/AIDS. However if em
yee volunteers to
disclose their HIV/ AIDS status, will be kept strictly confidential.

Voluntary testing for HIV/AIDS, when asked for by the employee, will be carried out by private or community health services,

not at workplace.

This policy shall be subject to periodic reviews keeping in view international developments in the understanding of the epide
logy and control of



Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation


Recognizing HIV/AIDS as a workplace issue

Ensuring non

Recognizing gender equality

Promising healthy work environment

Prohibiting exclusion from employment discrimmination

Ensuring continuation of employment when ill

Prevention of new infections

Providing support and care

Enabling access to employee benefits programs

Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation


Awareness , Responsibility

Executive, Manager

Regional Policy endorsement

Managing those with illness

Managing potential exposures

Training, Education


Universal Precautions
” in First Aid at Work


Confidential counseling programs cover for HIV and associated

A Self Assessment tool

made available to all employees

to enable assessment of
personal risk of exposure to HIV/AIDS

Assure Access to Employement Benefits

such as IBM sick leave, rehabilitation
programs, long term disability

Support Inclusive Health Insurance Benefits

promoting change in opportunities
for equitable programs

Providing Pimary Care

in selected IBM communities

Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation


Policy : Employment Benefits

Research and Community Support


Employee Volunteering


Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation

Engagement in Communities


Promotion and Support for Employee Volunteering

The Ankali Project

was established in 1985 in response to the overwhelming emotional support
needs of people being diagnosed with AIDS. Ankali is an Aboriginal word meaning friend..

These days’ people living with HIV/AIDS experience a range of difficulties from feeling down to
being socially isolated.

Volunteers are matched with clients on a one
basis and we ask that you be available to your
client for between 1 to up to 5 hours a week. Volunteers spend time with their client each week
on the phone or face to face going for a coffee, a walk or a movie.

Volunteers are expected to attend a volunteer support group for one hour a week.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to provide emotional and social support to people living
with HIV/AIDS, their carers, partners & families.

The next volunteer training workshop is being held on two consecutive weekends: 7th & 8th and
14th & 15th July 2007. The next training we have scheduled is in November 2007.

If you’re friendly, understanding & accepting, can spare some time each week, and can commit to
the Project for six months, please phone 9332 9742 or email


If you volunteer, don't forget to register and track your community hours on the IBM On
Demand Community intranet site.

This way you can gain full access to all of IBM's resources and tools to help your local
community organisations
From Employee Newslinks

Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation

Engagement in Communities


Lotus Notes Assistance for Aids Council of NSW

IBM internal contact

Name given


We are looking for a Lotus Notes (LN) developer that could meet with ACON to
explore how we could provide assistance / knowledge and experience to help
them get more out of Lotus Notes.

ACON know they could use LN more effectively however do not have the
resources to invest in training for their small (3
person) IT team. As an example of
the initiatives in mind, ACON would like to learn more about creating workflows to
streamline charity business processes; and utilise LN databases to manage
website user details and also drive content distribution (based on what
information a member of the public has registered to receive.)

An initial meeting to explore possible ways to help is suggested as the first step. “

Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation

IBM World Community Grid

Grid computing joins together many individual
computers, creating a large system with massive
computational power that far surpasses the power of a
handful of supercomputers.

Because the work is split into small pieces that can be
processed simultaneously, research time is reduced
from years to months.

The technology is also more cost
effective, enabling
better use of critical funds.

Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation

Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation

Research and Community

IBM World Community Grid

World Community Grid's mission is to create the largest public computing
grid benefiting humanity

Success depends on individuals collectively contributing their unused
computer time to this not
profit endeavour.

Donate the time our computer is turned on,

but is idle, to projects that benefit humanity!

Secure software that does it all for free, is provided .

Participants become part of a community that is helping to change
the world.

Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation

Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation

IBM encourages our employees to participate in the
World Community Grid.

Through this employees are able to contribute the idle
time on their PCs towards humanitarian research for
various projects, one of which is

FAAH is a project of the Scripps Research Institute

This is an internet

distributed computing project with the goal of designing
new therapeutic approaches that are effective in the treatment of AIDS in the
face of viral drug resistance. The pool of potential drug molecules as wellas
that of possible mutant HIV proteins that may evolve is enormous. The
computationally intensive goals of the project involve the prediction of
relevant interactions between these two pools of molecules to design
effective AIDS therapies

Led by Dr. Arthur Olson , Scripps Research Institute


Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation

Research and community

Become a participant in the world community grid

By donating
unused computer time, you can begin to change
the world for the better.

No other technological breakthrough has demonstrated the
power of individuals more than grid computing.

Global Well Being Services

© 2006 IBM Corporation

Research and Community

Researchers :

World Community Grid's Advisory Board is looking for new research

Seeking projects that can benefit from grid technology and that have a positive
impact on humanity.